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Can anyone tell me what the sales pitch is like for the above company. Is it high pressured and one where they won't let you out of the room until you have signed on the dotted line? The company told me I have to sit through a 90 min presentation and that it, although I am nervous.[?]

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Most of the Marriott presentations I have been to or have heard about are rather low key. I wouldn't worry about too much pressure.


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I was quite disturbed when I saw MVCI here, I own 4 weeks with them and can honestly state that they have never tried the hard sell or lied about anything.

In fact they really should be held as an example of good timeshare.

(No I don't work for them)[:)]

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i don't own at marriot but it is i'm very very sure a type of timeshare that is sold by what you see rather than force. i mean it is a well presented company with easily understandable standards/rules and clear to it's reasons why you would want to buy or not buy. i dont think they need pressure to sell to you as the place(s) sell themselves on merit.

yes it's gonna be expensive upside of some others but you will get what you pay for. anyway, as a warning to any purchaser in any timeshare- be clear in what you want to get from a timeshare and if the timeshare isn't clear that they match your criteria then don't buy.


I found Marriott to be very a professional company, But thier job is to sell timeshare. They do not do hard sell, just show you the plus points & let you drool over it for a short while, I find most wifes really want to purchase once they have had a tour.
Once you own a marriott MVCI you do not want to exchange into a non marriott resort, purley because yours are so much better & worth more to exchange.
I find II ok to use unless you need peak week like school holidays etc,Always get an exchange first before releasing your week, as once they have it they do not have to work so hard to get your request.
I think that Marriott should have their own pool instead of II, as a first port of call, so that owners can get MVCI weeks first & easier.

Lastly I own in Spain at both Marbella & Playa, They are both top notch resorts & I will find it hard to find any where better so close by.
Marriott need more resorts in Europe as the USA is long haul for most families holidays.
I have been to the marriots in France, Majorca four times & Florida
All but the french one was fantastic.
The french one was poor, people were unhelpful & climate was the same as London.

i have been told you do not have to use II you can just use the Marriott internal exchange system for £62 - is this not correct?



Reps at marriotts get fired for lying about the product and do not apply high pressure sales technics. However they job is to sell timeshare and once you have been on a tour you will be very enticed to buy.

The only criticism I can think of is the price: it's very expensive.

There are a few sales tricks but nothing you feel uncomfortable about. They say things like, 'you look like just the sort of person who would fit in well around this club' (social acceptance line) but if you tell them to back off they do. To be honest the product sells itself, the first time I had a look around it made me really dislike the current 'gold crown' timeshares I already had. At the end of the day if you have the money - you WILL buy!


Here is another one

They very often, when they saw they touched on a point the wife likes very much, leave you alone with some sort of excuse, so the wife can do the sales job on the man - THAT can be pressure for HIM. HA ha ha

The good thing about that is, the potential couple has several times the opportunity to discuss things in private without the rep being being present. That they also do on purpose as it proved to decrease the cancellation rate.

Good system

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