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Started by , January 07, 2005, 03:31:44

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My frustration with RCI has reached it's peak, and I've recently learned of the rental inventory scamming practice.  We've paid our membership through 2008, but we want out now.  Does anybody know the refund policy (line of bull**** I'll have to fight?)

You can cancel your membership at any time and get a refund .
The only money you will lose is the amount of months you have already been signed up the rest will be refunded.


You might think about using an exchange company that does NOT rent exchange inventory to the general public, like www.dialanexchange.us
(for the UK, this would be www.dialanexchange.com )


I fully endorse the comment made by Carolinian about using dialanexchange. I am still a member of RCI but only because I have 2 weeks still banked with them.  Once these weeks have been used I will probably not renew my RCI membership.  I began using dialanexchange a couple of years ago and am very impressed with their service, which is much less expensive than RCI and more customer orientated.  Since they were taken over by Cendant it seems that RCI are only interested in maximising their profits. [^]
Ian Chisholm

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