Spacebanking sales no longer allowed

Started by bobbygrrl, July 21, 2004, 17:12:43

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RCI advised that they will no longer allow the sale or transfer of Spacebanked weeks to be done by ANYONE - this not only applies to brokers but it applies to timeshare owners as well.

In fact, if the weeks are being transferred from one RCI member to another the owner of the week is liable to having their account with RCI terminated for not sticking to the rules.

Agents/brokers will not be allowed to incorporate a spacebanked week in their sale package deals as well. We have had scare tactics in the past from various sources but from what was discussed today this is definitely the end of spacebank sales.

Boss Man

Thanks for that Bobby, very interesting.

Another way of RCI to gain weeks I guess.


[:I] [:p]"A bit tongue in cheek" but I have asked RCI if they would like to buy our 4 spacebanked weeks as we are unlikely to use and difficult to get any exchanges that we want which I am sure is due to the fact that they are from Loch Rannoch Highland Club which for those who have not been following the MacDonalds thread has been dissafiliated by RCI. As yet no reply but am I surprised, no!!!


Wow!  Every time you turn around RCI is giving timesharers another reason to switch to the independents.

This is the same RCI that is renting our spacebanked weeks willy-nilly to non-members!


Hi bobby,

How do you know this? Could this just be for RCI in the UK?



Hi Heather

It was from Ron (SA broker)on the Yahoo SA owner newsgroup?  For further discussion and clarification a Tug quote was given:

"Did you see Madge's comment in
another RCI thread?  I will quote her here:

"It is perfectly in line with RCI's Terms & Conditions of Membership to pay
$49 to transfer a deposited week from one RCI member to another -- much as
it is acceptable to add a Guest Certificate. However, deposited weeks and
exchange vacations (including Guest Certificates) may not be sold, rented,
or auctioned. This is not a new policy; however, the language in RCI's Terms
& Conditions was recently revised to clarify it in section 6(b).
The Terms & Conditions apply equally to individual members and timeshare
brokers. If deposited weeks are being transferred as part of packages that
include the sale of timeshare ownerships, it is not considered a violation
of RCI's Terms & Conditions to sell the packages."

Madge has specifically mentioned "timeshare brokers" in this clause.  Since
Ron is actually selling the spacebanked weeks and it's without a sale, I
don't think he's allowed to do this.  But.... Isn't it strange RCI in
Australia ARE allowed to do this?? "

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