Marriott not being truthfull re accomadation

Started by Jeffrey.Jones13, March 04, 2008, 13:07:36

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In November 2007 my wife and I received a telephone call inviting us to visit their resort in Andalucia, Spain. We agreed to visit in February 2008 and we were catagorically told we would be staying in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Estapona. We made arrangements to meet some very good friends of ours who now live near to the Crown Plaza. Some days later we received a telephone call from Marriott stating we would be staying at their resort in Andalucia because the Crown Plaza was full. We were not very happy and decided to check with the staff at the Crown Plaza Hotel and, not to our surprise we were told there was ample room for us to stay at the Crown Plaza Hotel. When Marriott next called they were insisting there was no room at the Crown Plaza and we would have to stay at their resort. It took many phone calls and eventually one of the managers from Marriott to arrange for our stay at the Crown Plaza. Due to the misinformation and anxiety given and caused to ourselves, we decided not to pursue a purchase with Marriott. First impressions can never be changed.


I agree with your general view that Marriott appeared to have lied to you and naturally you do not want to proceed with a purchase.

That said, I personally would rather have the opportunity to stay at the resort I was considering purchasing; this gives you the chance to see the resort in more detail than a selective tour could do.

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