Started by JUICEBUSTER, November 08, 2004, 19:24:05

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Well I have just signed over to the RCI points sysyem.

Not sure if I have done the rite thing but sick of not getting the holiday I want via the weeks system.

Can anybody give me some input on the points system and how great it is(I hope)[:o)]





sorry cant give you any info re points. Im a confirmed fixed weeker. Believe in the old fashioned way. Mainly because I believe that there are problems when 80% of points owners try to exchange for peak season wks and I have my fixed, peak season wks that I own. A bit sceptical, I know and nothing ventured nothing gained.

Hope ive not depressed you too much with my post. Just to add ive also seen lots of posts on TUG from people who are very happy with points.



If you want to look at the scam-tainted history of timeshare points, take a look at where they began, South Africa, by looking at the South Africa board on Crimeshare.  It's a real eye-opener!


Why not check out the RCI Points owners website, www.morps.org.  It is a UK based group but we do have members from all over the world.  If you join the chat group (no charge) you will be able to read about the good and the bad side of points.  Big majority are happy with it.  In USA a high percentage have renewed after their first three years.

In all parts of timeshare there are rogues and criminals operating scams - it is not just limited to points system.  

In SA, where we have visited, RCI S Africa have been operating a points system in tandem with their weeks system for a few years and it seems to work well.  For S Africans owners, their weeks are given points values.  Internal exchanges in and around Africa can be made using points values - international exchanges have to be made on a week for week basis.  S Africans also seem to make great use of short breaks and a good many resorts offer weekend and midweek breaks (unlike in Europe where only a handful of resorts offer these)

Sue [8D]

Originally posted by JUICEBUSTER

Well I have just signed over to the RCI points sysyem.

Not sure if I have done the rite thing but sick of not getting the holiday I want via the weeks system.

Can anybody give me some input on the points system and how great it is(I hope)[:o)]


Sue B


Hi Juicebuster,

We have been Points members for a couple of years now.  Like you, we thought long and hard about it beforehand.  Also like you, we often had difficulty getting the exchanges we wanted.  Now however we find it better to get into areas where previously we had no chance. The resorts we own are Gold Crown and ID but it made no difference.

Since joining we've been to Barbados, 2 separate trips, and we have 1 week in Antigua for next year.  They actually offered us a second week yesterday but I didn't really fancy the resort so declined it.  As usual I got the 'You may not get anything else and perhaps you should just take it' line, but as it's for next June I think they might just be wrong!

If you have any specific questions just place them here and I'll try to answer them.


If you want to learn about how points really works in SA, check out www.crimeshare.org/77.html and www.crimeshare.org/77a.html



Thanks to all that has posted info.
I am still waiting for the confirmation of logins etc for the points system.  In the meantime .....

Has anyone got any tips on how to use the points system to your best advantage.

Is it best to try and book your holiday 10 MONTHS in advance or wait for the last minute.

My only concern is that with 2 children of school age and looking for a hot location to visit I am restricted to August weeks only.



Hello Juice,

I have been a Points member for a couple of years and am very happy with the scheme. As with all exchange options, availability is more limited in August but I did do a check in October to see what would be available in August next year. Our two children are currently in pre-school but I was curious to know what I could expect in a year or two!

If you are able to book several months ahead then you should get the availability you want. There were plenty of options for Spain, Canaries, Florida etc and also quite a few in the UK.

I understand Lucky's concern regarding giving up prime fixed week but would have thought this would be the same in the weeks system. How many people have bought units in February after being told that they could exchange for a summer week?

I own 3 summer school holiday weeks and enjoy the benefit of the RCI Points system which allows you to retain ownership of your existing weeks but can maximise their exchange value - particularly if you are able to travel off peak.

The key factor is of course the number of points you have. There is no facility to 'trade up' through the Points system. If you don't have enough Points to pull a particular exchange you simply won't get it. One advantage however is that you can use two years points total at the same time to maximise your exchange options.

I hope this has been of some help.



We also have points but as yet we've only used them once. We were able to get our first choice which never happened with weeks so it looks good. I also think they are fairer as with weeks you got a week for a week regardless of time of year. We had 2 red weeks and it means we can go out out of season for less points and have some over if we want a better holiday next time.


Timeshare columnist Jerry Sikes had a commentary on points in a recent column at www.thetimesharebeat.com/global/sikes249.htm


we exchanged to points a few years ago and find that because our home week is quite high in points we can now go away for two weeks or longer depending on destination.    If you do not have enough for one year you can borrow from the next.   We are lucky that we do not go high season and hopefully the more resorts that join the scheme the easier it will become.   Try booking ten months ahead and if there is nothing suitable available ask them to keep you on the system,   we did this one year and actually got a phone call from RCI on the day we were leaving New Zealand to say they had a resort for us.   This obviously would not suit you but shows system can come up with places.

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