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Title: Top Five World’s Best Scuba Diving Holidays
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Top Five World’s Best Scuba Diving Holidays

Top Five World’s Best Scuba Diving Holidays
Scuba diving is fast becoming a popular holiday activity for many  tourists; and why not, the experience is amazing, and the opportunity to  view an otherwise unseen world is highly exciting. It’s an activity  that’s enjoyed so much that more and more scuba diving holiday packages  are being put together to make it easier for holidaymakers to enjoy both  this sport and other water sports.
We’ve put together a list of the top five best scuba diving holiday  locations in the world, to make it easier for you to pick the perfect  destination.
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
If you’re looking for a quiet but fulfilling dive then this is the  place for you.  You can scuba dive in peace as you explore a variety of  well preserved ship wrecks as well as experience a diverse collection of  marine life.
Once you and your party are underwater, you’ll greatly appreciate and  enjoy the crystal-clear waters that Fernando de Noronha offers. You can  be confident that you’ll see an impressive array of marine life,  including perfect from turtles to tropical fish and everything in  between. You’ll also have the opportunity to see some beautiful coral  formations.

It’s worth knowing that more than 70 per cent of the island is  protected as part of natural reserves; however, this protection comes at  a price. The island only permits around 400 tourists at any one time,  so be sure o book early if you want to visit this exquisite location.
Don’t worry, if you decide that you want to spend some time under the  sunshine rather than under the sea you can enjoy a range of activities,  such as horse riding and dune driving.
Great Blue Hole, Belize
The Great Blue Hole in Belize is a rather new addition to the top  scuba diving locations. Jacques Cousteau himself declared the Great Blue  Hole as one of the best diving locations in the world.
This testament and statement from a well know man has helped to  dramatically increase the number of tourists visiting this scuba diving  hot spot.

Today, tourists continue to visit this impressive sinkhole, and  divers are always impressed by the stunningly beautiful collections of  limestone stalactites.
If you’re looking for an affordable scuba diving holiday that will  impress your loved ones then be sure to visit the Great Blue Hole in  Belize.
Red Sea, Egypt
The Red Sea has always attracted a number of tourists from far and  wide. This idyllic location is also perfect for a little scuba diving.

The Red Sea offers a rich and diverse collection of corals, caves and  tropical fish.  The unique qualities of the Red Sea are bound to  impress and amaze you and your travel party.
A stunning backdrop of desert landscapes surround the Red Sea, giving you lots to do both under water and on land.
The Red Sea is certainly a must visit location for anyone with an interest in scuba diving.
Andaman Sea, Thailand
Thailand is an impressive tourist destination with a rich variety  that begs to be explored. There are a range of activities that you can  enjoy in Thailand, and one of those has to be the scuba diving  opportunities.
The Surin and Similan islands are 14 islands that are uninhabited,  making them the perfect place for scuba divers to catch a peaceful dive.

Whether you are keen to see the local underwater wildlife, or whether  you want to see beautiful underwater landscapes, with the crystal-clear  water at this location you can be sure that you’ll see a variety of  wondrous things.
Perfect for beginner and experienced divers, the Andaman Sea is a great location to visit.
Molokai Crater, Hawaii
Seriously, who doesn’t want to visit Hawaii?
Hawaii is a tourist hot spot; its beautiful relaxing landscape and  the friendly natives make this a perfect spot for holiday makers.

The Molokini Crater is a stone’s throw away from Maui is the perfect  location for divers with or without experience. This is the perfect  location to start your scuba diving, and you’ll see a wonderful array of  wildlife, from eels to dolphins and everything in between.
If you’re thinking of taking a scuba diving holiday make sure you choose one of these five top locations.
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