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Timeshare News / Carl James Associates
Last post by TimeshareTalk - September 25, 2020, 10:54:51
 Gerry or Gerald Tiernan, who was formally a sales and marketing director at Eze Group, which was prosecuted by Trading Standards represents Stoke firm Carl James Associates deal with the relinquishment of timeshares but it cost you £4,200. For that, they introduce you to Fullbrook Associates formerly Fullbrook Marketing Limited (a marketing company.

the seek to suggest that they are credible as they paid to be recommended by the 'Parliamentary Review' who are another marking company.

£150million has been lost to timeshare exit scams
Report Cold Calling Here / Cold call or not
Last post by Jo - September 14, 2020, 16:25:41
Meridian litigation advisors S.L. Involved with them is claims solutions anyone had dealings with these people
Timeshare News / Timeshare Termination Team - ...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - September 02, 2020, 12:14:17
A timeshare termination business based in Truro has been the subject of a number of consumer concerns, including its VAT number, its methods and its 'customer reviews'.

Timeshare Termination Team, which was registered at UK Companies House as Timeshare Termination Ltd. only last November, has consumers that have engaged with it asking questions. These include:

Why, on their invoices, they are using the VAT number of another, seemingly unconnected timeshare exit and claims business - Mercantile Claims Management Solutions?

How the 'exit confirmations' they provide to clients, which they base their large fees on, can be confirmed as being a genuine termination - since no formal legal action has been taken and the timeshare businesses contacted by the company do not acknowledge the validity of the termination?
Why there are online reviews on the company's website that date back to 2015 when the business was only formed in late 2019?

There are other questions too, about suspicious Google reviews and an apparent 'legal indemnity' for clients that are also used by Mercantile Claims. Timeshare Termination Team have insisted that all is above board and have been pressing for payment of their fees for their 'unilateral terminations services', but consumers are first demanding clear answers to their concerns and have asked Trading Standards to investigate.

Advice Forum / Re: Silverpoint/Resort Propert...
Last post by Morpheus - July 16, 2020, 16:43:17
If they contacted you the odds are that they're a scam outfit, probably run by ex timeshare salesmen!

Persoanlly I wouldn't touch them on that basis
Advice Forum / Silverpoint/Resort Properties
Last post by SIZLESUZ - July 13, 2020, 10:41:38
We started buying timeshare from Resort Properties (now Silverpoint) back in 2007 on the promise that it would be a "good investment" and we would be able to make a profit in 2 years!  Whenever we went back to the resort we were persuaded to buy more timeshare and so the story goes on!  Now I understand Silverpoint are apparently in the process of administration.  I have been approached by a company called Timeshare Legals who claim they can get my money back (circa £60k) plus compensation for misselling the timeshares.  They use a company called JLSA who are Spanish solicitors and would take my case to court in Tenerife.  The only drawback is they are asking for £8,000 up front for court fees.  I am obviously cautious about losing yet more money and would very much like to know if anyone has used this company and if so, have they had a successful claim through the Spanish court.
Thank you
Shark Alley / Sarah Waddington Solicitors no...
Last post by APC Investigations - July 07, 2020, 17:44:35
Dear Member

It has come to our attention that firms of solicitors (Sarah Waddington of Ware, Hertfordshire being one of them) have been contacting our members with promises of securing the cancellation of their ownerships at Slaley Hall and Belton Woods.
Please note:
A.   Cancellation can only be carried out directly with us and not any third party. No third party has authority to act for us, and no third party is entitled to cancel any ownership on your behalf.
B.   All members remain owners of their weeks, and liable for any associated fees, until such time as cancellation has been agreed with, and notified directly by us.
If you have paid any money to any third party in relation to a purported cancellation of Ownership, we suggest that you contact the third party immediately, and consider taking legal advice.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Wynchgate House, Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke, Bristol,

BS32 4JT | Tel: 01994 438 403

Sharon Kinsella

Shark Alley / Re: Claims Solution Group - fe...
Last post by Williamdobbs - June 23, 2020, 15:01:52
 They are no longer approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

No longer registered as an Appointed Representative. The FCA says Do not start to do 'REGULATED' business with an AR that is no longer registered

General Discussions / Re: Jurisdication
Last post by David Cox - June 23, 2020, 10:51:11
Simply put. It is not McDonald's who are pursuing owners it is the club represented by - McDonald's

As the club is domiciled in Scotland and the consumers either live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland  -the jurisdiction is in the countries where - the consumer lives. If they live in Spain - that will be the jurisdiction.
Advice Forum / Re: Jsd group limited
Last post by David Cox - June 23, 2020, 10:40:21
This might help

Their company was struck off 18th of May 2018.
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