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Started by Edna, September 13, 2004, 17:42:39

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I'm new to timesharetalk and I've been reading the comments about RCI. While on the whole we're pleased with timeshare we do have one or two gripes. First of all, many of them are situated too far out and there isn't enough info in the book regarding this. Until recently we hired a car but we're not getting any younger and can no longer do this. Some places aren't even on a bus route and we can't all afford to take taxis everywhere.
Another gripe is costs. What with exchange fees, management fees, membership fees etc etc it seems never ending. We changed to points last year which I think is a fairer way of doing and a while ago RCI advertised a day's sale of points. At first it seemd good value and we were going to purchase until we realised what the management fee would be.. Does it cost more to manage more points?  Also if you don't use your points in the Use Year and no trasactions have been made there is an additional charge. This is barefaced robbery. Also we're not happy with RCI's insurance. My husband had an heart attack 4 years ago and he's been okay since yet they won't insure him. We can get insurance elsewhere but it was easier when we could book everything together.




With your personal circumstances I would question whether timeshare exchanging is really suitable to your needs any more.  Are you really gaining anything in pure cost terms against more conventional holidays?  Add up the cost of the m/f and exchange fees each year and consider your options.

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