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[:)]Hi, I'm a newcomer to the timeshare business (6 months), We have 2 red weeks  with a 2 bedroom apartment in Tenerife.We are members with RCI & just got back from an excellent [8D]1 week exchange at the Sunset Beach,Benalmadena(even though we downgraded to a 1 bedroom. While we were there we had a personal visit to our room by a rep (can't remember who he said he worked for)[?]He presented us with a bottle of plonk and told us about the Sunset Beach Club and surrounding area. He started to mention briefly about THE CHANGES WHAT ARE COMING TO THE RCI EXCHANGE MECHANISM, but did'nt go into it in detail.He told us he would come and visit us later in the week and explain it in more detail and explain how we could get the best out of the RCI system. [;) It sounded like he was gonna try and flog us something. We genuinely could not make the appointment and phoned his office to cancel. We did'nt receive anymore contact from him. Is there anyone out there with any info on what he probably wanted[?]


He was going to try to sell you into the points system. It's a good thing you canceled.


Agreed. We owned a week there once along with 3 RCC weeks. Rep came to see us, totalled all our 'points' should we convert to RCI points - told us we would have loads of points, and then tried to sell us more! Threw in an upgrade, and couldn't understand it when we said no. We wasted best part of day on this - it's my main gripe about timeshare - they never stop trying to flog you more weeks, and taking up several hours of holiday doing so. Please don't call us ...[:(!]

Boss Man


That gives me an idea. Maybe we should design a "Do not disturb - We do not want to buy anything" door hanger like to have in hotels !


Hi All

I just wonder about the the do not disturb sigh it would be better a sigh we are members of timeshare talk or one of the other forums and we know the prices of resale but these rino skined sale reps still can not get it that do  not want to buy.


[:D]Great replies folks, boy am I glad I went sea fishing for the afternoon with my son - even though we only caught a miserable 2 mackerel[V] - better than wasting an afternoon with this sales shark - mentioned in last post that I couldn't remember who he worked for but I recall he said it was something like WORLD HEALTH something or other, any idea's anyone[?]


You can always tell the caller that he has 5 minutes of your time free of charge. You are on your holidays.

After that, you charge €100-00 per hour or part of an hour, and you want that agreed in wriring,



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