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I have noticed that RCI have re vamped their web site.  I use to like to read the reviews on places, but I can't seem to find that option anymore?  Have they been took off the website or am I looking in wrong place and am totally blind?  



Lisaloo . . . Here is how to find resort reviews . . . 1) Sign in with your password, 2) Go to "my account", 3) You will see a button for Resort Directory, 4) Click on the map until you get down to a specific area (like California), 5) A list of all Californis resorts will come up and you will see "Reviews" listed for many of them.  You can also see the reviews of many of the resorts that come up when you do a search.  Not all resorts have reviews, but it looks like a majority do.  Hope this helps . . . ddipar


Yes that use to be the way I normally went in and saw the reviews but now the website has changed.  So I have today tried to look for the RCI Community thing and found this notice:-

On April 3, 2006 RCI Community members will no longer be able to post journals or redeem credits on the RCI Community Website, You can still enjoy the full benefits of your RCI Membership online.

So that answers my question, bloomin typical they take the useful parts off the site [V]

But thats for the reply anyways [:D]


RCI have mooved the reviews into the igougo website ( but they are a bit lost in there amongst all the others. If you were registered on the community website then you should be able to log into igougo.

(to me ages to work out the website name igougo = "I go You go", must be my age [:I])

Ohhh look - my 400th post!

Thanks for that shame it doesn't tell you on rci website.  At least I can now look at the reviews [:D]

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