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Would you be able to tell me what our chances are of getting a 2 bdrm unit at Hilton Grand Vavations at Flamingo in Las Vegas in late Feb or early March of 2005? We have a confirmed week at Fairfield Grand Desert Feb 5-12, but our first choice was Flamingo and we would gladly pay the exchange fee if we could be sure of getting what we want.
Thankd for any advice you could offer.


Hey Jenny, the chances of getting any kind of unit at the Flamingo is hard because you would have to jump on a search list for about a year at least and wait for a member to deposit there week. For Feb and March 2005 , thats a tough to get in the first place and most members haven't deposited yet. I would say definitly stick with the Fairfield , Nice resort , Great comments and I have sent alot of people there myself. Any other questions let me know!

I am also on a two year search for the Hilton Flamingo to and still no availability, hopefully it will come up at one point, there are other great hotels but the location of the Flamingo is the better end of Las Vegas so lets keep fingers crossed

The Flamingo, as noted, is the most-requested timeshare in Las Vegas; unfortunately, Hilton members usually book it year-round. RCI only gets space if Hilton has units there that are not requested by Hilton members.

There is no way of predicting availability, but I will recommend that you give up on a 2 bedroom unit. A 1 bedroom is more likely to be offered, but if a 2 bedroom became available, it would also be offered.

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