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Title: Help please !
Post by: GARYLANE on August 07, 2006, 15:01:08
i just attended a presentation at heritage resorts at matchroom in costa del sol

for a standard floating red week at platinum level in a 2 bed apartment they have quoted me a £ 23,000 (which they told me was a set price )

they also said if i joined they would buy back the carpe diem package i have at the moment and write it of against tax !)

i would appreciate any help / advise anyone may have

Title: Help please !
Post by: Keitht on August 07, 2006, 15:15:00
As you have probably realised by now the Carpe Diem package isn't worth the paper it's written on.  

£23k for any form of timeshare seems a phenomenal amount of money.  What are the annual maintenance fees?  Are there any written guarantees about how much the m/f can increase each year?

A very quick internet check shows resale week available for $8k, about $4.5k.  That is for a 2br, red week, floating time.  Also wk51 & wk52 (presumably Xmas / New Year at €12k per week.

£23k is sounding more ridiculous by the minute.  No wonder they are willing to give you back the money you paid Carpe Diem.

If you are genuinely interested the resale market is the way to go.  Potential saving of £15k to £18k on the week.
Title: Help please !
Post by: GARYLANE on August 07, 2006, 15:35:25
maintenance charges £ 440 (paid for 2006 + 2007)
2 years membership to rci + 3 years to rce

they affered £ 12,000 for the carpe diem package
Title: Help please !
Post by: Jeff on August 07, 2006, 16:03:52
Gary please, please, please, don't do it!

You will have to remember the words "once bitten twice shy" and do a prompt runner.

Keith has given you the figures, and even after they have factored in the 12k for your Crap Die m package, you are still going to be several thousand pounds worse off buying direct from heritage, and as for the price being none negotiable, well that has to be their best ever porkie pie.
Title: Help please !
Post by: on September 30, 2006, 14:38:50
23 grand for a one week timeshare???  I can't believe I have just read that.
Title: Help please !
Post by: NORMA on November 12, 2007, 14:27:44
what is the haritage marbesse resort like