Marriott Ownership V Property Ownership

Started by , July 24, 2006, 07:06:40

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For a long time I have wanted a property in Spain, but the prices have gone up and up. While on an inspection tour a few years ago i realised to get somewhere you are proud of and want to go back to every year you need a budget of £250K plus.

So the property went on the back burner and I decided to buy 4 weeks at Marriott resorts instead (have 3 so far - france, marbella and majorca).

I just wondered if anyone else had taken this route and how it had worked out (ie. did it provide everything you wanted)?


I much the same as yourself went the same route, ended up with spending around 65,000 gbp on timeshare rather than go the whole hog for property.
I have had some great holidays in great places and some great holidays in some not so good resorts.
On the whole for me still better than the travel agent, but now the family have grown up and i cant really be bothered with communal pools and shows ect ect so ive just gone the whole hog and put a deposit down on a finca near Murcia with 5000 sq m of land and wish i had done it a few years ago, i even gave the agent a week as part of the deal. The whole thing came to 230,000 gbp.
In my opinion it would have been wiser to do what i had just done then go down the timeshare route, but thats easy to say after the fact.

Did you manage to recoup much from the weeks?


Craig, I actually ended up with about 3,200 € for my week, a lot less than what i paid but i did not leave a deposit so for me the deal was good, but they probably loaded it on somewhere in the deal.

After talking to the agent on and off for two days its surprising how many people still dont know much about timeshare, probaly why he took it on,  im going back in August to sort out some works and im taking my brother in law whos looking for something, maybe i should see if he can trade my other weeks.


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