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Started by Big L, April 10, 2007, 21:43:39

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Big L


   We want to sell our platinum CLC vacation club points, we have 3280 points and would like to achieve £2 per point or as near as.Purchaser pays transfer fees (about £1000).Email


    Big L


Now tell me that CLC is FAIR!!!!! I was thinking of transfering points to my children, but it is obviously a rip off company if that is the sort of charges they make.

im gutted not only did they say we could sell and at least break even , noone said anythign about a transfer fee it was supposed to be automatic to our kids i hope that is an excetion , mind you after the gripes we have had nothing would suprise me...


Hi, I am new to this site, looking to sell Diamond Membership, 3975 points to be used this year. I will pay the transfer fee of £1000 so looking for a reasonable offer if at all there is one!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Genuine reason for sale. Daughter off to Turkey to live so will be going there for the forseable future.  Anyone interested e-mail  Regards Jim

Big L


   I tried selling my points as one membership on ebay but with no offers, so I split them in half into two gold memberships and hey presto sold them both. I also achieved a higher price.

    Good Luck

    Big L


Hi i am new to this site we are looking to sell our points we are a silver member with a 1000 points
and quite frankly we were so dissapointed we came back from marina del sol last sunday and had not a good time there
considering it is the flagship site.
please could someone tell us how we go about pleae.


Why do you want to sell your points.
keep it, you might need it some day?

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