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General Discussions / Re: Help! The Regulatory Grou...
Last post by Michael Sayler - June 21, 2022, 15:52:15
I have done as suggested and found this

I shall tell them to hang up next time.

Thanks for your help
The Director is Sofiane AMANI and his correspondence address is 163 Goldhawk Road, London, England, W12 8EN. When you look it up on google maps, he can be seen hanging out of a flat window over a saloon bar. He is either communicating with a nonexistent passerby or spitting out the window clearing out some snot.

Not a person n appointed by the Ministry of Judice to officiate over a list given to her in order to vet-regulated companies. That all explained if you visit with her you can buy your vegetables next door.
No need to do that it's a scam! They are a new company cold call, no money, no success and no lawyers just Ex Timeshare salespeople scamming consumers again and again and again and so on.
General Discussions / Re: Help! The Regulatory Grou...
Last post by SonAntemOwner - June 21, 2022, 13:38:53
I suggest that you contact TIMESHARE TASK FORCE

Helpline UK: 0044 (0)1823 510625

Helpline Hours
10am - 4pm Mon-Fri (GMT)
Excluding bank holidays


It's a free service.
General Discussions / Help! The Regulatory Group an...
Last post by Michael Sayler - June 21, 2022, 13:05:39
I am helping my elderly parents regarding an  old timeshare issue they had.

As far as they are aware their timeshare (club la costa) was terminated a few years ago. They used a claims company regulated by the FCA. Anyway my mother has phoned me in tears as she has received a cold call from The Regulatory Group saying they had been appointed by the Ministry of Justice to help timeshare owners who have been scammed by a number of fraudulent firms. They told her that the company she used was on their "list" of 48 companies who are to be avoided.

We have contacted CLC who have confirmed that they no longer own the timeshare. Just a bit concerned about how they got their details and whether the ministry of justice is indeed investigating some companies, including the regulated company my parents used.

Has anyone else been contacted by the Regulatory Group? Is there a list of fraudulent companies sent out by the Ministry Of Justice
Timeshare News / Complaints mount against Sarah...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - May 30, 2022, 15:13:27

Sarah Waddington Solicitors are a firm that claims to be specialists in timeshare matters however is dogged by escalating Legal Ombudsman rulings against them regarding poor service, lack of case progression and as a consequence has been ordered to refund monies they took in advance.

The ombudsman website details 4 cases between June 2021 and January 2022 that require them to refund/pay compensation for failings, citing emotional impact, disruption and losses.

Previous to these cases, KwikChex Headed by Mr Emmings has been made aware of another case where the ombudsman was particularly critical of lack of progress and poor advice and summed up by ordering a refund to the affected clients of nearly £6,000, whilst also stating -

"I am concerned that the firm did not inform (the clients) that their approach to this type of claim was speculative and was in the main an untested challenge. The firm's client care letter says that they were of the opinion (the) case had a reasonable prospect of success. As a reasonable service, the firm should have clearly informed (the clients) at the outset of the risks of embarking on a claim before they were requested to pay a £5,950 fee in advance. Under the Solicitors Code of Conduct, the firm are required to act in the best interest of their client and to keep them informed of such matters. In this instance, I find the firm's failure to do so is exceptionally poor service and is a matter, which will now be referred to the firm's regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority."

Additional concerns have been raised by clients of the firm of a similar nature and also regarding third Sarah Waddington Solicitors party marketing/lead generation businesses used by Sarah Waddington Solicitors. These and the behaviour of employees of the business are being provided to the Solicitors Regulation Authority in order that they can assess them.

Advice - in addition to only using regulated law firms, it is also recommended that timeshare owners protect their interests and ensure they are receiving clear advice by obtaining written details of all pertinent matters prior to entering into contracts/paying fees. Such diligence will help avoid situations like those above.

Timeshare News / Financial Time reports Barclay...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - May 06, 2022, 08:54:56

Barclays' profits fell 18 per cent in the first quarter and the bank had to delay a promised £1bn stock buyback as a jump in litigation and conduct provisions overshadowed a surge in trading revenue.

Net income fell to £1.4bn, down from £1.7bn in the same period last year, the British bank said on Thursday. While this was three times higher than analysts' expectations of £464mn, it came after a £523mn hit from a trading blunder in the US and a Maltese timeshare mis-selling scandal.

Revenue rose 10 per cent to £6.5bn, compared with analysts' estimates of £5.7bn, primarily because of higher trading income in volatile markets amid the war in Ukraine.

RBC analyst Benjamin Toms said the outperformance by the investment bank was "somewhat spoilt by a lot of unhelpful noise".

Barclays' mixed set of quarterly results means that new chief executive CS Venkatakrishnan has been given a baptism of fire. Venkat, as he is known, replaced Jes Staley in November after he resigned amid a probe into his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

While the shares rose about 2 per cent after the announcement, Barclays' stock has fallen 26 per cent so far this year and one of its largest shareholders, Capital Group, has exited a stake worth £900mn.

The British lender late last month said it would have to repay investors £450mn after mistakenly issuing an extra $15bn of financial products in the US than it had permission to. The trading error that is under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission forced it to postpone a £1bn share buyback.

"Due to the ongoing discussions with the SEC regarding the potential restatement of the 2021 financial . . . Barclays believes that it is prudent to delay the commencement of the buyback until those discussions have been concluded," it said in the statement.

An internal probe found that the error occurred because of a "material weakness in . . . the internal control environment". The bank said it was "enhancing the internal controls relating to its debt securities issuance activity" and remained committed to the business.

Finance director Anna Cross said it "isn't a question of whether we will do the buyback, but when", adding that it could come as soon as the end of the second quarter. She declined to comment on whether the SEC would impose a fine or if the staff responsible would have their pay cut.

Barclays also took a provision of £181mn to compensate customers who were improperly sold timeshare loans in Malta through a third party, after a five-year legal campaign by the victims resulted in the UK Financial Conduct Authority ordering the lender to start repaying them.

Separately, the lender said it would unwind a controversial capital arbitrage transaction through its pension scheme, which the Bank of England said was "gaming the rules" on capital earlier this month. While the BoE's warning on the issue did not single out any banks, the Financial Times reported that its strongly worded letter was aimed largely at Barclays.

As a result, the lender will take a £1.25bn hit to its core capital buffer years earlier than planned. That is equivalent, after tax, to a 30 basis point reduction from its current 15.1 per cent common equity tier 1 ratio.

Venkat said the three incidents were different and urged investors to focus on the underlying financial results, which were "exceptional compared to our competitors".

He denied there was a cultural problem at the bank. "I have always, throughout my career in Barclays and otherwise, thought that very strong risk management and culture is important, as well as a harmonious relationship with regulators," he said.

Performance at the investment bank was a bright spot in the first quarter. Strong fixed-income and equity trading -- far outperforming the average increases on Wall Street -- drove a 10 per cent increase in revenue at the division. However, debt and advisory fees from mergers and acquisitions dropped 25 per cent as equity capital market issuance collapsed.

Venkat said the surge in income was the result of "market volatility caused by geopolitical and economic challenges including the devastating war in Ukraine, and by the impact of higher interest rates in the US and UK".

Citigroup analyst Andrew Coombs said: "The revenue beat is driven by fixed income, up 32 per cent versus a 1 per cent decline at US peers . . . and equities were up 9 per cent versus a 6 per cent drop [on Wall Street] due to strong derivatives & financing."

"The magnitude of market share gains in the quarter is impressive," he added. However, "as always with an investment bank-led beat, the debate will be to that extent the market extrapolates this to 2023 and beyond".

Timeshare News / Barclays is to pay almost £181...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - May 06, 2022, 08:49:25
Barclays is to pay almost £181m in compensation to around 6,000 customers who were improperly sold timeshares in Malta.

The bank is refunding loans brokered by the now-collapsed Azure Services, plus interest, following accusations of aggressive sales tactics dating back almost a decade.

It follows a lengthy campaign by Barclays Partner Finance customers who said they were invited on free holidays to the Mediterranean island and then pressured into taking out high-interest loans for timeshare properties at Azure Resorts.

Barclays said it was refunding all payments and fees to customers who had "expressed dissatisfaction" following a "detailed review of complaints related to the Azure timeshare book". It said "various factors" had "come to light" indicating that "Azure did not consistently adhere to the standards we expect of our credit brokers when providing credit to Barclays Partner
Finance customers".

Victims of alleged mis-selling said they were persuaded to attend marketing seminars where they were told the timeshares were good investments which could be sold at a higher price in later life. In reality the properties often had little or no resale value, leaving customers on the hook for the costly loans for years and eating up incomes required for retirement and care in old age.

Other accusations included irresponsible lending, with money lent to people who could not afford it. 

Victims will now have their loans cancelled and all their payments made to date refunded, including fees and interest, plus 8pc interest. Any black marks on credit files relating to Azure will also be removed.

Barclays said it would write to customers who had yet to complain to ask if they too had "concerns" over the timeshares they purchased.

"There are people in their eighties who should never have been able to borrow such large sums for these worthless investments who have been paying out every month for years. Some have been forced to remortgage or take out cheaper loans to cover the costs," he said. 

The payout comes on top of £37m paid to some 1,500 customers in June last year. These refunds related only to loans brokered between 2014 and 2016; the bank had held out on reimbursement for all customers until now. 

Customers have been warned to be wary of scammers or rogue firms asking for fees to help them claim their refunds.

Barclays said there was "no action required from customers at this time" and it was in the process of finalising all the necessary arrangements. It said it would contact all customers affected during the latter part of 2022 "to advise of further details and next steps".

A spokesman added: "We sincerely apologise that this issue has occurred and for the time taken for us to reach these conclusions."
Timeshare News / Re: The prosecution of the Mon...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - May 06, 2022, 08:43:10

I wanted to provide you with an update following last week's 1st appearance at Southwark Crown Court.

All 18 defendants were in attendance and a timetable has been set and agreed to deal with as many routine legal matters as possible ahead of trails.

It has been suggested by the Prosecution that we are seeking 2 trials of 9 defendants. This has been provisionally agreed upon but is understandably subject to change depending on a number of factors as we progress through the court system.

The agreed timetable at present is:

STAGE 1 - June 2022 is the submission of Prosecution evidence for the defence to analysis.

STAGE 2 - September 2022 is the defence response to the evidence.

STAGE 3 - October 2022 is the Prosecution's response to stage 2.

STAGE 4 - November 2022 is for any other remaining matters prior to trails.

There will be a number of other court hearings prior to the trials that are not listed above that deal with legal issues and applications.


Trial 1 is listed for 8th May 2023 and Trial 2 is listed for 11th September 2023, both trials are expected to last approximately 13 weeks each.


Now that we have trial dates, if you have provided a statement to the investigation we need to know your availability during those periods. Please reply to this mailbox if you have dates to avoid/dates you are unable to attend court between 8th May 2023 and 18th December 2023.

Prevention Advice

This update is likely to spark an increase in unwanted contact from Third Party Companies, our advice continues to be 'do not engage with Third Parties Companies'. If you need advice on matters of this nature or want to update us with details of unwanted companies please reply back to this mailbox and someone will respond appropriately.

Timeshare News / Re: The prosecution of the Mon...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - April 25, 2022, 09:58:31
Trial Begins on Thursday 28th of April
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