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« on: February 26, 2005, 02:46:30 »
If any one fancies the Hawian islands the best one is Kauai or known as the garden island. It is a must for any one enthusiasic about films the island is full of film locatations too many to mention but you can visit them all for free if you have a sense of adventure and a car.
It is very safe on the island and you can go any where without any problems or hassle from locals or excersion touts but everyone on the island is very friend and willing to talk about the island, what to do and where to go. If you like golf you will be spoilt. If you want to go on your own private beach there are lots to choose from where you might not see any one all day or drive down the road to the more popular beaches.
Its the only place we have been where you do not get hassled to go on tours. Any one with a car is no more than 1 hour way from any part of the island. We stayed at the Princeville resort and found it to be a first class resort on a great island and had a fantastic holiday plus the weather was great.
Relaxation, sight seeing or adventure all first class

P.S.  One one tries to sell you a timeshare the only meeting that is a must is the welcome meeting.