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Started by , October 06, 2004, 22:52:01

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I am considering buying a time share week in a unit that is currently perpetuity.
Howerver the owner is advising me that it is likely to cost £400 for that forever ownership to be transfered.
Also that the ecuritura process does not need to be used any more.

I am fearful that I may pay to much and not end up with the unit in perpetuity

Can anybody advise




Sorry cant really help but 400 does sound an awful lot of money


It is best that you contact the resort directly and ask about the escritura (title deed) process. What is their normal way of handling the sales? It differs from resort to resort. You also need to contact them to do your due diligence, i.e. check that everything is ok: the seller really owns the week, maintenance fees have been paid, the week itself has been fully paid, the level of present maintenance fees, any refurbishment or other extra expenses coming up, etc. If you want a long list then visit

Thanks Arim that sounds like good advice

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