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Title: Travel to Britain: Things to Do and See
Post by: Newshound on October 28, 2013, 01:00:31
Travel to Britain: Things to Do and See

 Travel to Britain: Things to Do and See

I have spent around a month to travel England. I’m just totally impressed with some of the amazing experiences in England. Now I’m back to homeland and decided to share those experiences with you all. However, I wanted to get some unique experience over there and I really think I’ve got it.
Usual Response when going Anywhere
Whenever I’d get asked by people “Where are you going”, I said even any place they used to give same response “Ohh thats very far”. For them Two hours distance is very far. The British people’s sense of distance slighly different. However, the distance is relative, but what really surprised me was that most people over there don’t travel around even their own country as “it’s too far” for them
No One Talks to One Another
Specially talking about London, so quiet city. No one would talk here to one another. They just sit and try to avoid eye contact. They do not apologize even when being bumped.
Good Sitting Manners
The British will sit there only, where He is assigned a seat even If the rest of the coach is blank. Basically it’s good sitting manner.
The English treats the Park as beach
A Day at the Beach will obviously good. For the English people, their parks are like the beach. Everyone comes out in parks with footballs, dogs to capture the few mins of sun every day. Their lounge is like a greek Island.
The Rail System is expensive
If you want to get cheap tickets then you need to book far in advance. Like the Air tickets, the closer to the date we need to go, the higher the price will be. If you miss the advance booking then probably you’ll pay 50 pounds atleast to go for two hours in a train. But luckily, I had some cheaper options to avoid this system. There is no wonder that still people living there enjoy taking the train.
Aweosme TV Shows
Before I went in England, I was thinking that the TV shows in America are bad but I was wrong as the british take it to new lows with some amazing shows like a much less censored version of Big Brother and more.
The most interesting