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Title: The Embattled Anfi Timeshare Resort is being Investigated for Fraud
Post by: David Cox on November 05, 2019, 10:00:46
Another one of the 'Resort Developments Organisations' [RDO] top profiled members is now being investigated for fraud over alleged misdemeanours surrounding avoiding payments to consumers for mis-selling timeshares.

This follows convictions of Dimond Resorts, Club La Costa, Silverpoint and many other RDO members who like 'Anfi' have been subject to an adverse ruling in the Spanish Resorts.

The timeshare giant behind the Gran Canarian 'Anfi-del-Mar resort' has in recent years been sentenced to pay around $ 100 million in damages to former customers for infractions of consumer protection laws. Police now suspect the two companies in the Anfi group may have move accounts monies and to avoid the seizures taking Place.

The deceased entrepreneur Bjørn Lyng's was in his heyday the very image of timeshare happiness. His Anfi resort boasts 869 apartments (43,450 Timeshare contracts) and is located on an artificial beach consisting of imported white Caribbean sand on the southwestern part of Gran Canaria.