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Title: Mind Timeshare -'The big About Turn'
Post by: David Cox on November 25, 2018, 18:11:51
Then, it is time to claim.

This is what the Spanish Supreme Court suggest after more than 100 final rulings.
The Spanish Supreme Court ruled that the main timeshare contracts that were considered illegal included:
Floating weeks

Perpetual contracts (all timeshare contracts have to last between three and 50 years)
Payments and deposits signed within two weeks of signing (this is extended to a three month period if there are any other illegal points in the contract that need to be reviewed).

Are you Qualified for Timeshare claim?

Any of the following situations will almost certainly be enough to make a claim for cancellation and/or compensation.
If you signed your timeshare contract after 4th January 1999
If contract last more than 50 years
If you made any payments within 14 days of signing the timeshare contract
If your contract included floating weeks
In an industry full of misgivings and incredulity, we understand the need for a company that timeshare owners can trust.
And in trust, we would like you to browse through our blog to get a clear and comprehensive picture of who we are.
With a team that has an experience of over 10 years helping timeshare owners, Mindtimeshare is fully qualified to assist timeshare owners who wish to prosecute compensation claims for timeshare mis-selling.

Legal Evaluation

The process starts in all cases with a legal evaluation conducted by a qualified lawyer experienced in timeshare issues. This evaluation will determine the viability of a potential claim.

o process the claim the legal team will need to review copies of all relevant paperwork along with other necessary questions.
The Claim
Once a legal analysis has been completed you will have all the information whether to proceed with a claim on not. Should you wish to proceed lawyers will send you the terms of service, requirements and costs.
Please contact us today to find out if you qualify to make a claim and put an end to paying costly maintenance fees forever.
Title: Re: Mind Timeshare -'The big About Turn'
Post by: Williamdobbs on November 26, 2018, 09:22:50
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Title: Re: Mind Timeshare -'The big About Turn'
Post by: Williamdobbs on November 26, 2018, 17:05:09
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