British Heritage Pass

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British Heritage Pass
« on: February 15, 2006, 15:07:08 »
A British Heritage Pass may be purchased on line in advance of a trip or at the large airports.  It gives you free entry to hundreds of historic and interesting places in the UK and saves money if you go to enough places.  An accompanying booklet has maps, opening times and directions plus a short description.  The passes come in two week or monthly cards and guarantee a friendly welcome because it shows an extensive interest.  And you can visit new sites unknown to you but well worth a visit. Castles, gardens and historic places.


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British Heritage Pass
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2006, 18:46:56 »
i live in london and have used a weekly one of these myself to a few gardens and so forth. it is a good buy. but don't miss out on the free entry places and cheapies even to just nice parks for a walk either, my favourites are;
science museum, war museum, greenwich park/museum/maritime clock place in the park, kew gardens and the greenhouse which is in the heritage pass. old borough high street market by london bridge and spitalfield market off bishopsgate, land of jack the ripper for our olde english culture.

the pass will get you money off the tower bridge, tower tour and the train ride near mac d's but while you are at tower bridge make yourself plenty of time as this is walkable to spitalfield and leadenhall old market area of the city financial area. but also the memorial garden of trinity square near tower bridge mac d's...
get yourself into regents street, baker street, compton and wardour street, oxford street, trafalgar square and oxford circus, sloane square... i could go on but best not as i don't stop.

and a silly little public house on the embankment(north side) the tattersall castle- er, it's a boat on the river and sweet.
also a 50's style small pub about 3 turnings on the right up charing cross road(called cxr), from charing cross after no. 79 cxr it's no more than 20 metres down the side street opposite a stationers and i can't remember the name but it was a great saturday afternoon with a bass player, 3 piece band and singers.

if you want a good restaurant in a less touristy looking area go at best searching shoreditch and high street, clapham, greenwich village, blackheath village or look for summat different with 5pm .com , or ii gold members check out the restaurant and discounts on their websites. at london bridge itself their is a cute little peruvian restaurant(cheap) next to a colonial style malaysian restaurant(reasonable price)- i'll stop there but def get the heritage pass too.