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Started by neil1702, February 27, 2008, 14:04:42

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For those that haven't received the latest newsletter there was some excellent news on the pool front at Alpinus.
They are building a new pool on the resort and are then hoping to turn the existing pool into an indoor heated pool.
One in the eye for all those people (not on this site) that keep saying that Seasons are selling Alpinus off/getting out.


when is it due to start/be finished - i am going on holiday there in june!!!


From Seasons eNews:

Although Alpinus in the Algarve has long been high on the popularity poll for Seasons members, it was always felt that the size of the original swimming pool was rather inadequate during times when the resort was anywhere near full.  
However, the good news is that a brand new pool is under construction, with a completion date of 31st March this year.

The new pool measures approximately 24 x 14 metres, together with a new childrens pool of some nine square metres.  There will also be a new pool bar, and the area, which will be completely private throughout, will be landscaped, with a sundeck.  

The new pool area is situated at the side of the hotel on the large grassed area. The original pool will remain in place and plans are in hand for this facility to be covered and heated during 2009.

In addition, Alpinus has a completely refurbished foyer and reception area, complete with beautiful leather sofas, lighting and new curtains.  The restaurant has also been refurbished and visitors have remarked on the high standard of all of the resort improvements.

So it looks like it should be ready for your June trip. I'd be intersting to hear what you think of it when you get back.


I have just returned from Alpinus. Have had a fantastic weeks stay and definately go back. weather great, accomodation very nice staff friendly, beautiful beach and good food.

just to let you know my experience from a seasons vievpoint:

1. in the main reception area were books of tour operators, cosmos from uk; thomas cook, tui, and others from the continent. we asked during our presentation what was going on as the hotel goes under the banner of another hotel chain, common in the town. we were told that seasons do not own alpinus and that they rent out a number of rooms during the year. certainly the seasons presence was strong there.

2. there are two outdoor pools, both lovely. my opinion is that it will take a lot of work to turn one of them into an indoor pool.

3.we are members that purchased through the 2nd hand market. as a result we do not have access to the short breaks, banking or reducing our peak red week into 3 green weeks for example. this we understood and purchased on that basis. when we have been in the past we have been offered the opportunity to turn our membership into full membership. obviously this will cost money. in the region of £4000. we have been told that this will end shortly. i personally feel that this is unlikely as seasons will get 2x money for the same thing. what are others opinions on this?

4. whilst talking about upgrading we were told that by doing so I.I. would get us 3 weeks for our 1, by utilising the green weeks. Now my opinion of this differed to the salesman as i felt that green weeks were unmarketable with II and that we would be unable to get into resorts such as disney florida ith these green weeks. what are others experience???


I've just replied to your other post.
Trading a green week in II is great. We do it all the time and it never hinders us. In fact it is never discussed with II what week we are putting into the system, Seasons just give them a green week when II confirm with them.
Examples of what we have got:
Marriott Marbella Beach Resort this coming November
Two weeks yucca park in Tenerife last March
Marriott Club Son Antem, two units in March of this year
Two weeks in Orlando in a 3-bed sleep 12 unit in September of this year
plus others.

We never trade with anything other than green weeks and have never had a problem.
As I said in my other post, and the salsman probably said this as well, in GB there are so few reosrts compared to places like Florida, that the trading power of GB resorts is very high.

If you want to know anything more, please ask away or send me a private message.



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