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Started by pinkkipper, March 21, 2006, 12:30:26

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I'm currently on the RCI website where I normaly use the booking system to check availability before calling RCI (for some reason I cant do online bookings - perhps its to do with income from telephone calls).

I just clicked on the "RCI Weeks Resort Reservation" link only to have a popup saying something about a change of price and that I should call the RCI guides on 0870.....

This means I cant check availability (and so shorten the telephone conversation).

Points reservations work as normal (but I still cant book online).

Is this affecting other points members?


Hi Pinkkipper,
I just accessed the RCI site and the same happened to me for a Weeks Reservation.  I didn't actually try to book a Points reservation but was able to view availability.

It must be since they reduced the cost of a Weeks reservation for Points members.......for some reason??


Glad its not just a feature applied to ~Infiniti~ point members

Anyway, I found an alternative way in

If you use the drop down menu on the left you can get to the search page but not if you click the direct link.

I'd still like to be able to do it the old way. I'm finding the website to be of less use as they improve it.

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