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Started by paulh, February 24, 2008, 23:56:52

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Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with interval international?

i am planning to join in the next year so i can bank my peek red 3 bed in years 2009 and 2010 so that i can go to florida in 2010

what can i expect as an exchange (school hols)

how easy is it?

and how about those "cheap" bonus ii weeks that we hear about do they really come off or are they at times when people with kids cannot use them???




We have only had good experiences with Interval International.
We have just got back from Majorca having stayed at the Marriot Club Son Antem resort and are now planning to stay at the Marbella Beach resort later this year.
We have also booked my brother-in-law and his family into the Westgate Lakes Resort for 2 weeks in September this year. We've got them a 3-bed sleep 12 apartment that looks fantastic!
Saying that our kids are still young and hence we don't always have to stick to school holidays. Interval do have a system where you put in a request and then as soon one your chosen resorts or dates become available you are automatically booked.
Our membership is up for renewal next year and we will not hesitate to renew it. We will not however take up the gold membership as we have had no benefit from that at all.
We have not used the Getaways either as these are only really good value at off peak times i.e. when resorts are just trying to get full.
Once you get used to the process it is really easy. Does take a bit of time checking out resorts and keeping an eye on the website and phoning Interval, and they are always very helpful on the phone.
If you want to know anything more specific please ask away and I'll tell you what I can.



so how does it work with seasons floating weeks - do i pay my membership fee in say jan next year, then bank 2009 and 2010 weeks and have two weeks in 2010?

could i have my 2 weeks in advance?

is it best to join really in advance or just before you are banking?

many thanks to anyone that can provide the answers

one final thing - has anyone any recommends for florida - particularly disney


I believe that if you were to pay the maintenance fees for 2009 and 2010 in Jan 2009, you would then have two weeks available to you to exchange in Interval.
You can't start booking anything with Interval until you have paid your membership with them.
With Interval and Seasons it's not really a banking system unless you are putting in a request. If there is something already available you just do a trade as and when you want. If there is nothing available you can put in a request, but with these you have to choose a minimum of three different dates or three different resorts. Then as soon as your request has been met the system automatically books you in i.e. they don;t come back to you and say 'is this alright?' it's done and dusted by the system.
As far as I can see at the moment, there is a lot of availability for July and August of this year, so I don't see why this should be any different in future years.

hope this helps rather than muddys the waters!


I had a quite good experience with Interval International too.
They are really good in planning and during my travels l never feced any difficulties with them. They are commited to what their doing and I think thats what makes them stand out among others.

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