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Title: Exit My Timeshare Group and Timeshare Termination Team (UK)
Post by: devil in disguise on November 18, 2019, 10:57:36
Mind Timeshare is reporting another cold caller and name them as being the Timeshare Termination Team (UK).
The website does not contain any company details however, does infer that it is in the trading style of Exit My Timeshare Group, which is a legitimate timeshare, existing in the USA.

That said, this website is nothing to do with 'Exit My Timeshare Group', so the operators of this website have either hijacked this company sterling reputation or at least are cybersquatting on the reputation of others for the purpose of getting credibility which they do not deserve.

Those behind the website claim to be located at Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8PN which is confirmed on their website see here.

Noteworthy is; another so-called Timeshare claims experts are also located at the same registered office and they are identified as being 'Claims Experts 4 U.

Again, they are not a company but, in this case, like the other advertise they too operate in a 'trading in a style' this time as Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd.

If mind timeshare is correct and I have no doubt they are the owner of the website is ramping up its sales of terminations by the use of unethical cold calling procedures.

Noteworthy is, UK legal companies should not be engaging in unethical 'cold calling' practices and should you engage with them, you may experience 'choppy waters'.

Exit My Timeshare Group

The website seems to be full of inconsistencies and the website claims to have been around since 2014, but the web was only registered in June 2019, so they are lying to those who visit the web page.

So far, they claim to have terminated over 500 Timeshare contracts and recovered over £600,000 in claims for their clients. Which is impossible as they have only been advertising for 4 months.

Like the timeshare termination claim experts 4 U was registered on the 10 of October 2018 however was only updated on the same day in 2019 (less than 1 month ago).

 They claim 'We are claims experts', but that expertise is not qualified nor has any experience been justified. It is claimed that they have many years of experience in handling consumer claims but they do not give any regulatory information.

They explain there are many 'fake review' sites and fake testimonials on online selling sites, it really is a lottery as to who is good and who is bad. As they are claiming to much complain about Mercantile Claims and do not identify them fully one can assume this is another attempt to get clients and by covert means.
Title: Re: Exit My Timeshare Group and Timeshare Termination Team (UK)
Post by: Williamdobbs on November 19, 2019, 09:35:50
If you want to know about the Smiths visit this website


Title: Re: Exit My Timeshare Group and Timeshare Termination Team (UK)
Post by: TimeshareTalk on December 12, 2019, 15:36:54

Now they are in trouble