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Title: Leaving clc
Post by: neilo on April 14, 2009, 19:48:20
New to all of this. Have inherited clc membership. Dont want points or membership. points left over from last year. If I dont pay maintenance fees can they legally enforce payment or simply terminate membership.
Secondly with my inheritance came no rules / terms and I can't find them on internet (nor clc) website) anywhere. Does anyone have them (Vacation club points) as this would help massively

Title: Leaving clc
Post by: wilsonjenny on April 15, 2009, 12:55:33
I am a CLC member with vacation points.  I suggest you contact Member Services and discuss your situation with them.  The number to call is + 34 95 266 99 98e-mail: memberservices@clublacosta,com

Unfortunately, they are not easy to sell and they don't command a high price.  There are various rules regarding paying of maintenance fees, so it is worth talking to CLC before you do anything.  It is not as simple as just giving them back or not bothering with them.  The fees are high, but the holidays are good.

Take a look at this web site for more info.