Is Club Absolute affiliated with RCI?

Started by , December 14, 2004, 11:21:56

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I've been hounded by Club Absolute, Phuket,  and have been trying to verify their credentials. They are owned by Whitebay International based in the British Virgin Islands. Are they legit? Does anyone know anything about them? Their web site is useless ( Do their members get  equal exchange of banked weeks through RCI?

Thanks for any help

You might want to check this out:

Scroll down to the July 23 post to check Whitebay

There is NO such resort in Thailand or anywhere else by that name affiliated in any way with RCI at this time.

Checking the website you referred to, this looks like one of the many fly-by-night "vacation clubs" or "holiday clubs" that have been the nightmare of gullible vacationers in Spain and the Canary Islands for years. Once you do business with them, you never hear from them again, until another one of their entities contacts you offering, for an advance fee, to pursue "legal action" on your behalf to try and get your money back. It looks like they are expanding their operations to the new SE Asian resort areas.

I wish many more people would do as you have and do a little homework before giving in to these crooks! Congratulations for being cautious!

Thanks Bootleg. I appreciate your advice.

Hello, last year I have bought (apparently unfortunately!) a time share in Phuket at the Quality Vacation Club and since few months ClubAbsolute hount me too, in order to get me exchange my time share of QVC for one of his time share (exchange free of charge for now but which will cost 3000euros later!) and I'm  also wondering about ClubAbsolute and especially about what to do, cause the girls at QVC are, it seems, useless to get an exchange working Club Absolute reliable? Thanks if anyone can give me advise!

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