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Started by , June 30, 2004, 15:21:21

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Hi - Planning a visit to London coming August, 27 with family of 4 adults and a baby. Managed to exchange into Eden Park Hotel, Bayswater (given 2 rooms). Want to know whether I should :-
        1. buy travel card only or
        2. buy travel card with entrance tickets

Would it be cheaper to buy entrance tickets upon arrival or on-line.

 We are from Malaysia!  Any other relevant advices welcomed![:)]


I'm not replying to this topic.

Did you not recently post on the Ask RCI Board at TUG, saying how thankful you are for the great exchanges you have gotten, mentioning you have only a $62 US annual fee?
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Diane - The resort I.D. #3957 and the annual maintenance fee is only US$62/- per year! I used a two-bed room unit to exchange into Worldmark! The VC at RCI was very alert because the minute this unit(at Worldmark) was deposited she graped it for me!
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If you did, someone answered you with a word of advice.

Do not do that.  RCI monitors TUG about like a diabetic monitors their insulin level!!!!

Many TUG members over the years have reported severe adjustments in their trading power and have related it to gloating on TUG.

If you are getting great exchanges from a crappy resort with low fees, and you wish to continue doing so, just keep it to yourself.

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When you say entrance tickets, do you mean to attractions like London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, shows .... etc

I would say better to buy when you are over here. It may not be cheaper to purchase online before hand but at least you won't 'over buy'

London has a great many sights and attractions and could take at least 10 days to fit them in.

Notanon - thanks- I shall take your advice and in future keep my mouth shut or my fingers off the keyboard!

Hi, Notanon, On reflection I thought one of the principles of timeshare is "sharing" and if members keep all good "things" to themselves then it will be a closed-ended club. However, if in future, I come across any good deals/information I know what to do. Other members including those from Tug will therefore NOT benefit from my disclosure  - no matter how good my intention is.

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