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Started by Carolinian, October 09, 2004, 15:19:03

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One of the most notorious sources of cheap RCI rentals to the general public has been Sky Auction.  These rentals undermine the ownership/exchange model of timesharing, especially since they are often at less than maintenance fees, and without the necessity of buying a week, paying exchange company membership dues or joining fees, or paying an exchange fee.

Now RCI might be pulling the plug on at least this particular outlet due to pressure from developers and management companies.  See the Oct.8 edition of the Street Talk column at the TimeshareBeat, and look under the ''Western Part of the US'' heading.  It is at www.thetimesharebeat.com/word.htm


this is an interesting subject for us as owners/members who believe we have paid for some sort of discerning quality holiday 'home' that is exclusive in some degree. I for one didn't pay out thousands so that someone else can have a cheap late break subsidised by me or cheapened by our affiliated exchange mechanism. If theres a discount to be had with dialanexchange or ii or rci- then i feel that £99 week should go only to 'club' owner/members as realistically unused weeks have been paid by us in our own management fees already(i'll explain that- we are told that more members mean lower management fees so if a unit week doesn't have a member it's cost effectively is added to 'all' club members weeks, the other side of the coin is an extra family in a unit already built doesn't cost many pennies extra on the total management cost so our fees should be less)

Maybe we should be getting some special inventory for getaway prices more easily or more often anyway?

i've just clicked on the iidirectory banner with the 1000 hols to give away to see what i'm getting- should i assume iidirectory is ii or not?


II also rents to the general public, but does it on a more limited scope and much more discreetly than RCI.  DAE is the only one that does not rent exchange deposits out to the general public.  I do not know if iidirectory is connected to them or not.

I agree that timeshare was sold as an exclusive product where you had to own to have access to the exchange inventory.  When the big exchange companies eliminate the exclusivity by renting to anyone and everyone, and often at cheap prices, then it undermines the financial foundations of the entire timeshare industry.  In addition, the RCI rental sites have inventory a year out.  It is not just last minute.


i think ii and rci should be very careful how low they cheapen there own products(affiliates) like our timeshares we have bought into.
we have bought in to our own peice of excusivety in our holiday choices and chosen to pay a management fee regardless of if we use the week(s) or if the developer has sold a full inventory or not affecting how high our fees are or not... so we ashould be the only group served with 'special offers' and not non payers into the system

i hope our affiliates rci and ii realise this as they will continue to lose to DAE rather than 'share' business across the broad spectrum in the long term.

i'm surprised no-one else has passed comment here as it is an important issue that is undermining the 'industry'.. i like the old adage i think came from john lewis(i might be wrong)-


that's how i want to feel about my timeshare, i can only do that with the exclusivety i am led to believe we buy in to with timeshare.

I must be missing something.  I looked for the Oct. 8 street talk issue...I could find one.  Are you just speculating about II or do you KNOW that they sell their timeshares elsewhere?  Do you have a source for this information and can you provide it?  I would like to see it for myself.  



i too would like to see ii's descreet avenue as here in the uk even through them on the web or by phone lately, there are no of what i would call 'cheapies'like even £200 for a week oe less since they started 'getaways' up to a year in advance. any cheaper like the old 'within the next 60 days deals' seem to have dried up and i wonder if its to do with this 'deposit one and get one for the admin fee style'...

so please do let us know if there are any ii parent/sister/second cousin removed companies?


The current column is now at the link in the earlier post.

To find thae Oct. 8 issue in the archives, go to www.thetimesharebeat.com/street/oct08-04.htm

As to II rentals, II executive Craig Urbine acknowledged it on the old Ask II board on TUG.

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