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Started by pinkkipper, May 14, 2008, 12:43:49

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Anyone tried RCI's E-alert system.

They must be having a laugh![:o)]

you can request emails any month between august 2007 and July 2008.

Perhaps thay will let me know when some accomdation is available last October as they didnt have any when I looked last year


And on complaining to RCI through their website it seems that I cant comnplain unless I give them my name , rank and serial number (perhaps they will Victimise me for being critical)


I was told about this last month when phoning RCI and was advised to use it.  On contacting them again about the 'odd date allocation', I was told it would probably be better when I'd paid my 2008/09 fees!  Well guess what, I've paid the fees and yes it's still the same. [:0]


Hi guys, here we go again. Despite that I no longer work for RCI, I think I can still give some good advice, if needed. Aparently the thread is not so active anymore, but anyway. Regarding the e-lerts, they are quite a good tool to use. There are several changes coming to the system on how RCI works, and this is just a minor one of them. If you complain about the need that you have to give your Mbr. ID Pinkkipper, ever thought that RCI needs to know if they are talking to a member? Consider how many members RCI has, and then make the second comment again. Furthermore, if you don't give them your ID, how is it possible for them to help you? I was usually quite upset about the short-sighted members which just wanted to have everything without giving any basic information. If you call the AA and tell them that your car broke down, how would you expect them to help you if you don't give them your contract number??? Sorry about being a bit rude, but this was one of the issues which bothered me most during my time in RCI. If you want to have good service, you will have to give the basic information. And I would like to ask anyone reading this forum to keep in mind that in Customer Care / QA in Cork it is not the Manager who makes the decisions, it is the consultant you are talking to. If you call them or send them an email with a certain arrogant or bad tone, don't expect to get a nice call back either. After all, those people are humans as well. And keep in mind that they want to help you. Look at them like a mediator between your issues and RCI. I don't know of anybody in QA of RCI who doesn't preferr to help you rather than fighting with you.

And Jackiee, isn't it normal at any place that if you want to book something for 2009, you have to have your membership fees paid? It is pure and mere logic.

Please guys, use a bit of common sense, and don't be so hard on the guys of customer care. I do grant you that there are rather short minded booking agents, but usually you get what you want, if you just ask the right person in the right manner!


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