Grenadines one day visit

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Grenadines one day visit
« on: February 23, 2006, 14:25:39 »
Report on a one day visit to the Grenadines

On Thursday 11th March  2004 we were picked up by mini bus at 6.45am
and after stopping off at a couple of hotels in St Lawrence Gap in order to
pick up another two couples, who were making the trip, we were
transported to the airport in Barbados, there we were met by a rep, who did not
attempt to sell us anything but simply escorted us through the crowds
to a special check out where we presented our passports and tickets in order
to receive our boarding cards. We were immediately taken through to the
departure gate and proceeded to board our aircraft, which was an 18
seater and had lots of room as we were only a party of 14. There were no
doors behind the cockpit so we could see the pilot and all the controls.
There was no steward or stewardess. All very basic.

The aircraft took off very quickly and flew along the south of Barbados passing our
hotel  which we could see clearly down to our right as we headed west for
the 1 hour journey to Union Island where we were to land.
I attempted to adjust the airflow by the usual method and the airflow
control came away in my hand. Luckily some children were on board and
as they were eating sweets I managed to make the control sticky enough
to put it back.

On landing at Union Island we presented our passports again and filled in
some entry forms. We then strolled about for a few minutes and took some
photos until a small tractor type train took us all the two or three hundred yards
down to the jetty where we were to board our schooner for the days
sailing around the islands. The schooner was on its way back from Palm
Island where it had deposited some people who had arrived on an earlier
We entertained ourselves by watching a shoal of nurse sharks basking at
the side of the jetty.
Having duly boarded the schooner via a motor launch and after some
difficulty with a lady who was terrified (of everything as it turned out) we
set sail for Palm Island where we were to pick up those who had sailed
over earlier. It transpired that they had their breakfast on Palm Island. We
had breakfast while sailing over to pick them up. The breakfast consisted
of steaming hot cups of coffee or tea and delicious cheese cutters,
breadcake really but they are called cutters over there.
Having picked up the other guests we became a party of about 30 mainly
couples but one family with young teenagers.
Sailing the beautiful blue seas in a light breeze and under a cloudless sky
we slowly made our way to the first port of call which was the island
of Mayreau which has a beautiful natural harbour and we alighted
via the motor launch or we dived over the side and swam in the hundred
yards or so to the beach.The island has only 250 inhabitants and two or three of the ladies were there selling colourful Tee shirts and beachwear and Mavis bought a couple of things, paying in US Dollars as they did not accept Barbados money.
The Schooner, which was named Scaramouche, had been used in the film, Pirates of the Caribbean and the crew were all the same ones as seen in the film
We reboarded after about an hour and a half and the crew had prepared our lunch which was chicken and rice with peppers tomatoes and sweetcorn all washed down with whatever you wished to drink.
Drinks were constantly on offer and were included in the cost of the trip. After a delicious
lunch we set sail once more heading this time for Tobago Keys where once more we were put on shore to explore the beach or snorkel amongst the coral looking at the hundreds of colourful fish.
We had bread crumbs with us in plastic bags and when we sprinkled a few crumbs hundreds of fish seemed to appear from nowhere. A catamaran was also in the bay and one of the passengers had cut his foot while swimming among the coral, so wearing a pair of light trainers is recommended.
Snorkel equipment was supplied by the schooner but we had our own. The coral and fish were very close to the beach so were accessible to poor or even non swimmers. Eventually we reluctantly set sail again knowing that we were heading back and after an hours sail we returned to Palm Island where we disembarked once more to be left for an hour while the schooner took the early arriving passengers who we had picked up from Palm Island back to Union Island and the Airport.
We looked around the gift shop and had a cooling drink at a bar on the beach and chatted about the wonderful day we had just spent sailing in and around these beautiful islands.
On our flight back to Barbados the aircraft was full and shortly after take off we landed again on one of the other islands, much to the consternation of the nervous lady. We were given no warning as to the island hopping by the pilot and the lady thought that there must be something wrong with the aircraft. Fortunately after landing at another island the lady felt that she was by now  a seasoned flyer.
We arrived back in Barbados just after 6.00 pm. and were bussed back to our respective hotels in time to get ready for another night out. Our trip to the Grenadines was a marvellous experience and the best one day trip of our lives . The cost was approximately £200 per person and we thought it to be great value for money.
There were 4 in our own party with ages ranging from 55 (it is alleged) to 62
 The trip was arranged from Barbados via Dominique who is a friend of two of our party. Her email address at the time was
 Should anyone wish to contact her and find they are unable to do so then if they just leave me a private message I will put them in touch via other means.

Tom & Mavis