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Timeshare News / Hope for timeshare victims locked into contracts
« on: April 07, 2014, 14:27:09 »
New laws in Israel that allow timeshare owners to cancel their contract without any exit penalties have given hope to hundreds of thousands of Britons locked into costly agreements in Europe. Most UK-based timeshare owners bought into properties in Spain, Portugal and Greece in the Eighties and Nineties. The schemes allow multiple people to buy the right to use a property for a period of time every year. But many have found themselves trapped in these contracts, lumbered with costly annual maintenance fees which have risen sharply over the years.

Management companies often refuse to allow owners to sell or even give their share of a property back and those that do charge prohibitive exit penalties.
After years of lobbying by timeshare owners in Israel, the country’s parliament passed new laws on March 19. From September, people who own timeshares in Israel will be able to cancel their contract free of charge.
Many British owners are desperate for similar laws in Europe. The European Commission, which regulates the sale of European timeshares, plans to publish a report this year looking at a number of issues including the right to exit contracts and the problems arising from long-term timeshare agreements. A spokesman said any potential next steps would depend on the report’s findings.
The association of timeshare holders in Israel is not satisfied with the recent changes and has now turned its attention to maintenance fees. It is battling to halve the charges at two locations, Club Hotel, Tiberias, and Club Hotel, Eilat, to reflect what it says is a more appropriate maintenance cost.
The association maintains that owners, who have been paying around £340 annually for every week they are entitled to, should be paying only around £170.
It claims that owners have been paying far more for their allocated use than tourists booking independently with the hotels.
It is fighting for compensation and has advised members, including those in Britain, not to give their units back to the owners of the hotels until the issue is resolved in the courts.
Roger Radford (pictured), 67, and his wife Yael, 66, of Ilford in Essex, are members of the association. They bought a timeshare apartment at Club Hotel, Tiberias, in 1983 for $3,500 (£2,310). Mr Radford, an author and former journalist who worked in Israel as a foreign correspondent at the time, said the timeshare suited his family when they were based there.
“We already had three young children and over the years we developed a close relationship with the staff and fell in love with the Sea of Galilee,” he said. “We continued to use our timeshare every year, even after we returned to live in London in 1986. But we believe the maintenance fees are too expensive and we are fighting to bring them down.”
The vast majority of timeshare owners in Britain have a stake in European properties. Timeshare companies offered inducements to anyone who turned up to their presentations and used aggressive sales tactics to pressure people to sign up to contracts on the spot. Some resorts used touts to lure people when they were already abroad with offers of an extra week’s free holiday.
There is no suggestion the developers behind Club Hotel Tiberias or Club Hotel Eilat employed such tactics.
Buyers were often told they could end their contracts at any time, but hidden in the small print were strict clauses tying owners in for life. Some companies claim owners’ estates are liable for the maintenance fees even after their death. Hundreds of thousands signed up without any legal advice at all.
Many who bought timeshares 20 or 30 years ago are now elderly or in ill health and can no longer travel or afford the rising maintenance fees. Others are desperate to avoid passing the contracts on to family members when they die. But exiting the contracts has proved almost impossible.
The management companies often refuse to buy them back and owners are locked in unless they can pass the properties on to another buyer. Securing a sale is highly unlikely – there are thousands of owners trying to offload properties to a very small number of buyers. Many desperate owners have fallen victim to scams offering to sell properties for a large fee but without any guarantee of a sale.
In February 2011 the EU ruled that any new timeshares or long-term holiday products with contracts of more than a year had to be sold with a 14-day cooling-off period, giving buyers the right to cancel. The seller cannot ask for any money within the 14 days.
These rules also apply to so-called “holiday clubs”, which are more common today and offer similar deals. But they did not include any new provisions for existing owners who want to surrender their timeshare.
The commission said it was reviewing the impact of the 2011 rule changes. It said any further legislation would depend on the findings of its review, to be published in the report later this year.
The legal view
Stephen Boyd, an associate at law firm Linder Myers, gets regular calls from people trying to exit timeshare contracts, he said. The firm currently represents around 100 timeshare owners.
Mr Boyd said some who had not been able to exit their contracts had simply refused to pay any more maintenance fees.
In these cases, management companies typically issue aggressive demands for payment and often engage debt collectors. Once a lawyer steps in they either eventually stop demanding the money, agree to release owners for a fee, or sue. “Those that sue tend to pull out at the last minute and agree to cancel the contracts as long as the owners settle the maintenance fees to date,” he said. “They’re all terrified of a case actually going to court because if a judge finds the contracts are unlawful there would be a huge rush of cancellations.”
Mr Boyd wants the EU to legislate so that people who are in ill-heath or financial difficulties can exit the contracts without steep penalties. “A lot of these agreements were sold by slick operators who told buyers outright lies about the contracts they were signing. In many cases they didn’t allow people to take the contracts away to read before signing, saying the deals were available at a huge discount but only if the contract was signed on the spot,” he said.
“Those who did sign up just want out now. They are getting older and many are in poor health. They don’t even want their money back, they just want to get rid of the things, but they’re struggling even to give them away. The companies are ruthless – two of my clients are very unwell with cancer and can’t afford the maintenance fees but they refuse to release them on compassionate grounds.”

Five Most Indulgent Hotels in Perth, Australia

Five Most Indulgent Hotels in Perth, Australia

This piece explores Perth’s most luxurious stays. The capital city of Western Australia offers a bounty of cultural and natural attractions, and it is no wonder the city attracts visitors from around the world. Perth consists of a central business district, referred to by many as “The CBD”, and pieces of a suburban district. Local boundaries include Sawn River in the South and East, Kings Park in the West and various railways in the North. Recent gains within the mining industry created noticeable commercial growth for the CBD district.
Many hotels deem themselves luxury establishments, but only a few successfully rise to the challenge. According to the New York Times, traveler feedback reveals that highly rated venues combine aesthetically pleasing surroundings with attentive customer service. Here are the top five most-decadent Perth hotels as of April 2013 according to guest reviews and hotel descriptions.
Richardson Hotel and Spa
It is impossible to mention luxury without speaking of the Richardson Hotel and Spa. Popular among couples and business travelers, the 74-room boutique hotel sits within walking distance of the popular tourist destination known as King’s Park. Suites feature complimentary high-speed Internet service and kitchenettes for periodic snacking. Guests can take a dip in the pool, complete with a tranquil garden area or make an appointment for various body treatments performed by certified staff members.
Miss Maud Swedish Hotel
Room prices at Miss Maud’s include a huge breakfast spread, complete with fruits, meats and pastries. Situated in downtown Perth, a number of couples and solo travelers walk to nearby shopping malls and bars. Each of the 52 rooms has individual air conditioning controls, Wi-Fi Internet access and flat-screen television equipped with liquid crystal display (LCD) screens.
Crown Metropol Perth
An entertainment complex currently known as Crown Perth is home to the Crown Metropol Perth Hotel. Three room types accommodate all types of traveler, from young families to business groups. Amenities include an indoor swimming pool, six onsite restaurants, a business lounge, beauty spa and nightly live entertainment at the resort theatre. Rooms feature plush, comfortable furnishings and some of the 397 guest suites feature enviable views of the Perth skyline.
Sebel Residence East Perth
Sebel Residences in East Perth offer breathtaking views of Claisebrook Cove and the Swan River. Guests are within walking distance of downtown Perth and enjoy use of a heated swimming pool, communal barbecue area, gym and bike hire services. 57 studio, one and two-bedroom units come with complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access.
The Terrace Hotel Perth
Western Perth is home to the Terrace Hotel Perth. Guests of the 15-room establishment enjoy complimentary high-speed Internet service, Apple television, in-room iPad privileges, Egyptian cotton sheets and a high-definition surround sound audio system. The hotel also features an onsite restaurant and bar.
Decadent hotels in Perth range from intimate, couples-friendly establishments to resort-style retreats. Each offers amenities that allow guests to unwind and relax. Most guests agree that each costs a pretty penny, but they cannot deny how much they enjoyed their stay.
This post was supplied by the folks at Skedaddle Car Hire in Perth, if you’d like to know more about Perth and what to see and do, make sure to log on to their site and navigate to the Perth pages.
 image credit to chrisser

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Unexploited Surfing Destinations in Southeast Asia


Bored with your typical beach getaway? When talking about going to the beach, we usually think of swimming in the sparkling water, playing in the sand, sunbathing and burying the body under the sand. Yes, these activities are fun. But are you craving for another beach activity? Try surfing! Or, have you already tried riding the swells?
A lot of surfers travel around the world to search for the best swells that can satisfy their thirst for adventure. It sounds expensive, considering that surf enthusiasts are only after of the waves. But, being able to ride the extreme waves is already a great accomplishment for these buffs.
One popular destination for surfing is Europe. There are so many hot destinations in this area offering great surfing experience. If you are on the lookout for unexploited surfing destinations, visiting Asian countries is a good idea.
Siargao Island, Philippines
This small island in the Philippines boasts hidden beauty. White beaches, fine sand, sparkling green/blue water and amazing waves – are just some features that captivate tourists from all over the world. One of the most popular surfing waves in the island is Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine becomes a worldwide hit because of its thick, hollow tubes. In fact, Siargao holds annual international and domestic surfing competition to gather surfers and spectators. As surfers continue to explore the place, they are able to discover more new breaks. So, better check out this place. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there is always a spot for you in Siargao.
Java, Indonesia
Bring your board and all your surfing equipment as you head out to Java to play with the waves. There are four surf spots you can find in the area, such as Batu Layar, Bombies, G-Land and Parangtritis Beach. Since these surfing spots are not overly crowded, they are perfect for those who want to learn how to ride the waves. Beginners and intermediate surfers can enroll in surfing lessons offered in some places. Those who have phobia in water will surely conquer this fear. If you belong to the advanced category, you can opt to learn more techniques to improve your skills.
Habaraduwa, Sri Lanka
Just like Indonesia’s surf destination, Sri Lanka shares the same quality of swells because of the Indian Ocean. From April to October, many traveling surfers flock to the surfing spots in the area because of its consistent swells. This time of the year is considered as the surf season, with waves reaching 3 to 8 feet in the morning. In some other time, the swells reach 2 to 6 feet only.  There are five surfing spots in Sri Lanka offering several options to choose from. Hikkaduwa gets the most crowds during this season. Other surfing destinations include Maddawatta, Madiha, Arugam Bay and Peak Surf Point Habaraduwa.

image credit to marko
Aside from the amazing waves in these surfing destinations, these places are likewise known to be budget-friendly. Surf buffs do not have to shell out huge amount of money just to enjoy the surfing getaway. With affordable hotels and inexpensive restaurants, surfing holiday will be as memorable as spending it in high-class destinations. Just make sure to search and book a good accommodation in advance to avoid hassle.
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Destination Information / Backpacking Across the South of France
« on: October 30, 2013, 15:00:05 »
Backpacking Across the South of France

Backpacking Across the South of France
Timeshare in the south of france
Travelers looking for a new challenge should consider the benefits of backpacking across the South of France. As well as having the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, the South of France is ideal for exploring cities and ports in a relatively inexpensive way, while being able to take advantage of hiking routes through Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon; other destinations that reward solo and group backpacking include the Provence-Alpes and the Pyrenees mountains, which are on the border with Spain.
Key regions within the South of France include Provence and the Cote d’Azur, home to some of France’s largest and most luxurious cities in Cannes, Marseilles, and Nice, as well as the principality of Monte Carlo. Further West, you can enjoy the fields and paths of Languedoc-Roussillon, as well as cities like Montpellier, Nimes, and Toulon, as well as border crossings into Spain via Perpignan.
In terms of getting around, France is distinguished by its excellent and affordable train service; you can buy tickets that will take you around the coastal and inland areas of the South of France, with high speed connections also available between cities. A France Rail Pass is considerably cheaper than similar trips around the UK; there are also many hostels dotted around the South of France, many of which can be found via the French Youth Hostels Federation; other options include gites, which are typically French cottages that offer self catering.
For serious walkers and hikers, you can explore the Mercantour French National Park and the hills and mountains of the Provence-Alpes and the Pyrenees. Again, public transport around these areas is relatively cheap, and there is plenty of camping opportunities. For longer hikes, routes like the Grand Randonee can take you all the way from Nice on the Cote D’Azur up to Amsterdam; other routes will cross between the flatter areas of Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon – the latter region includes the Saint Jean-Cap Ferrat Hike. If you can, try to hike outside of September, when the French hunting season is in effect.
In terms of city exploring, expect to find Cannes and Nice to be expensive; while you can find cheaper accommodation, your options may be limited for Cannes. Aix-en-Provence is a good alternative if you want to see a different part of the Provence region, while smaller cities like Montpellier and Nimes will save you on accommodation and shopping costs. Areas like the Cap D’Ail, which is on the Cote D’Azur, are also recommended.
As with any backpacking trip, remember to get hold of a European Health Insurance Card before you travel, and be careful on back roads and forests if traveling alone. There are many free and wild camping sites in the South of France, but always seek permission if using someone’s land. Moreover, expect the climate to be very humid during the Summer, even when you come off the main coast and head inland. Get specialist travel insurance if climbing or hiking in mountainous areas, and always have contact numbers ready if you do get caught out.
image credit to najarich
Author Bio
Emily Steves enjoys the challenges of traveling around a country with only a backpack.  She plans on staying in Carcassonne during her next visit to France. Emily will be sure to write about this in her next article!
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Accommodation at the Fortina Spa Resort Malta

Accommodation at the Fortina Spa Resort Malta

The Fortina Spa Resort in Malta is one of the island’s most luxurious hotel and spa facilities.  Boasting five stars, it is designed to envelop you in comfort and luxury, allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  The fantastic climate in Malta goes a long way towards making you feel relaxed and the accommodation and treatment at the Fortina Spa Resort will be like the icing on the cake.  Let’s take a look at the available accommodation.
Tower Garden View Room
These wonderfully spacious rooms offer an amazing view on the Tropical Garden of the resort.  All necessary amenities such as hair dryer and an espresso machine are included in the room.  The Tower Garden View room can sleep two adults and one child.  Do bear in mind, however, that there are periods where the Fortina is closed for children.
Tower Sea Room
The Tower Sea room offers the same size and accommodation as the Tower Garden View room, but this room has a stunning sea view.  From your room, you will be able to look down at Valletta, which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.  Built by the Knights of St John, the view is truly perfect for those who love history.
Wellness Room
For the Fortina Spa Resort, it is all about being healthy.  They are proud to be the first hotel in all of Europe and the Mediterranean to offer energized beds and bedding.  This creates a state of deep relaxation and encourages guests to be energized by the natural rhythm of our planet.  The sleep system includes infrared rays, which detoxify the body and ensure it stays at the right temperature.  The rooms are purified with ionised air, to increase further feelings of wellness.  These rooms are not available for the under 18s.
Spa Bedroom
The therapeutic spa bedrooms are one of a kind.  They are larger than the other rooms and overlook the pool and the garden.  Each of the rooms includes comfortable balconies with sun loungers.  Naturally, if you book into the spa bedroom you are able to enjoy the various spa treatments as well.
Spa Bedroom with Private Pool
These rooms offer the same facilities as the regular spa bedrooms, including the sun bed in the bathroom, where you can work on your sun tan.  However, the comfortable balconies include not just comfortable loungers, but also an entire private pool.  No other hotel in Europe or the Mediterranean offers the same standards.
Spa Bedroom Honeymoon Suite
Again, these rooms offer the same facilities, with optional private rooftop gardens and barbeque facilities, where you can either choose to cook your own food, or ask for a private chef to cook for you.  Being the honeymoon suite, everything will be arranged in such a way that it offers full romance, something that is easy to find in Malta.
So long as you are in Malta, take the time to explore the surrounding areas.  You may be so relaxed from all the spa treatments and lounging by the pool that you are perfectly comfortable where you are, but there truly is a lot to see and do in Malta.  And if you have hired a car in Malta, you will be able to see a lot more of it as well.
image credit to HansErmers
This guest post is provided for Travel and Leisure, international timeshare brokers for those who want to sell and buy timeshare Fortina Spa Resort and Diamond Resort Resales


Destination Information / The Best Free Travel Apps
« on: October 30, 2013, 07:59:56 »
The Best Free Travel Apps

The Best Free Travel Apps
There are many ways to ensure a holiday dream is realized and many of the best free travel apps for mobile phones will assist in this goal. Here is a selection of such apps available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users that were recently tested abroad.

The Triposo app is one of the most impressive free travel apps available with a huge amount of content in its country guides. After downloading the initial app users can select a destination and download the guide to that country. Each country guide contains about 25MB of information so it is best to download the guide prior to travel.
Reading the travel guide was a perfect way to pass time in the airport and during the flight, with the phone in safe mode of course, and there is the option to listen to an audible copy of each page. The general information for each country includes money and health matters as well as the latest weather forecast.
The built-in phrase book is extensive to say the least and there are plenty of facts about the sights and attractions that are accompanied with thumbnail images. The Triposo app also uses GPS to provide location based services such as where restaurants, shops and hotels are and there is a map for navigation too.
MapFactor Navigator

This GPS navigator does take a little figuring out but it is well worth the time as it is rated as the number one free navigator app for mobile phones. This title is well-deserved as it accurately provided directions during its overseas test.
The app will direct drivers through city centres if they are en-route so it may be best to change this default before first use. There is also an audible warning for breaking speed limits and this is extremely beneficial in an unfamiliar country.
Ski & Snow Report

The Ski & Snow Report App is incredibly useful for fans of winter sports and this again makes use of GPS for location based services. Upon arrival the app automatically loads the phone with information such as the distance to the nearest ski resorts, ski maps and the latest images from the on-hill webcams.
Each ski resort listed is accompanied with details of the snow pack, latest snowfall, number of lifts operating and the number of kilometres of ski runs that are open. One of the best features is the up to date feedback from other skiers on conditions and lift queues as this will help users to choose the best ski runs or even which ski resort to visit on any given day if they have a rental car.
Wi-Fi Finder & AroundMe
These two separate apps are essential to smartphone users with the Wi-Fi Finder detecting the nearest hotspots, which it can do even when offline, and displaying the cost to use the Wi-Fi signal should one exist. The AroundMe app provides details and directions to the nearest amenities such as ATMs, petrol stations, chemists, hospitals and bars on either a street or satellite map.
Voice Translator Free

This is a great translation service that uses voice recognition to take a phrase and convert it into the chosen language. Before translation takes place the voice recognition system shows the text it recognised on the screen and this can be edited if there is a mistake, in fact this is what makes this the best free translator app. The app will then translate the phrase into both text and audio.
The audible output is available for the most popular languages whilst other languages can be loaded for a small fee with the translations of these languages provided in text only.
XE Currency
Whilst not the most exciting app XE Currency is a really useful tool that uses the exchange rates collected from the last time the phone was connected to a network to convert holiday costs back into your own currency. The app can also display the conversions for five currencies at once making this a great app for travellers in Europe for example where several currencies exist.
These free travel apps can be downloaded from Google Play for Android phone users, the Apple App Store for iPhone users and the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone users.
Michael Brown is a mobile phone consultant for who provide advice and compare mobile phone deals in the UK.
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Destination Information / Fiji – Things To Do and Enjoy
« on: October 30, 2013, 07:59:56 »
Fiji – Things To Do and Enjoy

Fiji – Things To Do and Enjoy
 A paradise in all ways,  the Fiji islands is an ideal destination promising unique beauty and  tropical pleasures. The natural attractions in Fiji offer everything  from breathtaking hot springs and waterfalls to lush rainforests. Trek  to pristine preserves and remote villages to experience tribal rituals  and natural wonders. Here are the best places to stay in order to enjoy  breathtaking activities while on a holiday in Fiji.
Arts Village
The Arts Village in Pacific Harbor offers a mixture of contemporary  local flavor and historical fantasy. Cultural activities include boat  tours on the lagoon, market and temple tours, and traditional Fijian  fire walking displays that would certainly liven up your holiday.
Amazing Mud Baths and Hot Springs
Locals believe that the hidden gem of Fiji’s hot springs have healing  properties. Apart from these, the lush natural backdrop, three pools and  warm mud baths offer a relaxing and fulfilling experience.
Boat tours through mangrove forests
Most parts of the Viti Levu coast are dominated by mangrove forests.  These regions have high wildlife presence and are popular for fishing. A  boat trip through the meandering passages of the mangrove forests from  Nausori would make an adventurous experience.
Saint Francis Xavier Church
Located on a hill on the northwestern part of Viti Levu (Fiji’s main  island), The Saint Francis Xavier Church is a must-visit site due to its  unique combination of Fijian and European architecture. Straw mats meet  stylish frescos.
Fijian dancing
Experiencing meke, the  traditional dance performed by Fiji Islands locals, is unavoidable,  especially for those staying at the island resorts. Popular meke fan  dances are performed by females while club and spear dances are  performed by males. The locals dress in the national attire of tapa  cloth, flower leis and grass skirts. The males perform warrior dances  and the females sing.
The Sleeping Giant Garden
For  those who want peace and tranquility, the Sleeping Giant Garden between  Lautoka and Nadi, at the Sabeto mountain’s foot, is the ideal place to  go. This former private orchid garden is characterized by beautiful  flowering plants and orchids.
Naihehe Sacred Caves
Located in the Sigatoka Valley, these caves are very popular with both  tourists and locals. Once the fortress of the last pagan tribes of Fiji,  the caves have the great Cathedral Chamber, a priest chamber and a  sacred pond. The caves have remained sacred up to now and locals still  go to this place to pay tribute to the ancestors.
Fiji has a couple of scuba diving sites. Some of the best sites include  Somosomo Straits, Beqa Lagoon or Rainbow Reef. Moreover, scuba diving  can be done throughout the year.
With the  clear waters surrounding these islands, water sports activities are  actually limitless. Diving, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing,  sailing, water boarding and fishing among others can be performed on  almost any Fiji Island. Swimming is also possible in various waterfalls  in the reserves, forest and coastal parks.
Windsurfing in Mamanuca
Perfect water conditions and big waves enable you to have an amazing  windsurfing experience in Fiji. The sport is offered in most resorts –  with instruction too – however, professional surfers can have the best  experience in Mamanuca.
Author Bio:
Biljana is a writer and a blogger and passionate traveler currently on a look out for affordable frights to Fiji to visit and enjoy some time at this wonderful place.
Image credit to miguelsancheese
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Kansas City: Affordable Family Fun with Barbecue on the Side

 Kansas City: Affordable Family Fun with Barbecue on the Side  

If you want to take the family on an affordable vacation or need to find the ideal spot for a romantic getaway, consider Kansas City. Centrally located in the Midwest, this former cow town boasts world-class entertainment, rich history and culture, fun family activities and affordable pricing.
Where to Stay
Recent inner-city revivals in Kansas City have spawned a wealth of luxury and bargain hotels in the downtown area. If you plan to drive or rent a car, staying in the suburbs will work for you, but the best access to public transportation as well as most of the best hotel rates can be found downtown in the Power and Light District, Crossroads or midtown Kansas City. Do not pick a hotel near the airport as the rates of rooms here are inflated, and these accommodations are several miles from most attractions.
What to Do
Kansas City boasts a wide variety of activities, events and entertainment options. While some visitors may wish to explore beyond the borders of Kansas City, Missouri, into suburbs on either side of the Kansas-Missouri state line, here is a list of the best attractions in downtown:

Visit the Kansas      City River Market and tour the Steamboat Arabia Museum.
Enjoy the      shopping, dining, fountains and architecture at Kansas City’s famed      Country Club Plaza.
Take the kids on      a free tour of Hallmark Cards and enjoy the imagination factory at      Kaleidoscope.
Take in a live      show, watch an IMAX movie, enjoy the architecture or purchase passes to      Science City at Kansas City’s Union Station.
Experience      modern art at Kansas City’s free Kemper Museum of Modern Art. Then cross      the street to enjoy a stroll through the statue garden of the      Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art before spending the rest of your day perusing      the exhibits indoors.
Learn about the      history of Negro League baseball at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in      the 18th and Vine district.
Immerse yourself      in the sounds of Kansas City jazz and blues at the American Jazz Museum,      or come late and listen in at the Blue Room where musicians still come to      jam.

What to Eat
Of course, when you come to Kansas City, you must try the barbecue. It has been said that the best way to start a fight in Kansas City is to begin a sentence with the words, “The best barbecue in Kansas City is . . .” A better option is to try several of the barbecue restaurants yourself.

Gates Barbecue,      perhaps the best-known of the Kansas City chains, features savory sauces      with a hint of smoky sweetness. Meat cuts are well-marbled, although a      little fatty at times.
Arthur Bryant’s,      a favorite of former President Jimmy Carter, serves up deli-sliced meats      and delectable cuts of beef with their spicy, savory sauce.
Winslow’s in the      River Market offers lean meats slathered in a sweet sauce, available with      or without a jalapeno kick.
Newcomer      Oklahoma Joe’s has stepped up to play with the big boys in Kansas City.      Don’t let the name fool you. Joe serves some of the best authentic Kansas      City barbecue with a light, smoky flavor to round out his sweet sauces.

Of course, the city has a wide variety of other great restaurants as well. If you find yourself wandering through Westport some evening during your visit, enjoy a cultural adventure with the fine cuisine at any of the Mediterranean or Indian restaurants in the area for a unique and wonderful treat.
Author Bio: Kevin Caldwell is the owner of Airport Hotel Guide. Kevin built the website to help fellow travelers easily find hotels located near airports. Kevin enjoys traveling and sharing his experience and advice with others.
image credit to VancityAllie
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Destination Information / Cliff Diving Spots Around the World
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:00:30 »
Cliff Diving Spots Around the World

Cliff Diving Spots Around the World

When the weather heats up, few activities are more appealing than jumping into refreshing, clear water. Beaches and pools are always an option for cooling off, but thrill seekers will quickly tire of treading water in the backyard pool. When you feel the need to level up your jumping game, it’s time to try cliff diving. Recently, Red Bull Cliff Diving has introduced an extreme version of the sport to the world through an international series of competitions, but people around the world have enjoyed the rush of jumping off of rocks into open water for ages. Over the years, a few spots have emerged as excellent places for cliff diving. Head to these destinations to watch locals show off, and to try a few jumps yourself.
1. Quebrada Cliff

The best European destinations for nightlife

The best European destinations for nightlife

After a long day of sightseeing, many travellers wish for nothing more than a good meal and some time to relax. Others want to take in a concert or a gig and dance the night away. Either way, experiencing the vibe of a city after hours is a great way to get a feel for the local culture, and is highly recommended for those who wish to observe all facets of a destination.
Whatever your taste, most European cities can provide some pretty decent evening entertainment

Destination Information / Fortina Spa Resort
« on: October 29, 2013, 18:59:57 »
Fortina Spa Resort

Fortina Spa Resort

I recently decided to travel to Italy. This incredible journey I embarked on, led me to discover the beauty of the country of Malta. After doing some research on my own, I had booked a week stay in the wildly popular resort called The Fortina Spa Resort, which is located in Silema. The island of Malta is located just south of Sicily. The atmosphere around the resort was simply fantastic. In order to travel to this gorgeous island, you have one of two options: you depart on a ferry boat or (if you can afford to) you may charter a plane. I chose to take the ferry boat seeing as how I am not the richest of folks. Once I had arrived in port, I promptly checked into my resort and wow, I was blown away.
Once I was there and got over the initial beauty shock of the area, I was eager to look around and see what the resort had to offer. Come to think of it, the only other shock I had was the cost, but I suppose that’s to be expected. It certainly cost more than my backpacking trip in western Canada, BC – where I ended up staying at a bunch of hotels in Victoria.
Right away, I noticed something special, which really struck home. Unlike many resorts who cater specifically to families, The Fortina Spa Resort is strictly an adults-only resort (except for a few special times of year that are reserved for family, which is during Christmas, Easter and the summer months). All other times of the year, the resort takes great pride in being a peaceful and serene atmosphere for adults. Upon booking, you will be able to tell if you are going to be staying during “Family Times”. As a single person, this “adults only” policy was a bonus. There would be no children that would be disruptive, no horseplay, screaming or crying, and I could enjoy my vacation in peace. I never realized how lovely silence could be combined with the water lapping up onto the beach.
I opened the door to my room and the one thing that I noticed right away was the cleanliness. The housekeepers keep each room in pristine condition; everything looked brand new! I felt comfortable in the room. It honestly felt like a more extravagant home. So many hotels have rooms that just feel like a hotel – with strange musky smells or plain boring furniture. This room was nothing like that. I tend to travel quite frequently and it’s not often that I feel as comfortable as I felt during my trip to this resort.
Upon booking, there are a few different entitlements one can purchase. I decided to purchase the mid-grade which is called the half board entitlement. The other two are called bed and breakfast and all exclusive entitlements. For my entitlement, I received breakfast every day, coupled with lunch (I had the choice of six different carte’.) and I had access to the fitness center, plus a complimentary harbor cruise.
My favorite restaurant was without a doubt the Taste Restaurant. This place combines the cuisine of Mediterranean and Asian food in one restaurant. They feature four main flavors in their foods: hot, sweet, sour, and salty. The combination is like a work of art. It is one of the best meals I have ever ate. They have the option to be able to book a reservation online too, which was nice. I found this option very convenient, to be honest.
The resort has several swimming pools, a fitness center, hair salon, and a full service spa. While at the resort, I took advantage of all the amenities – yes, even the spa. I figured its part of the hotel so why not? Boy, am I glad I did. The spa was a great experience. The staff was friendly and so accommodating, especially for a single woman like myself. I really cannot stress enough how much I recommend their service. It was well worth the extra charge to be able to relax even more than I deserved. I mean what’s more relaxing than a relaxing massage near the ocean?
I had a great stay and would love to go back again someday when I have the opportunity. The staff was amazing. They treated me so well, attending to my every demand, no matter how strange it may have appeared at the time. They made me feel special and that is rare from my past experiences. The next time I am in the region, I will make a special trip to Malta so I can spend another fabulous week there.
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Destination Information / Best Summer Holiday Resorts In 2013
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Best Summer Holiday Resorts In 2013

Best Summer Holiday Resorts In 2013
With winter only just recently passed you probably haven’t given too much thought to the coming summer. But, before you know it summer will be upon us bringing with it the sunshine that we have all missed so dearly. This can only mean one thing. Holidays.
Right now is the perfect time for planning and organizing your summer holiday. By acting fast and arranging things early you have the time to weigh up all of your options (so you don’t make any rushed decisions, which often turn out for the worse) and can secure your holiday at a cheaper price due to booking early. The following article contains some great suggestions for holiday locations for this coming summer. Not every suggestion is a beach resort, meaning there are options for all types of summer holiday.
Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic definitely deserves its place on the list of best summer holiday resorts for 2013. This is because it is the most visited island in the Caribbean and it’s easy to see why. The country is home to great weather, a number of brilliant golf courses, the highest mountain in the Caribbean and the largest lake in the Caribbean and much more. No matter which resort you stay at you will never be far from the beach, which is a plus for a lot of people. Water sports, coral reefs and latin themed parties are all easily accessible and are great to experience. It is the mixture of things on offer that makes the Dominican Republic the perfect place for almost everyone.
Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka has been through a lot over the past few decades, but recently widespread investment has resulted in a booming tourist industry. Year on year the number of visitors has been increasing as more and more people discover this wonderful location. One of the main benefits is that a holiday is still relatively cheap and there are a wide range of activities for tourists to do. A few examples are kayaking, bird watching, surfing, sunbathing and wandering round the many ancient cities. Sri Lanka is a great choice, as it’s an emerging tourist location that offers life-changing experiences.
For years Turkey has been a well-known summer holiday location, with perfect locations for all types of holiday goers. If you want to party, sunbathe, relax or sightsee, Turkey has the perfect places for you. Well established tourist locations such as Istanbul, Marmaris and Kusadasi are home to luxurious beaches, beautiful hotels and some great restaurants and bars. A great idea is to explore some of the less well known places, as this offers a more authentic Turkish experience and access to a lot of hidden gems. On the whole Turkey is a wonderful place, with locations and activities to suit everyone.

Spain is renowned for its picture perfect beaches and party cities. However, Spain has something for everyone. It’s becoming more and more known for its cultural heritage and gorgeous countryside. There are plenty of locations to choose from, depending on what type of a summer holiday you are looking for. The coastal cities are more often than not the party places whilst the cities that are more inland are more quiet and relaxing. Whatever type of summer holiday you are after, Spain has it on offer.
Important Advice
Don’t forget that when you head off on your summer holidays you will be leaving behind an empty house. Make sure that you take all the necessary precautions to keep it looking occupied, such as getting some timed lights, and homeowners insurance. By doing this you will be minimizing the chances of anything going wrong, helping you to have the best summer holiday you possibly can, completely free from worry, which is how all holidays should be.
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Author bio: This is a guest post by Samantha Priest, a part-time blogger and full-time fan of travelling and exploring new locations
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Visit famous big five of Africa this vacation

Visit famous big five of Africa this vacation
If you’ve ever thought about visiting Africa, you might have encountered mentions of the “Big Five” during your research. This probably sparked your curiosity. So what are they, and why are they important? The term “Big Five” refers to five of the largest African animals: lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants. Not only are these some of the largest animals physically, but calling them “big” also refers to game hunters’ difficulty in killing these animals. They are hard to hunt and present quite a challenge due not only to their large size but to their menacing behaviors when confronted as well.
These days, with game hunting falling out of favor due to animal rights activism, as well as a growing appreciation for the beauty of these majestic creatures, the Big Five are typically only “hunted” by intrepid photographers and safari-goers. Many safari tour operators now offer trips that focus solely on observing these animals. Read on to learn more about some of Africa’s most beautiful beasts so that if you decide to visit one day, you’ll know why they’re so wonderful.
The African lion has long been known as the king of the jungle. Many people consider the lion a powerful spirit animal, as it is known for its ferocity and strength.
 The giant cats are generally seen as fearless hunters, but they are also very social and have interesting communities that you might only be able to access if you’re on safari. African lions live together in packs, called prides, which usually consist of several lion families of females, males, and their young.
They have different protocol depending on which type of animal they’re trying to hunt: when going after a larger animal, they work together as a group to take it down, but when killing a smaller animal such as an antelope they have no problem working individually.

African leopards are another beautiful sight on safari, as long as you’re lucky enough to see one. Due to their natural camouflage and excellent ability to hide, they can sometimes be tough to find.
These nomadic felines live in sub-Saharan Africa throughout forests and bushy areas. Like other cats, leopards are nocturnal, and they are normally seen on safari while they are napping in trees, where they sit to observe prey and keep themselves safe.
African rhinos are the second-largest animals aside from elephants; they can weigh in at over three tons. Africa is home to the Black and White varieties of rhinoceros, both of which generally call southern Africa home. They live in the savannah and graze on various plants and grasses found there.

The Black variety tends to stay by themselves, while the White rhinos are social and travel around in packs. Unfortunately, rhinos have long been prized by hunters for their horns, and poaching has drastically reduced their numbers across the entire continent. Conservation and education efforts are gradually succeeding in bringing rhinos away from extinction, but it’s still a treat to see the rare creatures on safari.
Cape Buffalo are considered some of the most dangerous animals in Africa because of their fierce, protective nature. It is said that they have killed more game hunters than any of Africa’s other animals; in fact, they are so aggressive that lions typically will not go after them for fear of being killed.

There are four different types of African buffalo and can be found in forests and the savannah. The massive bovines require a lot of water to stay hydrated, so they are usually seen near areas with rivers. They normally live in very large herds, and seeing thousands of them running across the savannah during a safari is truly a treat.
African Elephant
African elephants are some of the largest mammals in the world, and are generally placid creatures unless they decide that they or their children are in danger. They have long been hunted for their tusks, which are used to make ivory, but since poaching has been banned and the populations are slowly growing again.

They have their own language and make their presence known by trumpeting and growling at others to signal warnings to them. Elephants, like lions, travel in families and are usually found in forests eating up to 400 pounds of leaves and vegetation per day. Seeing an African elephant is an amazing sight.
Author Bio: The article is being written by a travel buff Jason Phillips. He has a passion to visit and find new destinations in the world. He recommends and prefers the site for his SA trips.
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Destination Information / How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation
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How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation

How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation

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When you hear the word “Caribbean,” the first thing that comes to mind is easy island living. However, as most of you might not know, there is so much more to these cluster of beautiful island than lying on the sand, sipping island cocktails, and staring at the clear blue sky.
If you want to enjoy your Caribbean vacation to the limit, here are six ways to make the most out of it!
1. Ride a wave.
Transform your beach experience into an adrenaline rush! If you’re bored with wading by the shore, you can learn to catch a wave. The islands of Puerto Rico have experts and competitive surfers who teach interested guests. Aside from teaching you how to surf, they also explain the rules and etiquette of the sport. If you’re on a tight budget, you can contact local surf instructors for affordable packages.
2. Explore rainforests.
Be like Tarzan and experience the one-of-a-kind beauty of a lush Caribbean jungle. This tropical region is filled with rainforests that are home to secluded waterfalls, old plantations, and dormant volcanoes. Take a guided walk into the jungle and take a dip into the cold water of the waterfalls if you want to. You’ll also learn about different herbs and medicinal plants and how they are useful in daily life.
3. Eat island cuisine.
When visiting the Caribbean islands, don’t miss out on tasting their sumptuous meals. Their cuisine is a combination of Indian, African, Chinese and American flavors that boasts of being one of the most delectable cuisines in the world. Seafood and fruits come highly recommended.
4. Discover the safari.
Leave the paved roads and ride off to the less-travelled parts of the tropical region. There, you’ll get to see ripe fruits, gorgeous vistas, and lush trees. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll get to see lizards, wild pigs, and flamingos. To make the most out of your outback adventure, choose to go on a topless vehicle. Nature lovers will enjoy this option.
5. Go diving.

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Treat yourself with a breathtaking adventure as you get a firsthand view of the sea below the waves. Underneath the waters of the Caribbean lies a beautiful and colorful sanctuary of fish and live corals like you’ve never seen before. All-inclusive Caribbean resorts have packages that allow you to swim among the dolphins and sharks and experience diving into shipwrecks.
6. Tour the cities.
Although famous for its long stretch white-sand beaches, the Caribbean islands are also home to cities that have played a major role in history. Many of them have been used as forts and sanctuaries during the war. Aside from the rich history, the cobblestoned streets can lead you to a row of restaurants and shopping stalls you can indulge in.
Have you ever visited the Caribbean? What did you to to enjoy your vacation? Share your ideas here!
About the author: Melissa Page is an avid blogger who writes about travel and romantic travel destinations. Apart from writing, she loves the beach and hot coffee.
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Adding a splash of style to the hen weekend

Adding a splash of style to the hen weekend

A look at what is needed to bring a touch of class to the hen weekend and how best to get it.
The traditional hen night is a night of drinks laughs and getting lost in nightclubs; but times have changed and with many brides getting married later in life they are starting to look for something a little more cultural to celebrate their upcoming wedding. If you have a friend with an upcoming wedding why not considers doing something a little less usual to help her celebrate.
Spa weekends
Getting married is a busy and often stressful time not only for the bride but for her nearest and dearest as well. So what better way to get prepared for the big day than by being pampered head to toe. Not only is it relaxing and enjoyable it is an excellent way of having all those beauty treatments done before the big day. Pamper treatments are becoming a very popular way of treating the bride to be and her fellow hens. Treatments range from manicures and pedicures to full body massages. There many great spas in the UK and 20 of the best have been highlighted by the Daily Telegraph.
Ready for the catwalk
If the bride and her hens have always wanted to look like ladies from a fashion magazine then why not head for a hotel that can not only provide fine food and surroundings but will be next door to your own professional make over session. Not only will the hens be made to look beautiful but a professional photographer will be there to capture the finished result for posterity. A makeover is a great confidence booster at any time of year but at a time when nerves will be fraying and tension running high there can be no better way of giving that special lady a boost than being made to look like a film star.
If you fancy a hen party with a touch of class then there are companies out there such as Red7 that can help you organise your parties in the best of surroundings. If you are aiming for a classy weekend then there is no point staying in second rate accommodation; pamper weekends are normally situated in five star hotels with all the service and luxuries that you would expect. There are hotels offering packages to hens across the United Kingdom and Europe so your luxury hen night can take you anywhere you chose. If your bride has always wanted to visit a particular city then why not combine your pampering sessions with sightseeing of all those places that she has wanted to see.
There are many ways to make hen weekends unforgettable and they do not have to involve too much alcohol and hangovers.  So there’s no excuse not to have a good time.
This look at options for more classy types of hen weekends was written by Emily Steves an experienced freelance writer who has written many articles about hen parties and recently attended a pamper hen weekend herself .Emily Steves enjoys the challenges of traveling around a country .
image credit to heatheronhertravels
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Travel When It Suits You With Private Charters

Travel When It Suits You With Private Charters


There are few things in life that are sweeter than an unexpected holiday! It is great to just pack a bag and head off into the sunset. Maybe you found a really great deal on Groupon, or maybe a friend offered their time-share at the last minute. Whatever the reason for your quick getaway one of the most common stumbling blocks is flight availability.
There is nothing worse than having all of the other pieces of your trip in place and then discovering that you cannot book a suitable flight. However, there is a solution and it is one that many people have probably never even considered

Watch Snow Leopard and other rare wildlife at the Himalayas

Watch Snow Leopard and other rare wildlife at the Himalayas
The Himalayas are not only the longest mountain ranges in the world, but also the highest. More than a third of all the mountain animals can be found in the Himalayas, including several species that are endangered. India is a region in Himalaya that hosts a wide range of wildlife. The incredible diversity of this region’s topography has managed to convert it into the perfect place for wild birds and animals. If you want to see some of the rarest animals in the world, the Himalayas are the perfect spot.
The Terai region found in the Himalayas is known for its Teak, Sal and rosewood/Shisham forests. As you climb the mountains, you will notice that the terrain gets suddenly crowded with Oak, Pine (Chir), Fir, Deodar, Birch, Juniper and Rhododendron trees. Besides, you will be pleased to see a large number of rare flowers. The wildlife in the Himalayas is so varied that you will definitely learn countless amazing and interesting facts by visiting it.
Wildlife in the Himalayas
In the Himalayas, wildlife is represented by deer, elephants, tigers, mountain goats, Tibetan sheep, pythons and crocodiles. If you dare climbing to higher altitudes, you may get the chance to see some of the rarest species of wild animals, such as the Blue Sheep, the Tibetan Blue Bear, the Snow Leopard and the Musk Deer.
Introducing the Snow Leopard
The Snow Leopard is a symbol for the Himalaya regions, being a large cat that is mainly found in Central Asia, especially in its mountain ranges. Snow Leopards are smaller than lions and tigers, usually weighing up to 55 kg. Their body is not very long, measuring up to 130 cm from head to tail. However, their tail is very long compared to their body, measuring even 100 cm in some cases. During summer, snow leopards usually live mountain rocky regions and meadows at an altitude higher than 2,700 m. However, during winter, they descend to the forests, at an altitude of around 1,500 m. Snow leopards are usually looking for broken terrain and can easily travel through deep snow, although they usually use the trails made by the other animals.
This species of leopard is carnivore, hunting their pray actively. However, they can also be considered opportunistic feeders, meaning that they eat all types of meat, including domestic and carrion livestock. Besides, unlike other species of big cats, snow leopards also eat remarkable amounts of vegetation, including twigs and grass. Nowadays, there are almost 600 snow leopards that can be visited in zoos, most of them living in the national parks of the Himalayas.
The Himalayas are also known for its wide variety of bird species, including those provided with colorful plumage, such as the Monal Pheasant. If you plan to visit the Himalayas, you’ll get the chance to admire some of their amazing wild species in one of the national parks found in this region. Luckily for you, the most famous national parks are described below, so you will know exactly where to go.
Wildlife and major national parks
Jimm Corbett National Park: Jim Corbett National Park is famous for its wide range of wild animals, such as elephants, leopards, deer, fishing cats, wild dogs, the Indian Gray Mongoose, monkeys, Sloth Bears, Gharials, Himalayan Black Bears, Mugger Crocodiles, Himalayan Palm Civets, etc.  This park is also home to more than 580 bird species, such as Flycatchers, Cuckoos, Parakeets, Robins, Babblers, etc.

Great Himalayan National Park: This national park is famous for its musk deer, Thar, Ghoral, Bharal, Brown Bears, Serow, and leopards, as well as Snow Leopards. If you’re interested in bird species, Great Himalayan National Park offers you the chance to see some very interesting ones, such as Monal, Cheer, Khalij and last but not least, Tragopan Pheasants.
Namdapha National Park: Tourists are attracted by wildlife animals like tigers, snow leopards, clouded leopards, pig-tailed macaques, stump-tailed macaques, elephants, black bears, deer, Indian bisons and a wide range of arboreal animals. As far as birds are concerned, this park is home to some amazing species such as the jungle fowls, the great Indian hornbills and several pheasants.
The Royal Chitwan Park: Here you’ll get the chance to admire Royal Bengal Tigers, one-horned Rhinoceros, spotted Chitals, Sloth bears, gaurs, gharials, wild dogs and leopards.
Royal Bardia National Park: This national park is the perfect destination for tourists who want to admire almost 300 different species of migratory and resident birds. Besides, Royal Bardia National Park is also famous for its barking deer, swamp deer, chitals, wild boar, Himalayan tahr, goral, serow, jackal, Indian otter, yellow-throated Marten, marsh mugger crocodiles, nilgais, etc.
Author Bio: Jason Phillips is the writer of this article. His interest in traveling is from when he was a teenager. He uses to travel and write about different places. He traveled Himalayas recently to write this article and he took help from the site
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Destination Information / Top Attractions in South Africa
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Top Attractions in South Africa

Top Attractions in South Africa
South Africa is a truly amazing country, and there is a plethora of interesting places to see and exciting things to do; thus, if you are looking for the perfect destination for an unforgettable summer holiday, here are a few places that you might want to take into account. Each one is unique in its own way, and you will surely have the time of your life visiting them.
Cape Town
Cape Town is the ultimate city to explore in South Africa, and it definitely should be included on your itinerary. Also, due to its incredible natural beauty and astonishing sightings, it is one of the most gorgeous cities on the globe, and thus it manages to attract thousands of tourists annually.  The wonderful sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and views of the Table Mountain, are converting Cape Town into an incredible tourist attraction. The plethora of international restaurants, lively night clubs, and exquisite shops, will certainly help travelers have an amazing time.

The Winelands
The Winelands are located in the east of the lovely Cape Town, and are considered the most stunning mountains in the world. Even if they’re not extremely tall, they feature mesmerizing views, plus the entire region features a rich cultural life, and a remarkable history that will impress you right from the start. Also, the Winelands comprise of various different regions, and each one features its unique wine tasting tours, during which you will be able to relish in some of the most delicious types of wines.

The charming town of Knysna is located right in the center of the Garden Route, a marvelous South African place. It is settled between the Indian Ocean, and the Outeniqua Mountains, and so far it has been ranked twice as the most beautiful city in South Africa. It is a tourist-friendly place, filled with plenty of interesting attractions, beautiful sightings, and a multitude of outdoor activities that will keep you engaged and mesmerized. Likewise, in its proximity there’s an enormous lagoon, which is the ideal place for water sports, as well as for walking or jogging.

Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park is the oldest and most impressive wildlife parks in South Africa. Famous for its safari experiences, the park is located in the proximity of Johannesburg, and it is an ideal place to see hippos, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, crocodiles, and many other animals and birds in their own natural habitat. Likewise, all the roads are in perfect condition, thus all you need to do is rent a 4&4 vehicle, and start visiting this place.

Although it’s not one of the most attractive cities in Africa, Soweto is definitely one the most interesting. It is a fascinating town located nearby Johannesburg, and it has a population of 3.5 million people. It has a rich and tumultuous, history, and it is home to some of the most astounding theatre and music performances in South Africa. If you want to know more about the country’s top artists and performers, visiting Soweto is an excellent choice.

Last but not least, we have Durban, a South African city positioned in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, on the eastern coast of the country. Because of its coastal location, it benefits from warm waters throughout the entire year, being one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Among the most significant highlights of this city are of course, the beaches that are not only lovely places to get tanned, but also great spots to relax and have a great time with your family.
Durban’s most acclaimed activities are swimming, surfing, and sailing. Likewise, the Promenade is a waterfront boulevard in Durban, ideal for walking, jogging and socializing. The boulevard hosts countless chic hotels, posh restaurants, glitzy shops, and inviting pubs. While visiting Durban you have to check out the Umgeni River Bird Park, a fabulous place that features more than 3000 exotic birds, four impressive waterfalls, and lots of endangered species that cannot be seen anywhere else in the South Africa.

As you can see, South Africa is filled with beautiful attractions. The perfect weather conditions of the country, the welcoming people, and ultimately, the places of interest will certainly convince you that South Africa is an excellent travel destination.
Author Bio: Jason Phillips enjoys writing travel writing as well as developing the software platform for his sites. He runs a number of travel and rental websites for luxury residential resorts in the Cape Town including
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4 Reasons You Should A Limousine Service Over A Taxi Service The Next Time You Go on a Vacation or Travel

Everybody loves to travel, as it is one of the best ways to experience some adventure and discover the beauty of life. The more you travel and the more vacations you go on the more great memories you’ll have. If you are planning a trip or vacation some of the things you need to think about include food, place to stay, and transportation.
When you’re traveling transportation is something you really need to think about. You don’t want to get to the airport and not have a ride to your hotel or specific destination.
If you are on a vacation or traveling anywhere you don’t want to just rent a vehicle and have to worry about looking at directions or getting lost in an unfamiliar place. This will definitely ruin any chances of you having fun and enjoying yourself while on your trip.
Thankfully there are transportation services out there that can help you avoid any hassle while traveling. The two most common transportation services utilized when people travel are taxi and limousine services. Most airports are too far from the city to use public transportation so you have to decide which of these two services you’re going to utilize.
Why Choose a Limousine Service over Taxi Service?
When most travel they automatically assume a taxi service is what they should use because they think limousines are too expensive. Limousines have the misconception that only the rich can afford to ride in these vehicles. So instead of utilizing limousine services in their traveling arrangements they settle for taxis.
However, limousines aren’t just for special occasions like the prom, weddings, anniversaries, and etc. Renting a limousine used to be expensive but now is more affordable these days for everybody. What you have to keep in mind is that a limousine is very expensive, but their rental rates are very reasonable.
Some limousine services even offer traveling or vacationing specials that make it much more cost effective than paying a taxi driver every time you need to go somewhere. You can get a flat fee rate when you utilize a limousine service that’ll only charge you a certain amount of money within the duration of your stay in the area. Meanwhile, taxi drivers utilize meters that can make you end up paying way more than you want to.
Without a doubt riding in a limousine is a lot more comfortable than riding in a taxi. When you travel you want to travel in comfort, especially when you’re on a vacation. The limousine interior gives you all the amenities needed to help you relax, worry less, and be stress free. The televisions, food and beverage compartments, high quality sound system, and a wide variety of other features makes it impossible not to enjoy yourself while traveling from destination to destination.
It’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport and having to carry your bags yourself outside, find an available taxi in an overcrowded area, and then explain to the driver where you are trying to go. When you go with a limousine service the chauffeur will already be waiting for you as soon as you get off the plane ready to carry your bags to the vehicle for you.
These chauffeurs are trained to be extremely friendly and courteous. There is no telling whom you’ll get and how courteous and professional he’ll be with you when you choose a taxi. Your chauffeur will make you and your family feel relaxed.
There won’t be any need to explain where you need to go as your chauffeur already has all details of the traveling plans given to him by his agency. Unlike taxi drivers who want to take the longer route so they can run up the meter and collect more money from you, the limousine driver will take the shortcut routes to help save you time and get you to your desired location on time.
Finally, you should choose a limousine service over a taxi service because limousines are known to be more classy and sophisticated. Riding in a high-class vehicle over a yellow taxi cab that may not smell too good or be that clean is always a good idea.
If you are traveling for a business meeting utilizing a limousine service will make a great impression on potential clients and help you close deals. If you want to ride in style and sophistication limousines are definitely your best option.
Tips For Finding The Best Limousine For Your Travel Needs
Search Within The Area You’ll Be Traveling In
Do your due diligence and search within the area or region you’ll be traveling to. You want to make sure the limousine service in that specific area has everything you want or expect.
It is a good idea to begin your search a month prior to hiring a limo service. Don’t worry about prices around this time while searching because the industry is very competitive and you can most likely negotiate a fair price once you have decided on a service that fits your needs.
Check the Maintenance Records & Cleanliness of The Limo
You want to know as much detail about the limo service as possible to make sure that everything is the way it should be. Just because a service is offering low rates doesn’t mean the vehicles are well maintained and clean.
What’s the point of renting a limousine if you’ll end up traveling like you are in an average taxi? You want the best of the best so check all the maintenance records of the company’s vehicles and ask about their cleaning standards.
Ask about who your driver will be so you know you and/or your family will be in good hands while traveling. Most companies will have an area on their website to check all of this so ask.
Negotiate Your Price
Thanks to the fact that the way the different services competing for business in today’s market limousine services have become very affordable. Just keep in mind you can always negotiate a better price, more special features, or a bigger vehicle when choosing a limousine. Tell them you have seen another service in the area offering a better rate and if they can match it, chances are they will.
Limousines definitely aren’t just for proms or weddings any more. More and more people are starting to realize they can actually use limousines for their common traveling needs.
If you follow these tips you shouldn’t have no problems finding a service that will allow you travel comfortably while on vacation or just away from home for a while. If you are looking for an Orange county limousine you should visit where you can find the lowest rates in that area.
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Destination Information / Discovering La Punta
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Discovering La Punta

Discovering La Punta

In the sea of chaos and noise that is Lima, Peru, La Punta is an island of peace.

True, technically it’s a peninsula, a slender stretch jutting out from the western edge of Callao, Lima’s bustling port, but the atmosphere at La Punta is so serene, so reminiscent of a small-town seaside resort, that you’ll feel a vast ocean separates you from Peru’s clangorous capital

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