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Started by , June 27, 2006, 15:44:14

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I have just been on a Marriott inspection tour and i was told if you buy a silver week at one resort you can exchange it for a platinum or gold at another resort for £62 - is this correct????



Silver, Gold, Platinium, Bronze are all Marriott made up colors to determine what THEY think the week trade values might be.  (THere are other colors from some time ago, as well)

What you need to remember is that Interval International only sees the colors THEY put on a week at a timeshare.  (Same as RCI)

You are probably not aware that Marriott has some gold weeks that II does not even see as red (not even light pink).

So, yes, anything is possible in a trade.  Some owners of bronze HII weeks (yellow or green via II ) have been able to get a red trade in HHI or other placs as well.

That fee? I guess its the exchange fee.   Remember, Marriott does not have an internal exchange MUST (for now) use II or RCI to trade via an exchange there is always a fee.


If they ask which gold weeks are example is Fairway Villas at Seaview

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