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Started by kd115507, May 04, 2005, 15:27:41

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I am looking for some info on the agreement i have purchased a couple of weeks ago. This agreement was made with a rep at a resort in Malta. I was told that for 750 pounds i would receive 6 weeks over a 3 year period for an apartment in the Porto Azzuro hotel. I was shown the apartment and was pleased with the quality and the deal. My deal starts in Jan. 2006 and all i have to do is call or e-mail the contact to make my reservation. My question is 'has anyone else had this deal and is it as good as it sounds.'The guy i bought the deal from said he worked for RCI. He took us through the full membership details which was 10 years at a cost of 6grand. This involved all the exchange options for europe and for the rest of the world. He explained about the colour bands and the accommodation. As we were not wanting to commit to the 6 grand payment he gave us an offer of a part membership 3 year deal with the option to upgrade to the 10 year deal when we come back next year. The deal we got was as i said before 3yrs with 2 weeks allocated each year. the option to exchange is their but with a limited amount of countries available until we sign the full membership deal. So i was wondering if anyone else has went for this?

Hello.  This sounds a bit like the system my sister brought two years ago but their base hotel was in Cyprus.  The deal was that they had to go back there the next year then they were told that they would be able to exchange elsewhere in the country for future years.  All sounded  great but she split up with boyfriend last year and they had a lot of trouble trying to change the deal over.  They agreed that she could go this year with a friend and would get the flight vouchers still but when there all they were interested in was getting her to upgrade.  As she didn't want to committ to anything they only gave her half the money promised and they were very unhelpful.  She also found out that what she brought in to was really just a holiday membership club.  She still had to pay a discounted price for the week they brought.  She was very miffed about the deal sold.  We brought a fixed week at the Anfi in Gran Canaria and we have signed to pay a maintenance fee each year due to go back this July so hopefully will find more info out on how the system works its still a bit blah blah to me !

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