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My apologies, I had replied to you but my message disappeared for some unknown reason.   I have been away from the site for several days.

Please could you could email us on the AMCCOMA website using the 'email tab' rather than the 'contact us' tab and see if that works.    We have not heard of any problems so far with Members trying to email us, so that if there are problems, we need to know.     

We realise that for many members, the delivery of the Notice would have been the first time they became aware of the Resolutions.   

The Resolutions have a coherence and should be taken as a whole.  Derived as a result of the circulation of the Questionnaire they provide a forum for debate.  They encourage an ongoing negotiation, within a reasonable timetable, so that the terms under which the future of the Club may be determined.


General Discussions / Re: Akeld Manor - Resolutions
« on: October 18, 2012, 23:20:58 »
I have been away for several days so am interested to see your discussion. 

I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here. 

AMCCOMA received the resolutions from Ordinary Members at Akeld who were responding to the results of the Questionnaire sent out by the Management in Jan/Feb 2012.

AMCCOMA did everything it could to ensure that the Resolutions were sent out by Akeld Management prior to the AGM so that ALL members of the Club would see them and have a chance to consider them.   

I wonder, did you return your questionnaire, Simoncc?    Have you seen the results?
They were included with the first Notice of the AGM circulated at the beginning of August. 

Of the 56% of the total membership who replied, 83% selected 'corporate surrender' as one of their preferred options with 64% selecting it as their only option.  (less than 1% of the respondents expressed an interest in the Management's preferred option of a members' buyout)

Thus a debate started by Akeld Management, has led members to the conclusion that a substantive number wish to surrender their membership, as they no longer wish to exercise their 'right to occupy'. 

The resolutions submitted [in accordance with the Club's Constitution] are designed to enable that debate to take place.    If no resolutions were submitted, it appeared to be that Akeld Management intended to dismiss the result of the ballot they instigated, and ignore the members' wishes.

As I remember it Carolinian, you wrote to the effect that, in American Timeshare Resorts, you have access to the Membership List: how sensible and reasonable.   There are, I am sure, many benefits from members being able to contact one another.

Had AMCCOMA been able to contact all the Ordinary Members, via the Members' Representatives we would have done so, however this was denied us.   I am sure you are aware of the Data Protection Act 1988.   This is the reason for Resolution 6 asking that the Members' Representatives on the Management Committee be given access to the list of members.

I am glad you are attending the AGM Simoncc, and I hope you have a chance to meet and talk to some AMCCOMA members, as I think you would then understand from where we are coming.   If you would like a preliminary chat, please contact us via the website and we will get back to you. 

We look forward to a lively and constructive debate at the AGM on 28 October.

Hello Simoncc and all the other Ordinary Members at Akeld Manor,

Akeld Manor & Country Club Ordinary Members' Association, (AMCCOMA) has changed its website and invites you to visit    There, you will be able to view the Resolutions (10 in number) that will be presented at the AGM which starts at 10.00 hours on 28-10-12.    We are advising Ordinary Members to bring a packed lunch as it is likely to be a lengthy meeting.

By going onto the AMCCOMA website and viewing the Resolutions, hopefully, will answer one of your questions, Simoncc.    In answer to the other, we have a Council of 12 Ordinary Members who have business/professional backgrounds.

We have many concerns about Akeld Manor.

We invite you to go onto the AMCCOMA website, register and email us your experiences of having a Timeshare at Akeld Manor.

The Resolutions submitted by Ordinary Members, along with other documents, have been posted out by Akeld Management in the last few days, some have been emailed so do check your 'junk mail' in case it is in there by mistake.

I hope those of you on this Forum, who are Ordinary Members at Akeld Manor, will attend the AGM on 28th October.                 
It would be a good idea to send in an Attendance slip if you are attending, it will be with the Notices sent out in early August.

Members of AMCCOMA will be attending and will be very pleased to meet you there, so come and make yourselves known to us.    It will be obvious who we are.

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