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Shark Alley / Have you been cold called?
« on: November 29, 2011, 15:39:12 »
How did they obtain your contact details? Your personal details are protected by Spain's Data Protection Act.

If you receive a cold call about your timeshare it's because the scammers purchased the database from your timeshare company where you invested. It is well-known these data bases are being continously mis-sold to the black market amongst scammers who then set-up bogus "timeshare firms"and then make cold-calls to the UK.


When you get a cold call about your timeshare be polite at first and obtain details of who is calling, note the company address, website, and telephone number then post details on here.
Time to fight back against these intrusive cold call SCAMMERS!

Shark Alley / Matt Allwright uncovers sophisticated Timeshare scams
« on: November 17, 2011, 16:27:22 »
Matt Allwright uncovers sophisticated Timeshare scams. He visits Michael and Hilary, whose attempts to sell their timeshare have put them at the mercy of scam artists.

General Discussions / Timeshare-Disposal-relinquishment
« on: August 09, 2011, 14:58:14 »
In todays market there is a need to find timeshare professional help when one is trying to remove themselves from timeshare. Trying to find a reputable UK business who can legally dispose of timeshare with NO timeshare upfront fees can be almost impossible or is it?.

1. Donate the timeshare to a charity. Timeshare donation, UK charities no longer use timeshare properties in the course of their fundraising efforts. Charity donations are no longer an option.   

2. Sell the timeshare. Timeshare can be resold to another party by the owner. Advertise the timeshare on ebay or use a reputable UK resale company with no upfront fees that specialises in timeshare resale and timeshare sales. Please be advised, TIMESHARE FRAUD, resale scams may seem appealing to start with, offering you thousands of pounds for your timeshare, money back schemes or class action suits Don't be fooled!.

3. Return timeshare to the resort. Another alternative, an owner may be able to legally dispose of a timeshare by surrendering his or her rights to the unit back to the resort (return timeshare). While this may be possible, resorts often refuse as timeshare resorts are not selling there own weeks. Timeshare relinquishment (timeshare surrender) will more than likely be refused by the timeshare resort. They will not allow you to simply cancel timeshare or break the timeshare contract.

4. As a last alternative. Timeshare can legally dispose of your timeshare by surrendering/transferring your ownership title. Offering timeshare relief for you and enabling you to exit timeshare forever. While this may result in costs such as admin and legal fees, you can now sleep at night knowing that you have legally and ethically disposed of your timeshare. NO UP FRONT FEES! 100% guaranteed!

Timeshare Elimination-Disposal-relinquishment-No upfront fees!
UK BUSINESS BASED IN NORTH WALES. Timeshare Elimination UK, 2nd floor office, 16 Station Road, Llanwrst, Conwy, North Wales,
LL26 0EP.
Tel 01492 643 203,


Shark Alley / Graig Park Village at Dyserth
« on: March 01, 2011, 01:16:11 »
The new management team at Graig Park Village at Dyserth are up to their old tricks. Existing timeshares owners, are being pressured into upgrading at a cost of 9k and promising to resell lodges in the future for unrealistic figures.
Back in 2009 Both Arthur Goddard, 60, a director of Graig Park Village at Dyserth, near Rhyl, and sales manager Alan Hill, 51, had denied fraudulent trading, but were convicted after a four-week trial.

Links / Timeshare owners, Want to Get Rid of Your Timeshare?
« on: February 22, 2011, 22:46:30 »
The reasons Why You Want to Get Rid of Your Timeshare?
Maintenance Fees Are Too High (75%)
Don't Use the Timeshare Enough To Justify the Cost (8.3%)

lack of exchange-ability (16.7%

Across different timeshare forums, even those discussing how problematic Timeshare resale scams are, people are posting their timeshares for sale, many as low as a pound and yet still nobody will buy it. Even after a timeshare owner has recognised that there is no selling for a profit, selling to breaking even, now you must recognise with your own eyes by your own efforts that there is simply very little timeshare selling. If you need any help to get rid of your timeshare and need more advice on how to dispose of timeshare contact,
Timeshare  or email

The Holiday Club Scam.
You get a phone call at home or you're approached while on holiday and handed a scratch card. You're told you've won a 'free' holiday. All you need to do is go to a presentation to collect your prize and learn more about a new holiday venture - the holiday club.

Often the presentation will be at a plush hotel and the brochures provided will look convincing. You will be told that, in return for an upfront membership charge and an annual subscription charge, you can join an exclusive club offering great value holidays all over the world in top-class accommodation.

The sales reps will pressure you to sign a contract on the spot. To encourage you to sign, they may:

Make the presentation last so long you are tempted to sign just because you are desperate to leave or even make you a special discounted offer valid only for that day. They stop you from discussing anything with your partner in private and give you limited time to view the contract.
If you do sign up, you will find what was promised to you at the presentation is different from what you get. For example, the promised discounts are not guaranteed or you end up paying more than the high street price. Also, holidays may not be available when and where you want them.

If you don't join the holiday club, you may find out that the 'free' holiday you were promised isn't free after all, as you must pay for extras, such as flights and other add-ons. And you may have to go somewhere you don't want to go at a time that doesn't suit you.

Although there are many of them around, not all holiday clubs are bogus. With a reputable holiday club, you should be able to take the contract away and come back in a few days with your decision. Also, you should have written cancellation rights, and everything that was promised to you at the presentation should be written down in the contract.

How to protect yourself

Don't sign anything and don't pay for anything in advance, no matter how much you're pressured, unless you are sure it's exactly what you want.
Insist on taking the contract away with you.
Take a few days before making any decision.
Make sure everything that was promised to you at the presentation is confirmed in writing.
Know your rights before entering into the contract.

Your rights

As of 23 February 2011 when you buy a holiday product in the UK or elsewhere in the European Economic Area (EEA) you have certain rights.

Your rights include:

Receiving pre-contract information in writing, in good time before you are asked to sign a contract. The seller must point out certain information before you sign a contract, such as your right to cancel.
Receiving a contract in the European language of your choice that reflects all of the key pre-contractual information and tells you minimum information such as:
- an accurate description of the product, including when it can be accessed
­- the price, any other charges, and a detailed payment schedule
­- the identity, place of residence and signature of each party
­- a summary of key services available
­- the date when the contract begins
A 'cooling off' period that allows you to cancel the contract without any penalty or charge within 14 days of signing the contract. During this time the seller cannot ask you for any payments, including a deposit.
Related credit agreements are cancelled when you cancel the contract. These are credit agreements where the credit is provided by the seller or by a third party who has an arrangement with the seller.
Payment must be divided into equal amounts for each year the contract runs. After the 14 day 'cooling off' period you may only be asked to pay for one year's worth of the total cost of the contract at a time.
The seller must give you 14 days written notice of when each yearly payment is due and you may cancel the contract within 14 days of receiving a request for the yearly installment.
Additionally, if you are invited to a presentation, the holiday club seller must make the purpose of the presentation clear.

Read more about bogus holiday clubs in the OFT 'Holiday Clubs' leaflet.

For advice about a holiday club that's approached you or that you've already signed up to in the UK, call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

Holiday clubs abroad
If you have come back from a foreign holiday and have concerns about a holiday club abroad, contact the European Consumer Centre United Kingdom (ECC) on 08456 04 05 03. The ECC provides free information on consumer rights in Europe and assists in cross-border disputes.

If you are on holiday in Spain and have problems with a Spain-based holiday club, you may wish to contact the Spanish European Consumer Centre (CEC). Visit the CEC website or call 091 82 24 555.

Please post all your holiday club scams and together we may well beat them!

Polls / Poll: Why Get Rid of Your Timeshare?
« on: February 13, 2011, 16:20:52 »
Across different timeshare forums, even those discussing how problematic Timeshare resale scams are, people are posting their timeshares for sale, many as low as a pound and yet still nobody will buy it. Even after a timeshare owner has recognised that there is no selling for a profit, selling to breaking even, now you must recognise with your own eyes by your own efforts that there is simply very little timeshare selling. Even hiring timeshare lawyers will not help get rid of timeshare property.

Has anybody had any dealings with Timeshare

Shark Alley / cotswolds-timeshare - timeshare
« on: January 24, 2011, 18:32:03 »
Timeshare Relief seem to be up to no good, they are using the domain name of cotswolds-timeshare on google.
This company charges thousands of $$$ upfront and seems they fail to transfer the ownership out of there clients names until they find a purchaser which may take years.

Press Releases
Second Timeshare Repurchaser Settles With Attorney General
CONTACT: Elliot Burg, Assistant Attorney General, (802) 828-5507

June 29, 2010 Timeshare Relief, Inc., a Torrance, California, company, will offer over $91,000 in consumer refunds and pay $50,000 to the State of Vermont to settle claims that it violated Vermont law in three different ways in arranging for the repurchase of timeshares. Commenting on the settlement, the second of its kind in the past eight months, Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell again warned out-of-state companies offering a financial benefit to Vermonters not to violate the State’s consumer laws, or “they will find that doing so is an expensive proposition.”

On eight occasions between 2007 and 2010, representatives of Timeshare Relief came to Burlington to solicit consumers to transfer ownership of their unused timeshares and thus relieve the owners of timeshare maintenance fees, taxes and other costs. The company advertised these meetings with a mailing that invited Vermonters to find out about the “Guaranteed Timeshare Relief Solution.” A number of consumers who met with Timeshare Relief understood the invitation to mean that the company would offer to pay them for their timeshares; in fact, they had to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars to transfer ownership of their timeshares. The Attorney General considered this to be a deceptive trade practice.

In addition, many of the consumers were also given a “Financial Benefits Worksheet” that indicated that they might be eligible for a tax deduction as an offset against their payment to Timeshare Relief, when in fact such a deduction is available only in those rare cases where the primary reason for buying the timeshare was for investment. The Attorney General also claimed this to be a deceptive trade practice.

In addition, through June 2008, Timeshare Relief did not comply with the requirement of Vermont law that whenever goods or services are sold at a transient location like a hotel, the buyer must be given specified notice of his or her right to cancel the transaction.

Under the settlement, Timeshare Relief will:

•Offer those 28 of its customers who did not receive proper notice of their right to cancel an opportunity to cancel the transaction within ten business days and get all of their money back. Letters to this effect will be sent out in the next month, and Timeshare Relief will pay up to $84,000 under this provision.

•Send to another 28 customers a check in the amount of $250 to compensate them for the time and money they spent traveling to attend the company’s presentation.

•Pay the State of Vermont $50,000 in civil penalties and costs.

For more information on the settlement, please contact the Attorney General’s Office at (802) 828-5507.


General Discussions / Love Like A Timeshare poem
« on: January 21, 2011, 14:17:05 »
have a special deal all yours
I offer it for free
If you come and take my tour
The deal you see is me.
My sales pitch won’t be very long
But when the tour is through
I’ll pressure you with verse and song
To take me home with you
I want to do the full court press
To help you to decide
I want to hear your lips confess
You’ll stay here by my side.

Over the last 3 years weve all seen an alarming increase in the number of Spanish law firms and lawyers. These companies are in fact non-existent and act only as shelter companies devised to which is in the end nothing but advance fee fraud. Be well advised that these scammers pass themselves off as legitimate Spanish law firms and lawyers. Every lawyer member of a BA will have a registered number. It is very easy to check in less than a minute if a Spanish lawyer is legitimate, providing he is in fact registered of course.


Shark Alley / Atlas Investments Timeshare Scam
« on: November 17, 2010, 19:13:33 »
Has anybody received a call from a company called Atlas Investments?
This is a resale scam from possibly America.
They have no website on google but use an e-mail address
Any feedback welcome.

Shark Alley / Dont Fall Victim For Latest Recovery Reclaim Scams
« on: November 08, 2010, 16:58:45 »
"Recovery rooms" prey on such persons who have already been victimized by Timeshare but will no longer respond to the typical offer, finally realizing they have been duped.
The pitch typically used by recovery room telemarketers makes reference to the consumer's prior victimization, sympathetically warns them not to fall for unscrupulous Timeshare schemes again and then falsely promises that, for a fee, a percentage, payable up  front, they can help you obtain the promised money lost in a missold timeshare purchase.In fact, the recovery room is simply defrauding consumers one more time and will not engage in any such recovery efforts on their behalf.
In some cases, the recovery scam operation is run by the very same individuals who previously defrauded you. Often, they represent themselves as governmental entities or as agents hired to locate victims and then distribute money back to them.
Some say they are holding money for you. Others offer to file necessary complaint paperwork with government agencies on your behalf. Still others claim they can get you placed at the top of a list for victim reimbursement. After you send in the requested fee, the company invariably fails to deliver the refund ,thereby exacerbating your losses.
They may even charge high fees just for providing the addresses of pertinent government agencies which nonprofit consumer protection agencies or libraries offer free-of-charge or at a low cost.
Although some local government agencies and consumer organizations provide assistance to consumers who have lost money, they do not charge a fee, guarantee to get back even a portion of your money, or give special preference to people.

Links / Timeshare Elimination
« on: November 07, 2010, 22:56:45 »
<font color="navy"><i><b></b></i></font id="navy">

                  Ways to Escape the Timeshare Trap

Give it back: One big shock some timeshare owners face comes when they hit the point at which they just want to get rid of their timeshare and don't care if they get any money for it. Many have found that the timeshare resort often won't even take the timeshare back for free. Why? this is well -known as the Timeshare Trap. The timeshare resort knows it'll have just as much trouble selling the unit as you, and it would rather continue to collect your yearly maintenance fees than take back the timeshare.

Ways to Escape the Timeshare Trap Elimination of your Timeshare in four easy steps.

Elimination of your Timeshare in four easy steps.

step 1:     Maintenance paid up to date

Step 2:     Yourselves and Timeshare Elimination sign the deeds  then you post the deeds to the resort enclosing a cheque for the resort transfer fee.

Step 3:     Your  resort will confirm to you that you are no longer the owner and no longer liable for the maintenance fees.

Step 4:     Only then do you pay us our service charge fee.




Value: We have the lowest service charge fee within the industry.

Confidence: No bad publicity within the timeshare industry forums.       

Timeshare Elimination provided an excellent service. The process of transfer of the timeshare was fully and professionally explained at our home with no high pressure sales presentation.  Following agreement of the terms and conditions the transfer process proceeded without any problems and we have now disposed of our timeshare and this has been confirmed by the Trustees.  We would certainly recommend Timeshare Elimination to anyone wishing to dispose of an unwanted timeshare. Best regards I.W North Wales


Please call 01492 643203 or enquire on our e mail further information and we would be delighted to speak with you!

UK BUSINESS BASED IN NORTH WALES. Timeshare Elimination UK, 2nd floor office, 16 Station Road, Llanwrst, Conwy, North Wales, LL26 0EP.Telephone 01492 643 203

Timeshare is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Shark Alley / Big problems at Celebrity Resorts
« on: October 04, 2010, 13:59:35 »
This year Celebrity Resorts had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US Bankruptcy Court in Orlando, Florida. Celebrity Resorts Orlando, Orlando (Kissimmee).

Celebrity Resorts Lake Buena Vista, Orlando (Lake Buena Vista), FL
Celebrity Resorts Palm Coast, Palm Coast, FL
Celebrity Resorts Indian Shores (Clearwater Beach), Indian Shores, FL
Celebrity Resorts Clearwater, Clearwater, FL
Sand Dune Shores, Sand Dune Shores, FL
Celebrity Resorts Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Springs, CO
Celebrity Resorts Steamboat Springs  Hilltop, Steamboat Springs  Hilltop, CO
Celebrity Resorts Brigantine Beach, Brigantine Beach, NJ
Celebrity Resorts Poconos, Poconos, PA
Celebrity Resorts Carson Valley  David Walleys Hot Springs & Spa, Carson Valley, NV
Celebrity Resorts Reno, Reno, NV
Hanalei Bay Resort, Kauai, HI
Celebrity Resorts pointed out three main factors that led to their bankruptcy. The first factor being the general economic state that led to unprecedented decrease in revenues for the overall timeshare industry. The second factor was because of disagreements regarding the business model between members of the Meyers family (who control the debtors). These disagreements led to the termination of two of the family members, which then led to a lawsuit against several of the companies. The third factor was the declaration of a default on a loan to Textron Financial Corporation.
source, researched from the internet.

Heritage / Beware of free advertising websites
« on: September 12, 2010, 18:20:45 »
All free advertising sites for timeshare could get you into a financial debt.
This is a email that was sent from David King.


Good day,
Thanks for your reply and assistance so far. I have  concluded on the payment arrangment of the timeshare.
However,A certified cheque of  3,000 pounds  which  will be sent to you,that will cover your payment  and also the closing cost fees,recording fees,transfer of ownership ,tax and other commission charges.
I will have to instruct for the cheque to be sent to you , so that when you receive it you will cash it deduct the cost of your Timeshare 1,400 pounds  and wait for instructions on how to use the refund which will be sent to the agent for the closing arrangement.So confirm this and provide me with the following below:
(1) YOUR FULL NAME (name on cheque)
(2)ADDRESS (for cheque delivery)
for payment to be delivered to you.
Please remember that this transaction requires prompt response.

The Overpayment or Advance Payment Scam is the most common form of fraud encountered in on-line sales of goods but has also been the means of fraud in some timeshare scam cases. It is based on a fundamental misconception about how cheque clearing works and the meaning of the phrase 'cleared funds'.

When a cheque is paid into a bank account it has to be fully verified before the funds can actually be credited to the account. Even in this day-and-age this means that the actual physical cheque has to be returned to the issuing bank for full authorisation for the funds to be credited. If any anomaly is discovered at this stage, the entire transaction is cancelled.

What this means in practice is that when you pay a cheque into your account your bank will do a preliminary enquiry about the issuing account and then (because of the pressure from the public to clear/credit funds more rapidly) will credit the funds to the recipient account within typically 6-8 days.

Many people, in fact most of the general public, will then regard these funds as having 'cleared' and even banks refer to the credit in this way. The problem is that until the physical cheque is returned to the issuing bank and is then checked the entire transaction is in question.

If the issuing bank finds the cheque to be fraudulent in any way (forged or stolen cheque, false signature , altered amount etc.) the credit does not take place, the recipient bank is informed and the initial credit to your account is reversed (the seemingly cleared funds vanish). This process can take weeks.

This means that there is a window of opportunity for fraud from the moment that the funds appear to clear and the transaction reversal weeks later because you think you have money in your account that is not actually there!

(Beware - One UK bank is now claiming in advertisements that "your money will start to gain interest from the day you pay your cheque in ". Please note that even MORE care should be exercised here! This statement does NOT mean that the cheque is cleared or will clear more quickly! The clearing and authorisation processes are still exactly the same and take the same time. It just gives a longer period during which you are susceptible to the fraud.)

The Overpayment or Advance Payment Scam uses this misconception of 'cleared funds' for fraudulent purposes by requesting repayment of these 'ghost' funds during the period of susceptibility. There are many variants in how the fraud is presented but a typical form on classified sales sites follows this format:

An email response will be received by an advertiser offering to purchase the goods immediately at the asking price. It will ask the advertiser to confirm the 'the final price' and ask for account details so that they can arrange payment. (Beware of this request  it is in order to 'farm' your account details  not to empty your account but to be used for future stings  see later in this section)

Either in this email or a subsequent email there will be a query about whether you will accept a cheque/money order/bankers draft (which does not fit with their request for account details!) If the advertiser accepts this, an agreement is made to send the payment.

In due course the cheque/money order/bankers draft arrives. It is for MORE than the asking price (this may have been pre-warned or may be explained later.) This overpayment is explained in many ways:

Clerical error
Full amount includes commission
Includes a sum for shipment
Multiple goods being purchased with same cheque

In many cases the person who was previously the buyer says that they are buying the goods on behalf of a relative, friend or business associate to explain the fact that the cheque is not in their name and also the reason for the overpayment. They then explain the extra transaction required when the funds have 'cleared'.

The seller then deposits the cheque in their account and waits for it to 'clear'. A few days later they can see the funds apparently in their account. The buyer requests that the Overpayment be transferred back (if an 'error'), paid to the shipping company, paid to a third party for other goods etc.

This payment is requested by Western Union.

If the seller is completely taken in, they will then send these funds completely untraceably to the unknown recipient.

Days or weeks later they will notice that the initial credit for the cheque amount has vanished from their account and they are out-of-pocket to the value of the Overpayment.

(One nasty variant of this is that if the fraudster receives the Overpayment and still has time, they may go for the whole amount. They will invent a reason to cancel the purchase  a simple change of heart, serious family crisis, critical illness of purchaser, change in import regulations etc  and will request the return of the rest of the purchase amount. If pushed they may concede a small penalty for time-wasting. Again the funds have to be returned immediately by Western Union)

In either case what has happened is that during the 'window' the seller has been persuaded to send money they thought was in their account to an untraceable recipient: the payment instrument (cheque, money order, bankers draft) has been found to be fraudulent and the initial transaction cancelled and the apparent credit to the sellers account has been reversed.

Not only has the seller lost the transferred funds but they could also face a charge from their bank!

There are MANY variants in how this scam is presented but some features are constant:

The 'purchaser' agrees to the purchase without any of the checks or questions that would seem normal.

There is no quibbling about price.

Payment is arranged by cheque, money order or bankers draft.

The cheque is for more than the selling price (Note that some cleverer scammers send the correct amount but then rely on the 'cancelled sale' actions above to explain the funds return.)

Return of funds is requested shortly after cheque 'clearance' by Western Union or Moneygram. (Untraceable methods)

The attached email is an example which was recived by a classified advertiser just recently.

Is it really that widespread?
The Overpayment scam depends on high-quality forged cheques. A recent report claimed that in ONE DAY of interception in 2005 at Heathrow Airport, courier packages from Nigeria were found to contain over 20 million in forged cheques. A Customs and Excise check on only 220 packages from Nigeria in 2004 disclosed false cheques for over 46.1 million. ONE handbag intercepted at a parcel centre in Coventry contained over 1 million in forged cheques. Sellers have reported that scam responses can easily exceed the number of real responses to advertisements on some sites. It is VERY widespread and all sellers should beware

Shark Alley / Has any body had dealings with Timeshare
« on: September 08, 2010, 15:53:44 »
Has any body dealt with
Done some research on this company and and alarm bells are ringing.

1 There website is registered in the USA where all the timeshare scams come from, 2737 SPRECKELS LANE
                 REDDONDO BEACH
                 CA, 90278
Google map show a private bungalow.

2 Companys House show incorporated 07/07/2009 name change 11/07/2009
used to be called Timeshare Solutions Ltd, Timeshare Solutions are slated in the USA,

3 (UK virtual office), 2nd Floor
                      3 Brindley Place
                      B1 2JB
             Telephone 0800 0234447 toll free (Very American)

4 They claim to have a exit Solution for timeshare owners that want out.
Ask yourself why would a new company start up with a name very close to a known scam company
Genuine websites offering to relieve owners of their unwanted timeshare, Would never ask for any service charge fee upfront or expect you to surender your ownership pappers to them.

Shark Alley / Has anybody heard of freedom4timeshare
« on: July 01, 2010, 13:54:09 »
Has anybody heard of, they claim to rid the ownership for a upfront fee of 560 pounds.[?]

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