Can RCI cancel an exchange?

Started by Barbarian, February 22, 2006, 15:48:41

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I have booked an exchange week with RCI in September 2006 using my sole remaining week that I had banked with them.  My RCI (Weeks)membership is paid annually by direct debit and is due for renewal in June.  I am seriously considering leaving RCI because of their high charges and the current practice of renting out banked weeks to non-owners and non-RCI members. I have already paid my exchange fee and the exchange has been confirmed. Is there any way RCI can cancel the exchange if I do not renew my membership?
Ian Chisholm


Ian Chisholm


This is an interesting one.  I'm afraid I don't know the answer but I'm sure someone else will. I should think many people will be keen to know this considering so many are unhappy with RCI.


I'm surprised that you were able to search for, let alone book, a week which falls outside your membership period.


when you pay your membership if its anything like ii- for example;

you deposit your week into rci for say your week is tenerife wk18 2006- your membership may run out in june wk 22 but didn't your membership entitle you to deposit your week with a 3 year window to take an exchange out of the system?
i bet the small print says you must have an ongoing annual membership to maintain this window or maintain your licence to interact with rci- i'm sure all exchanges are dependant on your home resort fees being up to date and affiliate membership remaining current...
a nice guy would let you go ahead with your exchange but a company following the rules most likely can stop you occupying as you have broken the agreement in principle of concurrent membership.
if it was me- i'd give you the week anyway and as a soother a discount on renewing your membership to keep you on board as a one off deal, in the hope that you may stay 2007 if things improve by then for you.. i hope an rci director reads this and thinks seriously about customer care before losing clients too readily...
if people enmass stop paying rci/ii etc then they lose revenue and perform worse thru' lack of funds- treat 'em mean, keep 'em kean is for the customer, not the affiliate.


It is getting more common for RCI to cancel or change confirmed exchanges, and that is for due pating current members.



as said above I too have found that the real situation with RCI is that they will only allow exchanges within RCI membership.

Where a person wants to wind up their timeshare/floating time business (i.e. stop owning) the overall sequence is likely to be:

1. Own timeshare now, pay annual fees, pay RCI membership, deposit week, exchange (that's where we have all been).

2. Own timeshare now, stop paying annual fees, balance of RCI membership left over, last year's week still in RCI bank, exchange (within RCI membership period).

3. Own timeshare (in default because annual fees not paid), RCI membership expired, last year's week still in bank - CANNOT exchange.

However, from what you have written, you have exchanged and paid RCI's fee for doing so. Whether or not they try to cancel you have a contract with them. It seems to me immaterial that, whilst making your booking, RCI must have failed to point out that your exchange fell outside your membership period.

I presume you have received your booking confirmation letter. That in itself is a contract and I think they have a legal obligation to honour it. Especially if the error was on their side re. membership expiry etc.

Considering the relatively small cost likely to be charged I would strongly recommnend that you speak to a solicitor - a half-hours session would not be expensive (compared to a lifetime of timeshare misery) and even then, some practices will speak to you free of charge.


Thanks to everyone for the comments so far. Just to clarify the situation further.  I was able to book the week in September because I am a current member of RCI and had a week in the spacebank.  I pay my membership subscription annually by direct debit and RCI must assume that I will continue with my membership as I have not yet cancelled the direct debit which is due to make a subscription payment in June. As justbrowsing points out - RCI have accepted payment for the exchange and have issued an exchange confirmation.  The terms and conditions shown on this document do not mention any requirement to have a current membership during the period of the actual exchange week.
Ian Chisholm


Hopefully Bootleg will read your post and give you the reply you need.

I would like to forward this from RCI Terms of Membership:

15.1 You may terminate your membership at any time by giving us notice in writing provided that you do not hold a confirmed exchange or have an outstanding deposit in the RCI SPACEBANK® Pool for a future date.

15.3 We may terminate or suspend your membership and any future exchange privileges and cancel any outstanding confirmed exchange if any of the following occur:
(a) you fail to comply with any of these Terms of Membership;
(b) you fail to pay any sums due to RCI, any Affiliated Resort or any other party in connection with an exchange, the accommodation the subject of an exchange, your Holiday Ownership (including any management fees or other charges payable by you to an Affiliated Resort in respect of your Holiday Ownership) or any relevant travel arrangements;

This would indicate that you will have to have your membership current in order to keep your confirmation. If you wish to, you may request a refund of the partial year membership that falls after your confirmation.

Hope this helps!


Many thanks for your very useful information Bootleg. Although I have been a member of RCI for over 15 years I don't ever recall having seen a comprensive list of the membership terms. Do RCI publish these anywhere?  Anyway, I will not now cancel the direct debit until after we have used the exchange in September.
Ian Chisholm

Just go to the RCI website, and on the homepage, scroll down to the bottom and click on the link "Terms of Membership"!



I went to the RCI website and clicked on the RCI Weeks Terms & Conditions link and downloaded the 9 page pdf document.  However, on examining this I note that there are only 10 Items listed.  Item 15 TERMINATION that you quoted in your previous reply does not appear in this docmument.  Are RCI trying to hide something from us?
Ian Chisholm


Thanks again Bootleg.  I now have now seent the full Terms of Membeship for the first time!
Ian Chisholm


Originally posted by Barbarian

Thanks again Bootleg.  I now have now seen the full Terms of Membership for the first time!

Ian Chisholm


Sorry about the second message.  I was trying to correct the typos in the first attempt but there doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing this now.  I'm sure there used to be a way of editing a previous post but I can't find it!
Ian Chisholm


Hope you get sorted Barbarian. You can bet your bottom dollar RCI will be on the right side. We too are unhappy. Our points membership is due in September and we have 2 weeks books for June, leaving us with 34 points. I looked to see if you could have a week in the Uk but no chance for that many points.
What I want to know is what will happen to our pure points?
I'm fed up with their ever increasing charges and their ads 'the world at your fingertips' etc. We can never got what we want - not even the country. If you want Spain or the Canaried - no problem but anywhere else foget it.

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