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Shark Alley / Re: Claims Solution Group - fe...
Last post by Williamdobbs - May 19, 2020, 09:06:34
  do you mean Bryan Wilson the ex timeshare salesman and fake Lawyer?
Shark Alley / Claims Solution Group - feedba...
Last post by Worried son - May 18, 2020, 12:14:53

My folks have been scammed over Eze Group and in attempting to recover their lost monies.  Now they have been approached by someone in the industry recommending Claims Solution Group from Aberfeldy as the good guys to help them in a "no-win, no-fee" style.  This sounds positive but there has been talk of "fees that need paying at the time" and this sounds fishy.

Anyone out there have experience of Claims Solution Group, or it's Directors Bryan Wilson and Melanie Simmons?  Are they the good guys?  I'd appreciate your feedback so I can help my folks might the right choices.

Worried son
General Discussions / Re: So Little Activity on This...
Last post by fellrunner - May 18, 2020, 10:18:46
Quote from: fellrunner on May 17, 2020, 12:16:47Great way to recreate confidence in this forum. Two words have been replaced in my post these words simply said who was being investigated by police.

Good to see that the two emoticons have now been replaced by the name of the company who are said to be having their activities looked into by the police.

Well done.. Honesty is the best policy.
General Discussions / Re: So Little Activity on This...
Last post by fellrunner - May 17, 2020, 12:16:47
Great way to recreate confidence in this forum. Two words have been replaced in my post these words simply said who was being investigated by police.
General Discussions / Re: So Little Activity on This...
Last post by fellrunner - May 17, 2020, 11:24:25
As I understand it from another forum. The main posters and moderators moved away from this site when it changed hands and also changed its posting rules. Other regular posters said they were then subjected to censorship and some were banned or suspended and a lack of confidence in the impartiality of the site was thus created and regular posters moved elsewhere to a forum where the former moderators on here now reside. Timesharetalk was then sold on and taken over by a group of companies attached to Monster Travel who are currently said to be investigated by the police. This has probably resulted in a further lack of confidence.
 It is said that the site has again changed hands and could well be back with those who changed the posting rules. None of this activity has resulted in the return of confidence in the impartiality of the site. Obviously if this post becomes removed it will simply add to that lack of confidence.   
General Discussions / So Little Activity on This web...
Last post by Euroout - May 15, 2020, 22:37:13
There is so little activity on this website, I am wondering what its purpose is?

No malice intended with the post, but I recall this website as being extremely active with a number of regular contributors and a tremendous amount of news and information. Is timeshare so uninteresting now or a dead duck in the water?

Sandie Grey was one name I recall who made regular contributions and the repartee was always interesting!

Genuine question from a happy timeshare owner of at least 30 years.
General Discussions / Jurisdication
Last post by seager64 - May 13, 2020, 17:07:45
Could anybody explain how McDonalds are threatening to instigate legal proceeding against owners for non payment of annual maintenance fees in UK courts for Spanish resorts. When Spanish courts have already ruled they have jurisdiction over property in Spain. Surely any owner would only have to have the case transferred to a Spanish court for it to fail due, if it broke timeshare law.       
We have prepared an article including answers to frequently asked questions following the abnouncement of Azure Resorts going into liquidation. The Article also incldues information about the Azure Group corporate structure.

The artcile can be viewed via the link below

The cold callers are already very exicted about this and giving some misleading information (as usual).
I have had a number of clients contact me.

The cold callers are now becoming desperate and telling lies and untruths to close deals.

The latest assertion being made is that Club la Costa will let maintenance fees build up, wait a few years and then sue even if memberships have been terminated or suspended. This is utter nonsense as I am sure Club la Costa will confirm itself. I reproduce below what I said in response to such an enquiry:

I refer to our conversation this afternoon.

CLC cannot pursue you for future maintenance fees. CLC has elected to give notice to suspend your membership. CLC cannot lift the membership unilaterally. Only you can do that. CLC has confirmed they will not contact you in the future.

Clause 5.5.1 of the scheme Rules deals with suspensions. Under the rules how it works is that a membership is terminated and kept in suspension for 5 years. During that 5 year period "the owner may apply" to reinstate their membership which will only be reinstated if the owner agrees "to be bound by the Rules". There is no provision from CLC to lift the suspension. The rules are attached. You can read them yourself.

I can confirm therefore  that CLC cannot pursue you for future maintenance fees. The Rules are clear. CLC has confirmed in writing that it will not contact you.

The ex timeshare salesman that cold called you with his or her bad advice is therefore wrong. They are either dishonest or too bone idle to read the underlying contractual documents.

We have been getting a number of enquiries from people that are being cold called by so called "paralegals".

In nearly every case the information that people are getting from these cold callers is simply wrong and in some cases dangerously misleading.

It begs the question what is a paralegal?

I have been a solicitor for nearly twenty years. I started my career in a medium sized firm before moving to a city firm and, with partners, opening my own firm 6 years ago. I have worked with and employed paralegals. usually they are law graduates treading water until they are offered what is known as a formal two year training contract following which if they have passed a legal practice and professional skills and ethics course they are admitted as a Solicitor of the Superior Courts of England and Wales.

Save for small matters paralegals are not client facing and do not have conduct of cases. They work under the strict supervision of an experienced solicitor within a pyramid structure beneath partners, associates and assistant solicitors. Commonly their tasks are administrative in nature  - note taking, photocopying, preparing bundles and so on. Their work is checked by a solicitor. They have  no involvement in strategic decisions or giving advice to clients or serious drafting. They have no rights of audience before a court nor can they conduct litigation (which is business reserved for solicitors or barristers).

Paralegals have an important role within well structured firms as a part of a team run by solicitors.

The concept of paralegals running their own firms, unsupervised and without any formal legal education, training or qualification is unusual to the world of timeshare dispute resolution. Why is this? The reason is simple. The term paralegal has no real meaning nor is it a regulated profession. By contrast it is illegal to describe oneself as solicitor when you are not. The term "paralegal" is therefore a title that anyone, mainly ex-timeshare salesmen, can bestow upon themselves.

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