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Advice Forum / Re: How to Legally Get Out of Your Timeshare
« Last post by daveh44 on April 13, 2019, 09:58:10 »
Sorry , I have been away.

Yes, of course, carry on ignoring it.

Note: they cannot find her contract - a little difficult for them to take any action on a contract they cannot produce - ha ha ha
General Discussions / Re: RCI Exchanges
« Last post by Morpheus on April 12, 2019, 11:54:08 »
I spoke recently to one of the increasingly rare owners of timeshare at the Beverly Hills  / Mirage resorts.

To exchange a studio apartment (which is what he owns) his costs come to about £750 (maintenance and charges). He was horrified to discover very similar but slightly larger and refurbished studio apartments in the adjacent private development rent out at under £300 per week ...
Timeshare News / Earthquake hits Tenerife
« Last post by Tanveer Karn on April 11, 2019, 22:51:33 »
Earthquake hits Tenerife: Tourist hotspot is shaken by 4.2 tremor in the Atlantic

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Canary Islands on Friday morning

Residents and tourists on Tenerife reported feeling tremors just after 6.30am

Previous seismic activity sparked fears it could cause Mount Teide to erupt

However, scientists say other signals would alert them if volcano was set to blow

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 has struck in the Atlantic between Tenerife and Gran Canaria early this morning.

Residents and tourists on the island of Tenerife reported feeling tremors just after 6.30am on Friday.

The National Geographic Institute confirmed the earthquake, initially reported as a 4.2 magnitude, occurred at 6.36am, at a depth of 3.1miles (5km).

It added that a seismic movement of magnitude 1.9 on the Richter scale had been registered in the same place a minute earlier. Two other seismic movements had also been recorded, one at 1.7 magnitude at 2.23am, and and another at 03.07 and of magnitude 1.9.

Increased seismic activity in the Canary Island in the past year has sparked fears they may have an effect on Mount Teide, the large volcano on Tenerife. However, this has been dismissed by scientists, who say it takes more than earthquakes to bring on an eruption.

Professor Mike Burton, chair in volcanology at the University of Manchester, said last year: 'There's plenty of tectonic seismicity in the Canary Islands due to plate motion which doesn't directly produce volcanic activity, and there are some earthquake locations to the southeast of Tenerife which are consistent with this.

'Before an eruption on Tenerife or any of the other Canary Islands there would be clear precursory signals in seismicity, gas and ground deformation.'

Locals took to social media after feeling the effects of the earthquake on island of Tenerife.

 'Has there been an earthquake on Tenerife? What a scare!' one person wrote.

'Earthquake in the centre of Tenerife!' said another.

The Canary volcanology institute, Involcan says earthquakes of this magnitude have been recorded in the recent past between Tenerife and Gran Canaria and therefore, 'it is normal that they register now and in the future'.

They posted this morning: 'All the stations of the Canary Seismic Network (C7) located in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro and Lanzarote have registered the magnitude 4.4 earthquake, which occurred between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, at 06:36:51 today. 

'That has been widely felt in Tenerife and in some locations of Gran Canaria.

'The tectonic activity related to the fault between Tenerife and Gran Canaria is the most probable cause of this earthquake.

'Remember that earthquakes of this magnitude have been recorded in the recent past between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, such as the magnitude 5.2 which occurred on May 9, 1989; therefore, it is normal that they register now and in the future.'
Egerton Advisory Service and the claims against Eze group

Posted on April 9, 2019 by mindtimeshare

It looks like the sentence against the directors of Eze Group has given dubious cold callers all kinds of “creative” ideas.

One of these cold callers is Egerton Advisory Service.

A woman called Sarah and a man called George Smith are supposedly calling from the company Egerton Advisory.

They inform the consumer that they are named on a list of people defrauded by Eze and that they are entitled to compensation.

He claims the two owners of Eze group who have been charged and found guilty, have now been ordered to pay back ex-customers by the Madrid court. Supposedly the case was transferred from Tenerife where their Head offices were based in the past 10 years to the Madrid courts.

The money was also deposited in the Spanish bank in Madrid and Egerton Advisory is going to sort it all out for the consumers.

The consumer will get all the money back they paid to Eze Group.

After the initial call, a follow up email is received from a Sarah Elliott who states the following:

“Our processing fee is £750 this includes our fees, courier service, and translation services, once you have paid our fees we will be under contract with you to finalize the claim, all monies will be settled within 10 working days. If the process does not complete within the given timeframe all monies will be returned to you the client.

All monies that you will be receiving are being settled to you by the successful outcome of recent court proceedings against Regency Shore (EZE Group) Holdings SL, were upon you were listed as one of their members.

All monies and procedure are contractually and fiscally guaranteed by our long-standing relationship with the high court in Madrid and the central bank of Spain, this is also applicable to our clients that have an issue with any (EZE Group) dealings and or concerns in Portugal. As we also have a good working relationship with the Portuguese chamber of commerce.”


Although they are using the name of a registered company in the UK, we have no doubt that this company has NOTHING to do with the actual cold callers.

Contact details for this dubious set up are:

Telephone: 02037452315

If Egerton Advisory Service approached you on a cold call or maybe by letter with the guarantee of obtaining your money back through the Madrid courts, please let us know.

You can send us an email to or fill in the CONTACT US form.
Social media companies will be legally required to protect users, with bosses potentially held personally liable if they do not comply, under new government plans.

The proposed measures form part of a government plan to make the UK one of the safest places in the world to be online.

Charities and campaigners have been calling for greater regulation, following concerns over the growth of violent content, encouraging suicide, disinformation and the exposure of children to cyber bullying and other inappropriate material.

Those two groups have welcomed the plans, although a trade body has warned they may be too broad in scope to be effective.

The proposals on online harms, drawn up by the Home Office and Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, say a regulator will be appointed to ensure companies meet their responsibilities.
These will be laid out in a new mandatory duty of care, which will require firms to take more responsibility for the safety of users and be more proactive in tackling the harm caused on their platforms.

The regulator - either a new body or an existing one like Ofcom - will have the ability to hit companies with "substantial" fines, block access to their sites and "potentially impose liability on individual member of senior management".

General Discussions / Re: RCI Exchanges
« Last post by Firetrader on April 10, 2019, 08:11:48 »
Well I must say things have definately slowed up from my perspective. I have had a search on all year for this coming May and only just  achieved an exchange, fees now up to £181 for European excchanges, if you add up my maintenance fee plus exchange fee plus RCI member fee its around £670 ( perhaps a little less if you think of the membership fee is for the year).Never the less its a UK exchange - ta similar week privately is advertised at £658 to book. All in all, when you add up the inconsitancy of getting a booking with RCI (or not) and having to buy a timeshare no wonder its decreasing in usage/popularity.Thinking about changing tactics.....
General Discussions / Re: RCI Exchanges
« Last post by Morpheus on April 09, 2019, 14:05:58 »
Also, as had happened in far to many places (eg Beverly Hills in Tenerife) owners being driven out of their own weeks and the overall inventory declining rapidly as a result
RCI, the world's largest timeshare vacation exchange network, is celebrating 45 years of delivering unmatched vacation memories that last a lifetime. The company has been revolutionizing the vacation ownership experience since 1974, offering its members the flexibility to exchange their vacation ownership for time at different resorts around the world.

Since its inception, RCI has delivered more than 56 million vacations to its members around the world.

Christel and Jon DeHaan started RCI, pioneering the timeshare exchange concept. A little over a decade later, the company confirmed more than 300,000 exchanges, welcomed more than 1,000 affiliates and made Inc. 500's list of one of the fastest-growing privately-owned businesses in the U.S. RCI was acquired by what is now Wyndham Destinations in 1996.

Celebrating its 45th year in 2019, RCI now has approximately 3.8 million members and 4,300 affiliated resorts in approximately 110 countries, adding more than 172 new properties to its affiliate exchange network in 2018 alone.

In February, RCI named hospitality industry veteran Olivier Chavy as its President, bringing new leadership to guide the growth of the company's network and travel services, including oversight of its collection of leading brands RCI, The Registry Collection, DAE and Love Home Swap.

Formerly CEO of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, Chavy brings 30 years of international experience and executive leadership roles spanning luxury hotel and timeshare resort operations.

"This is an exciting time to join the RCI family. With 45 years of rich history, the company is primed for its next chapter," said Chavy. "I look forward to igniting our global growth strategy and working with our dynamic team to develop innovative products and services, giving our members even more ways to enjoy their dream vacations."

RCI continues to evolve to address the needs and lifestyles of its members, while designing tools that revolutionize the timeshare industry. In just the past five years, RCI has implemented:

An expansion of RCI Platinum®, a member tier that offers an upgraded level of benefits, allowing members to enjoy special privileges, including extended use of unused points, guided vacation tours and complimentary unit upgrades.
An expansion of global travel options, including India, Japan, the Dominican Republic and other global destinations.

The first visual remote selling system for the timeshare industry,  a touchscreen interface that allows sales teams to virtually communicate with  owners and prospects removing the barrier of traditional face-to-face selling practices and owner communication.

This year, RCI also celebrated a philanthropic milestone – its 13th consecutive year as title sponsor of the annual RCI Christel House Open International Charity Golf Tournament.

Christel DeHaan, founder and CEO of Christel House International and co-founder of RCI, established the charity in 1998.The charity now operates learning centers across the globe, helping more than 5,100 children become independent adults.

"RCI is a much different operation today than it was 20 years ago," said Chavy. "What has not, and will not ever change, is our commitment to deliver priceless vacations to our members and outstanding service to our affiliates."

For more information, visit

About RCI

 RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange, housing a unique portfolio of brands. RCI pioneered the concept of vacation exchange in 1974, offering members increased flexibility and versatility with their vacation ownership experience. Today, through the RCI Weeks® program, the week-for-week exchange system, and the RCI Points® program, the industry's first global points-based exchange system, RCI offers its 3.8 million members access to more than 4,300 affiliated resorts in approximately 110 countries. RCI's luxury exchange program.

 The Registry Collection® program, is the world's largest program of its kind with approximately 200 affiliated properties either accessible for exchange or under development on six continents. RCI's portfolio of brands also includes Love Home Swap, one of the world's largest home exchange programs, DAE,
Advice Forum / Timeshare Association and Friends
« Last post by Tanveer Karn on April 08, 2019, 15:49:36 »
You tried putting your timeshare on the market, only to learn that since the recession, many buyers consider timeshares to be a bad investment. You asked the timeshare company for help selling, but they saw no financial benefit in letting you go.
Ask the Timeshare Assoctaion
Advice Forum / Timeshare Association
« Last post by Tanveer Karn on April 08, 2019, 15:46:11 »
To assist consumers trapped by predatory timeshare companies, a number of third-party companies have emerged to help owners escape the trap of a bad investment. These timeshare-exit-companies, which are subject to appropriate regulations, give consumers an important option.
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