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I think that ANON is doing the right thing, if I was in Anon's situation I would have to speak out, especially if you believed in your job, so GOOD on you!, unfortunately in Anon's case most people wouldn't have the nerve to say what is going on but then I guess it is down to morals! Anon is not the only person working for that company that have made comments on this site and it is not as easy as that to find jobs.  So I will keep reading with interest


It would be a shame if you stopped mailing your advice and experiences. I would appreciate your view on this.
having tried for the last 6 yrs to get accom. on the west coast of florida through RCI exchange with UK, 2 bed, gold crown, red school holiday wks, i dont know who on earth would get them!!!! we even try in low season and cant get anywhere.


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