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Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: heather on April 12, 2005, 23:31:11
We will be in Ballater at the Hilton Craigendarroch in early-mid May and hope to see as much as possible and, after touring, enjoy the local food/drink fare. Does anyone know of good tour companies? Do you have favourite restaurants in the area? We won't have a car but hope to take the bus to see "Nessie". We will spend a night at the end of the week in Aberdeen. Are there must sees there? All help is appreciated.
Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: mo mo on April 18, 2005, 16:24:50
Hi Heather [:)]

I am Mo and live in the North East of Scotland in a Seaside Town called Lossiemouth in the Costa del MOray..

If you are spending the night in Aberdeen I can recommend The Simpsons hotel (Rod Stewart stays there) it is lovely or The Thainstone Hotel which has Leisure Facilities like a small swimming Pool etc..[;)]
If you would like the phone numbers for these hotels I shall look them out for you or even there websites so you can decide for yourself...

I am not a sightseer I am afraid so can`t help you in that department so I shall leave that to my mate Helen who is Guru of sighteeing knowledge and may recommend where to go and see..[8D]
This whole area has beautiful scenery so you won`t be disappointed

Aviemore is always a lovely day out go up into the Mountains use the Finnicular Railway to get to the top if you don`t fancy the climb..

Do hope you enjoy your tour of the UK you shall need a holiday to get over this holiday by the look of things ..

Good Luck Lots of Love Mo xxx[:X]xxx
Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: heather on April 18, 2005, 17:35:03
Hi Mo!

Great to hear from you. I'm researching your tips re Aviemore and the  Finnicular Railway. Is there a chance that I will hear from your friend Helen? She sounds like a goldmine! But.....I've already prepaid at the Marriott Hotel at Aberdeen airport so that we can be close for when we fly to Manchester the next morning.(for a week in the Lake District) I wish now that I hadn't. I am a big time Rod Stewart fan and would love to say that I stayed where he does. I could even claim to have stayed in the very room! Who would know?

I see from your bio that you are a knitter. I am too. I've never met a knitter that I didn't like.

Keep in touch with more ideas for me if they come to you.
Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: pinkkipper on April 19, 2005, 13:03:45
You should have a look at the following websites for Ballater
This has photos etc. http://freespace.virgin.net/john.cookson/craigendarroch/intro.htm
This one has more "general info" http://www.royal-deeside.org.uk/ including an events guide.

As for the funicular its great fun with great views but you cant get out at the top (there is a resturaunt, viewing platform and some exhibitions) but they are trying to protect the soil from erosion as its very thin so restrict access - If you walk up they will let you in but you still have to walk down.

Details for that are here http://www.cairngormmountain.com/ complete with webcams.

The trip between Deeside and Speyside is one of the best in the UK. Its the first road blocked whan it snows and in some places it's single track with passing places (drove over it 24/3/05).

As they run trips from Aviemore to Deeside I cant see why they dont run trips the other way.

If you like whisky then there is one very close to Balmoral but I dont know if its open to the public.

If you need any specific info about manchester airport and links up to windemere Pm/email me as I'm sitting in an office in Manchster 5 days a week.
Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: heather on April 19, 2005, 15:28:44
Wonderful! I'm following up on all of these suggestions.
Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: magwai12 on April 21, 2005, 09:00:28
Originally posted by heather

Hi Mo!

Great to hear from you. I'm researching your tips re Aviemore and the  Finnicular Railway. Is there a chance that I will hear from your friend Helen?

Hi Heather!

Sorry to disapoint you, but I just pay Mo to talk me up![:D]

It is a couple of years since I've holidayed in Royal Deeside, but Ballater is a lovely village, and I'm sure you will enjoy your time there.  If the weather is kind (and it often is in May) you may not want to wander too far.  Not a big fan of either Aviemore or Braemar myself (they are both about as Scottish as Rod Stewart!),but there is plenty to see in Aberdeenshire, Moray and Speyside.  the National Trust and Historic Scotland jointly operate a 'castle trail' , although some of the properties are a bit off the beaten track, and accessed most easily by car.  Historic Scotland do 'open' tickets which give access to all of their properties over different periods.  These are excellent value if this is your sort of thing.  If you do go in search of 'Nessie' you must visit Urquhart Castle (HS) on the banks of Loch Ness, it is spectacular!

Not that much in the way of tourist attractions in Aberdeen itself, tho' you will be impressed by the sparkling granite buildings after it rains(dont worry, this is Scotland it WILL rain!) and the Botanic Garden in Duthie park is worth a look on a nice day too.

I see that you are staying in Fife also.  Elie itself is a nice wee village on the edge of the Neuk, but there are better on the bus route to Dundee - Crail (lovely pottery) and Anstruther (best fish and chips in Britain) being my favourites.  You can also get a trip to the Isle of May, in the Firth of Forth from Anstruther too.  Also on this bus route is St Andrew's - a few nice shops, and a MUST for golfers.  Historic Scotland administer a couple of decent ruins here too.  Again, not much for tourists in Dundee itself, tho Captain Scott's ship The Discovery is berthed here, and worth a look (if only to marvel at how small it is).  Of course, the friendliest folks in Scotland live in Dundee too![:D]

Also easily accessible from Fife are Edinburgh (castles,palaces, new Parliament building, parks and other attractions), Stirling (castle, monuments, Bannockburn), Falkirk (the Falkirk Wheel - spectacular boat lift- and remains of the Antonine Wall - Hadrians Wall is not actually in Scotland, its in Northern England, the Romans built it to keep us Pictsies out!) and Linlithgow (palace, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots).  A wee bit further afield is New Lanark a world heritage village, one of Scotland's best attractions.

Drop me a line if you think of anything else i can help you with or if you would like me to show you round some of the less visited (and my favourite) attractions around Edinburgh,

Love Helenxxx

Title: Ballater, Scotland suggestions needed
Post by: heather on April 22, 2005, 23:08:19
Helen, you're a jewel!

Your information is really helpful. I will send you a PM to see if we can connect in Edinburgh.