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Title: extra management fees request
Post by: gordon 213 on July 13, 2008, 12:59:35
this is a copy of a recent email to club la costa

We have just received our bill for extra maintenance charges and I want to register our disgust at these extra charges. First of all we feel that the charges have been getting out of hand for some time now and that as a company you have absolutely no sympathy or flexibility in peoples ability to pay these in this hard economic climate. We scrimp to get these paid as it is and to expect an extra payment at this time of the year really is disappointing. I do not feel that you have looked at your operations hard enough to find ways of cutting costs. I can recommend one way in which you could significantly reduce your running costs and probably increase you income at the same time. There is no need to have entertainment on in every restaurant an bar every night. We have actually stopped eating in any of your restaurants because of this and I am sure there must be others like us. Sometimes we just want to eat in some peace and quiet.
Please when will you realise that your members are not just 'cash cows' as frankly that is how we are feeling at this moment!.
We will not be paying this charge and will contact other members to ensure this happens as if we pay with no fight we will be setting a precedent that you as a company can send a bill out any time due to the lack of foresight of your accountants and business managers to manage the finances of the company, this can be seen as a lack of confidence from us members. This current financial climate has not just happened overnight so it does show a lack of understanding of your experts in forecasting. Our members fees have been paid in good faith this year and this had been set by your professionals so it is therefore your responsibility to make sure they are correct in the first place, your error is not our fault so why should we be  punished for it
Secondly when the pound was strong against the euro why did we not benefit then, yet when it is weaker we are punished and when the pound does gain strength will we get a refund of the extra you wish us to pay. As members we demand a copy of the business case that you used to come to the conclusion that as you had not correctly forecasted you financial plan for the year that your members have to pay more to make up for your mistakes. I look forward to seeing this, as members or owners we should be privy to this information and not just take what you say as read. We really have lost a majority of our faith in the company and always defend CLC when people call you crimeshare or crooks but we are beginning to lose that fight when things like this come along and we find our confidence in the company being destroyed by this lack of competence

We do not want a standard reply to this email, we demand a full explanation and not for you to hide behind the current financial market as lots of companies are struggling but have had the professionalism to have put plans in place prior to this happening. We also want a full copy of the business case that you used to reach this decision and a full report that explains how you as a company will ensure this never happens again as we do not believe you do not have the financial foresight to not have seen this coming and therefore did not have a slush fund to support the company.

We eagerly await your quick response in this matter
Gordon and Sandra O'Hara
Title: extra management fees request
Post by: jugger on September 16, 2008, 08:39:43
Having been members for 2 years with over 400 points, our experience has to date been mixed, however having paid the original management fee by the due date at the higher exchange rate, i have asked CLC to answer 3 questions
1, When doing thier financial forecasts do they hedge against rate fluctuation
2, When they recieved the funds was it converted into euro, and if so why am i being asked to now pay more
3, What has happened to the interest on the funds deposited at the begining of the year
i await their reply