buying in to a marriot?

Started by neiltilley, February 19, 2006, 09:49:32

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what is the best avenue to a purchase. i understand the price is high
as you do definetly get the quality in every aspect. but wondered the best reseller or ?

Hello Neil - i spoke to several resellers both here (UK) and the US,
the 2 i finally chose were both from the US:
1. Jessica Burke, Agent @ Atkinson & Associates, Inc.
2. Seth Nock Licensed Broker Selling Timeshares INC

I ended up buying from Jessica Burke, Agent
Atkinson & Associates, Inc.
because she had a property for sale at Playa, Spain.
The sale went through fine with no problems.
the final cost was less than half the £14300.00 currently being asked for by Marriott.
hope this helps!

What makes Marriott so special? We own several gold crown timeshares but they cost a fraction of what a marriot weeks cost


For years I have been saying that my dream is to be rich enough to own a Marriott. I like the consistency of high standards and the prime locations that they offer. I don't know of any other group that can match their standards. Even Hilton I find to be a notch lower. That being said, though, I have traded into Marriotts using weeks for which I've paid a fraction of the cost of a Marriott and for which my fees are nothing in comparison. And while I'm reveling in the luxury, I think of the poor person who deposited the week so that I could have the experience at a fraction of the price that they paid, and I feel really proud of my coup. Bottom line: Great product, overpriced in my books.


In my more brash days I once said that Marriott owners had more money than brains- a friend who laughed at that comment later went to work for Marriott selling timeshares. I have seen some great prices on an occasional Marriott at:
If you want to buy new or resale from Marriott contact Jack Fletcher in Orlando at 1-800-332-1333 (was ext. 6141) or via email at:
He's a good guy and a supremely knowledgeable timeshare person.


Does that mean you would buy from him?

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