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Everything Else / Re: Post a Joke.
« on: December 29, 2011, 13:13:28 »
(Q) What do Timeshare sales representatives have in common with politicians?

(A) Money upfront,Broken promises and misreputation

Shark Alley / Re: Balmoral Corporate Holdings
« on: December 13, 2011, 17:12:19 »
The two most common types of deeds are the Warranty Deeds and Quitclaim Deeds.

A Warranty Deed (“General Warranty Deed”) is the type of deed most commonly used in timeshare title transfers. A warranty deed transfers all rights to a property from a Grantor (Seller) to a Grantee (Buyer.) However, a warranty deed also contains certain promises or guarantees about the property made by the Seller to the Buyer. Warranty Deeds are used to ensure that the Buyer is getting exactly what the Seller claims—nothing more or less. If any of the warranties are later found to be false, the transaction may be legally challenged.

A Quitclaim Deed, on the other hand, simply transfers all rights to the Buyer without any guarantees about it being claimed. All representations about it are made either verbally or through other documents. However, the transaction may not be as easily challenged should the new Owner later discover discrepancies about the property and the manner in which it was represented. These are usually used in transactions such as gifts, where no money is exchanged.

How is a deed recorded in a timeshare title transfer?
It generally must be filed in the county in which the title is located, at the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Recording the deed is extremely important in assuring that the transaction appears in the chain of title, should any complications arise further down the road. The recording of the deed with the proper government agency is part of our timeshare title transfer service.

General Discussions / Re: London travel brokers
« on: December 06, 2011, 15:55:22 »
Have you been Cold called by London travel brokers? if so red flags are flying high.

London travel brokers website was only Registered on: 01-Mar-2011 and has no contact telephone number, worst still the address is a Virtual Office Address!.

Company Information
Registration Date: 21/02/2011
Registration Number: 07536340
Type: Private Limited with share capital

London Virtual Office Address
DEPT 598,

This company has not yet filed a description of their activities.

Directors and Secretaries
Current Directors
Mr Stephen Wayne Millard
Ms Natalia Zinovyeva


See this topic

Shark Alley / Have you been cold called?
« on: November 29, 2011, 15:39:12 »
How did they obtain your contact details? Your personal details are protected by Spain's Data Protection Act.

If you receive a cold call about your timeshare it's because the scammers purchased the database from your timeshare company where you invested. It is well-known these data bases are being continously mis-sold to the black market amongst scammers who then set-up bogus "timeshare firms"and then make cold-calls to the UK.


When you get a cold call about your timeshare be polite at first and obtain details of who is calling, note the company address, website, and telephone number then post details on here.
Time to fight back against these intrusive cold call SCAMMERS!

Martin Summers says:
October 24, 2011 at 10:10 am
We’ve had an ‘experience ‘ of Abbey Services. They cold called and asked if we would like to sell our Diamond Resorts points. Note the word SELL. We were interested and so were told we’d need to go to have a chat about it. We live near Bristol. They offered Upminster, Essex or Exeter. We went to Exeter. Abbey Services were not there, they merely act as the introducers to the people we were to meet; at Exeter they were Ecoresorts Sales Limited. The meeting was more about seeing if we’d be interested in investing £60,000+ into a project to build a resort in Thailand and, if so, they would then be able to DISPOSE of our Diamond Resorts points. They said it was not worth their while just to deal with the Diamond Resorts points. We left somewhat annoyed at having wasted a day and the cost of getting to Exeter and back.


Buying, Selling, Renting Points or weeks / Re: Timeshare disposal
« on: November 21, 2011, 19:03:47 »
Diamond Resorts sends in debt collectors Daniels Silverman
If you're a Diamond Resorts member and Daniels Silverman does sue you, let us know, we'll gladly give the case the coverage it deserves.

Hi  jerryg,
There would be little point naming names as these scam companies are allways changing their names on a yearly basis to avoid being caught out by the spanish police ect.
This BBC program highlights the fact that Upfront fees and cold calls=SCAM.

General Discussions / Re: G C Resorts
« on: November 17, 2011, 16:49:56 »
Domain name:
Administrative Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent (
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Technical Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent (
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Registrant Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent ()

PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Status: Active

Name Servers:

Creation date: 18 Jan 2011 10:43:32

Domain name:
Administrative Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent (
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Technical Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent (
Fax: +1.4259744730
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Registrant Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent ()

PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Status: Active

Name Servers:

Creation date: 24 Mar 2011 16:55:24

Shark Alley / Matt Allwright uncovers sophisticated Timeshare scams
« on: November 17, 2011, 16:27:22 »
Matt Allwright uncovers sophisticated Timeshare scams. He visits Michael and Hilary, whose attempts to sell their timeshare have put them at the mercy of scam artists.

Shark Alley / Re: Get Out Of Time
« on: November 14, 2011, 16:33:41 »
get out of    get out of
virtual office address
Regent Street Address Services
3rd Floor
207 Regent Street

Searched for get out of time in United Kingdom
This business telephone number 0207 467 4669 could not be found.

General Discussions / Re: Capital Marketing
« on: November 03, 2011, 14:28:19 »
Re: Capital Marketing-paramount marketing timeshare scam.
These timeshare scam companies are cold calling UK timeshare owners to arrange meeting at a hotel venue or even to arrange home visits. Warning do not pay money upfront to scam companies like these and please reflect for a moment and think about how on earth did they get your details? these companies are not trustworthy as they charge timeshare owners an upfront fee of over £2,400. The request of the upfront fee goes straight against the New Timeshare Directive which was approved on the 23rd of February this year banning any kind of upfront payment, Why pay money upfront to dispose of your timeshare or even buy into a Discount Holiday Club with no guarantee?

General Discussions / Re: resorts direct
« on: October 27, 2011, 16:30:11 »
Fly buy timeshare holidays are good if you are interested in buying into timeshare but if you are only going for a cheap holiday be prepared for the sales presentation it may well spoil your holiday.

Resorts Direct already have a topic see link.

Everything Else / Re: Portuquese vat rise
« on: October 17, 2011, 13:34:17 »
The annual fee from Clube praia Da Oura have now been sent out.
Example, one bedroom bronze week £496.00

Shark Alley / Re: Regency Shores S.L
« on: September 16, 2011, 18:26:41 »
Warning Eze group Regency shores sl

Has anybody paid an upfront deposit to Eze Group Regency Shores S.L. whilst on holiday this year? Only then realising that you had made a mistake.
Did you then send a cancellation email to eze? but they say you are unable to get out of the contract and state that there is no 14 day cancellation cooling off period.

The Directive is dated 14/01/2009, came into effect on 23/02/2009 and must be transposed into national laws by Member States by 23/02/2011.

Cooling-off period and right of withdrawal:  The Directive applies a universal 14 day cooling-off period with a right of withdrawal during this period without cost to the consumer.  It applies a ban on the taking of any money during this period, including a ban on taking deposits through third parties.  It places rigorous requirements on traders to provide disclosure information and considerably extends the cooling-off period in the event of any failures.

General Discussions / Re: So disheartened
« on: September 14, 2011, 14:22:51 »
It's a growing phenomenon: as more timeshare owners try to exit their contract, they are facing down some startling fine print. When digging into the fine print, you may just hit on a shocker.

There's no easy way out of a timeshare contract.

In fact, it might prove difficult to show that there are nearly any exits at all. Unless you're able to sell your timeshare, there are few, if any, alternatives.

You're saying to yourself: that doesn't sound right. I can always give back my timeshare to the resort.

Well, that's where we go back to the timeshare contract. There are no words in the timeshare contract that explicitly state that the resort must take back the timeshare. Instead, it says the opposite. Your holiday home is your property, and if you don't like it, there is little you can do about it.

So now you probably feel like you're stuck. There's this timeshare weighing you down, keeping you from enjoying financial freedom, and there's nothing you can do.

Well, thankfully, there are some solutions.

The simplest and best way out of a timeshare contract is going to be to utilize a No Upfront Fee disposal-relinquishment service that will get rid of the timeshare for good. This means that all the maintenance fees and any other billings are take off your shoulders. Your name will be off the deed forever.

General Discussions / Timeshare-Disposal-relinquishment
« on: August 09, 2011, 14:58:14 »
In todays market there is a need to find timeshare professional help when one is trying to remove themselves from timeshare. Trying to find a reputable UK business who can legally dispose of timeshare with NO timeshare upfront fees can be almost impossible or is it?.

1. Donate the timeshare to a charity. Timeshare donation, UK charities no longer use timeshare properties in the course of their fundraising efforts. Charity donations are no longer an option.   

2. Sell the timeshare. Timeshare can be resold to another party by the owner. Advertise the timeshare on ebay or use a reputable UK resale company with no upfront fees that specialises in timeshare resale and timeshare sales. Please be advised, TIMESHARE FRAUD, resale scams may seem appealing to start with, offering you thousands of pounds for your timeshare, money back schemes or class action suits Don't be fooled!.

3. Return timeshare to the resort. Another alternative, an owner may be able to legally dispose of a timeshare by surrendering his or her rights to the unit back to the resort (return timeshare). While this may be possible, resorts often refuse as timeshare resorts are not selling there own weeks. Timeshare relinquishment (timeshare surrender) will more than likely be refused by the timeshare resort. They will not allow you to simply cancel timeshare or break the timeshare contract.

4. As a last alternative. Timeshare can legally dispose of your timeshare by surrendering/transferring your ownership title. Offering timeshare relief for you and enabling you to exit timeshare forever. While this may result in costs such as admin and legal fees, you can now sleep at night knowing that you have legally and ethically disposed of your timeshare. NO UP FRONT FEES! 100% guaranteed!

Timeshare Elimination-Disposal-relinquishment-No upfront fees!
UK BUSINESS BASED IN NORTH WALES. Timeshare Elimination UK, 2nd floor office, 16 Station Road, Llanwrst, Conwy, North Wales,
LL26 0EP.
Tel 01492 643 203,


Hi Akeld owners,
Just stayed at this resort recently as an owner and was told my maintenance fee will increase from £480 per week to
just over £520 next year, has any other owners been told this? As for one off fees, I also had to pay an extra £32 on arrival.

By purchasing a timeshare in a foreign country, you are generally subjecting yourself to the jurisdiction of the courts in the country in which the timeshare is located. Keep in mind, these courts do not operate like those in the United Kingdom – you may have a distinct disadvantage as a foreigner. In some instances, your ownership interest may be subject to both the courts of the country in which the timeshare property is located and a court in the United Kingdom. Generally, in such a case, any dispute related to the actual property will be venued in the foreign court; any dispute related to the payment of money may be venued in the United Kingdom. Foreign timeshare resorts include this dual jurisdiction clause so that if a dispute is in regards to money, the foreign timeshare resorts can pursue a judgement against you in the United Kingdom where it can attempt to collect upon a judgement. It is extremely important to thoroughly review the purchase documents to ascertain where any disputes regarding the timeshare property or your relationship with the timeshare resort will be venued, and what law will be applied to decide any such matters.

Remember, a judgment entered against you in a foreign country creates a completely different situation –it is something to be taken very seriously, especially if you intend to return to that country at some point in the future. Moreover, fighting a claim in a foreign country can be a very costly endeavor in which you have to retain an attorney in that country and operate under laws that may vary greatly from the laws of the United Kingdom.

The Timeshare Act which was written into Legislation in 1992 - and in it's original form - it was a pretty useless piece of Law for two main reasons:

1. The Government had little or no understanding of the complexity of the Timeshare Industry;

2. They also underestimated just how clever the Marketing Minds behind the Industry actually were

The Act has been revised on several occasions to strengthen it and offer more protection for Timeshare Purchasers and Owners (1997 & 2005)

The most Dramatic change was made in 2005 when the Act prevented Timeshare Companies from re-possessing most forms of Timeshare on the basis of non-payment of Annual Maintenance/Management Fees

Much as this was logical and fair - after all - why should a Company be able to take back a Timeshare that the Owner had paid thousands of Pounds for when they owed only a few hundred Pounds in outstanding fees - and then sell it again to some other unsuspecting buyer?

Unfortunately in the process - this closed the last loophole for Owners that had had enough and just wanted out.


« on: June 15, 2011, 23:51:40 »
Hi has anyone had any dealings with EZE GROUP recently we were given a free holiday including flights dont no where they got our info from the new we had Diamond Resort points.  We went to the presentation as was told they could buy our points off us as long as we signed up to there points they wanted a deposit up front them £2,000 when we sent out diamond point certificate in they wanted another £11,000.. is this legal and has other people done this Diamond Resorts say they have no dealings with them so i am very confused please help x :)

Hi 1011y09, hope this helps you. ;)
Pre-contractural information (sometimes referred to as disclosure information).  Traders must provide comprehensive pre-contractual information to enable consumers to make an informed choice prior to being bound by any contract.  The requirements for each activity are detailed separately in annexes to the Directive.  All advertising and pre-contractual information forms part of the contract.  All advertising must specify the possibility of obtaining the pre-contractual information and where it can be obtained, and this information must also be available to the consumer at any time during a promotion or sales event.  Pre-contractual information must include details of the cooling-off period, the ban on taking any advance payments during this period, the consumers right of withdrawal, and the necessary forms for them to do so.

General Discussions / Re: eze group
« on: June 15, 2011, 22:25:53 »
hi anyone heard of EZE group they have offered to buy our Diamond points as long as we sign up for their points for a lot more money x

Hi 1011y09 welcome to timeshare talk,
Diamond points cannot be sold or gifted to a non diamond point member so be very cautious.

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