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Title: Canarian Legal Alliance CLA - Timeshare Head Office - Investigated
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Eugene Kizer Head of 'Canarian Legal Alliance' CLA operates is business from Puerto Atlantico in Grand Canaries are investigated by 'Hello' Germany.

The ZDF with the program Hello Germany was on Gran Canaria and has a report on everything that can go wrong in a vacation.

Among other things, they reported on the questionable holiday club whose memberships are sold at Club Puerto Atlantico in Arguineguín, Mogán, Gran Canaria.

Please click here to see the excerpt from the original video:


 All those who have been following our Mindtimeshare Association for some time now know that this is not the first time that anyone has reported on this holiday resort, or better, the vacation packages that are being sold there.

In order to see exactly how everything works, a tourist video camera was given to a couple of tourists, before they were invited to the beach promenade of Playa del Inglés on Gran Canaria by such advertisers.

The advertisers each handed the couple a winning ticket, which then actually brought the alleged top prize to light. Under the statement, they were now the VIP guests, they were asked by the advertisers to come along to pick up the profit.

After 3 ½ hours of tiring walks through the entire hotel complex, a visit to a particularly luxuriously appointed suite and further extensive explanations why holidaymakers "HERE, NOW AND TODAY" should purchase such a vacation package, they were then almost aggressive and rather unfriendly adopted because they were not willing to spend this money in the amount of several thousand euros.

As it turned out, the holiday week, which they should receive as the main prize, could only be obtained if the tourists had bought a holiday package of several weeks.

So there was no grand prize and the previously mentioned "VIP guests" were suddenly treated very aggressively.

After the visit, the tourist couple from Germany told the reporters of ZDF that this was certainly not a visit to the hotel for a visit, but a pure sales event obviously shady nature acted, and that the tone of the salespeople became increasingly aggressive, as the purchase refused has been.

The reporter team then tried to get an opinion in the hotel, but was not received. In an attempt to talk to one of the sellers who came out of the hotel, this even became palpable and threatened the reporter with blows.

After the hotel management had not received the reporters, the ZDF sent his questions in writing to those responsible, and then received a response by fax, which said: "How many customers try to cancel our holiday packages after the presentations is a private matter." "We have no pressure whatsoever to bring tourists to a close."

What else has to happen that the Spanish authorities are finally intervening?