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Shark Alley / Re: Timeshare Termination Team...
Last post by APC Investigations - November 27, 2019, 10:52:48
Another cold caller has been brought to our attention this week, this one by the name of Timeshare Termination Team UK.

This company is not to be mistaken with a company by the exact same name which has been doing business in the USA for years.

The one that is cold calling mainly UK consumers is Timeshare Termination Team UK with their website

On the website, it is mentioned that Timeshare Termination Team is a trading style of Exit My Timeshare Group.

The website seems to be full of inconsistencies. They claim to have been around since 2014, but the web was registered in June 2019.

So far, they say they have terminated over 500 Timeshare contracts, and recovered over £600,000 in claims for their clients. Which seems an awful lot of money in only 4 months' time.

In the different sections of the web, it looks like there is a lot of information, but we were unable to find, for example, a Companies House registration number for Timeshare Termination Team or Exit my Timeshare Group.

Contact details from the web are:
Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8PN

Telephone; 01872 308699

If Timeshare Termination Team UK has contacted you with their offer for relinquishment services, please let us have your feedback.
Shark Alley / EK Claims Ltd
Last post by TimeshareTalk - November 26, 2019, 11:35:19
EK Claims Ltd is a fake Timeshare Lawyers and a band of unregulated claims managers.

The company operates from 66 Croston, Garstang, Preston PR3 1HR and is known by its company registration number 10591152. EK Claims is owned by Mr Ian Kirby and its website is recorded as being

EK Claims insist they are a bespoke, advice company which specialise in assisting with the legal and efficient release from Timeshare Agreements, however, they are a banditry of timeshare salespeople, hell-bent on charging fortunes to perform work they are - incapable of doing.

General Discussions / Re: Giving away a timeshare
Last post by TimeshareTalk - November 26, 2019, 06:49:39
You can try Gumtree or some other site like bumblebee etc
or try the resellers like the timeshare shop.

General Discussions / Giving away a timeshare
Last post by Adri - November 25, 2019, 14:25:38
how do I advertise my timeshare weeks ?? I want to offer them for no charge, hoping that they go to a new owner to enjoy
Shark Alley / Re: Timeshare Termination Team...
Last post by APC Investigations - November 25, 2019, 09:27:43
Another cold caller has been brought to our attention this week, this one by the name of Timeshare Termination Team UK.

This company is not to be mistaken with a company by the exact same name which has been doing business in the USA for years.

The one that is cold calling mainly UK consumers is Timeshare Termination Team UK.
Shark Alley / Re: Timeshare Termination Team...
Last post by EddyNoP - November 24, 2019, 09:22:11
Smiths sound like Whisky priests
Shark Alley / Timeshare Termination Team UK
Last post by APC Investigations - November 22, 2019, 17:28:39

Timeshare Termination Team UK is the trading name of Timeshare Termination Ltd which is known by its Company reg number 12301911.

According to Companies House the company was incorporated on the 6th of November 2019, is valued at £10.00 and run by Ms Tracy Ann Davison.

She is also a Director of: -

Bright Marketing Ltd, Company registration Number No.12315432 was incorporated eight days later on the 14th of November 2019 and is valued at £100.


Formantle Limited, registration Number No12206719, was incorporated two months earlier on the 13th of September 2019 and is valued at £10.

Ms Tracy Ann Davison was born in September 1971, is today 48 years old and her business location is declared as being at Chestnut House, Church Lane, Utterby, Louth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, LN11 0TH.   

The Timeshare Termination Team

The Timeshare Termination Team claim their business commenced in 2014; however, you will appreciate that this is an untruth as they were incorporated on the 6th of November 2019 (5 years later). The website videos clearly state that they work with Solicitors.

When dealing with this company you will be assisted by a person who describes himself as a 'Senior Partner' called Mr R Blackburn. You will equally appreciate that this is a Limited Company, not a partnership accordingly the title 'Senior Partner' might be convincing; however, is misleading.

They claim to provide a safe and secure way for customers to terminate their Timeshare contracts however, the termination letter sent is not given to you unless you sign a 10-year non-disclosure agreement preventing you from disclosing it to anyone else.

When they claim to have terminated the timeshare, they (much like Mercantile Claims) explain they will consider a claim for compensation in the event the timeshare was mis-sold. However, this claim will be handled by a solicitor. When enquiring who this solicitor is, you are told they are 'Claim Experts 4U'.

When Visiting Claims Experts 4U, it explains this is a trading name of Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited who are not Solicitors, so again misleading.

Claim Experts 4 U also claim to exist at Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro, Cornwall,
TR4 8PN, and they can be contacted by way of Tel: 01872 309570. This might be the case however their registered office is located at 90 New Town Row, Aston, Birmingham, England, B6 4HZ.

When exiting your timeshare and not being provided with the termination notice you are then informed that you are covered by a unique insurance policy provided by ARTS SCHEME and you are signposted to and the scheme is explained on the website.
The alleged insurer is Assured Reliable Timeshare Services Ltd [ARTS] who's registered office is Unit 3, Merchant, Evegate Business Park, Ashford, Kent, England, TN25 6SX. TEL: 01303 812334 and this company was incorporated on The 17th of June 2019 Company No. 12052994.

The Director is Alexander Morrison and he was born in September 1950. The company has no share capital, therefore is valueless. The company is 'under guarantee' however, the guarantor promises to guarantee the sum of £0.00.

Mr Alexander Morrison also created a company on the 6th of June, 11 days earlier that the one mentioned above. This company was titled Administration Resources & Timeshare Services Ltd Again ARTS however this Company is located at Unit 115-119, Fort Dunlop, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, B24 9FE the same place as Praetorian Legal Ltd which incidentally is the Sister Company to Mercantile Claims.

Both Assured Reliable Timeshare Services Ltd and Administration Resources & Timeshare Services Ltd were created by the trading name of Startly Limited who again locate their registered office at Unit 3, Merchant, Evegate Business Park, Ashford, Kent, England, TN25 6SX

The memorandum of association of each company is worded the same each being worthless.

If you want access to the alleged insurance Policy, you are warned that your I.P Address will be recorded, and you are not entitled to share any information with others. If you do get access you will find a page titled welcome to Assured Reliable Timeshare Services Limited and this is what it says (as at the 21st of November 2019).

Welcome to Assured Reliable Timeshare Services Limited

Below is a summary of the protection you are afforded under the Terms of the Unique and
protective Trust.

The Trust has been formed exclusively for the protection of timeshare owners; it provides peace of mind solution to timeshare owners who wish to terminate their timeshare agreement.

With Assured Reliable Timeshare Services Protective Trust, you have legal cover up to the sum of 10000. This valuable and unique protection will cover all the following;

Legal Fees (including legal representation in court), court Fees and Maintenance Fees that are subject to litigation.
In the unlikely event that the court make an award against you at the final hearing. Less than 2% of timeshare termination matters are ever litigated.

This is to confirm that ***********, are beneficiaries and are Protected under the provision of the Assured Reliable Timeshare Services Trust in respect of the unilateral termination of the timeshare held with **********.
If your correct details appear above, we can confirm that An amount of money has been paid into the Trust on behalf of persons named above (the beneficiaries). We can confirm that Timeshare Termination Team UK, Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro, Cornwall, TR4 8PN. Have deposited the requisite amount requested by the trustees.

You must now abide by the rules laid down by the Trust.

•   You Must NOT allow anyone not covered under the Trust to gain access to this portal.

•   This port is solely for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Trust only.

•   You must NOT engage with your timeshare resort in any way whatsoever. This is for no other reason,
other than to avoid your resort trying to sell you other products or talk you out of terminating your Timeshare or telling you that you have been scammed. Timeshare resorts have a skill in convincing owners that what they have done is wrong unless it involves you spending money with them.

•   You MUST continue to send any timeshare correspondence direct to the timeshare company who assisted you to terminate your timeshare.

•   If you continue receive maintenance fee demands, You Must continue to send them to the company who assisted you to terminate your timeshare.

WARNING: if you breach the Standard Terms & Conditions of the Trust or any of the bulleted items immediately above. You will receive a written notice of termination from the Trustees. If you are in any doubt about what you should or should do (sic as stated on the website) contact your Timeshare Termination company before you act. Once Cover is terminated you will not be able to return to the Trust and all access to this Portal will be blocked.


This indicates it's not an indemnity Scheme but is a 'trust' and was created to give protections. That protection is given by the donors, whose donations are undisclosed and to the trustee who does not identify him/herself and for a number of undisclosed beneficiaries.

As all needy information is absent the available sum 'in trust' are not declared thus, the benefits are illusory.

It is claimed that only 2 % of all timeshare resorts pursue consumer for unpaid maintenance fees however, that is an estimate and it's that sum in any event that the donations are based on. One can quite understand that Trust money will be used to insure the members against any forward liabilities however, the document fails to provide the insurer, the policyholder and those who indemnify them.

As it is declared that 8,000 clients are indemnified and 2% might be subject to £10,000 liability the sums insured (exclusive of costs) is £1,600,000 and the declared reserves are £0.00.

Furthermore, should a trust truly exist a 'Deed of Trust' is required and that too, is absent?

When this matter was explained to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) they said, "We can't find any records of this company being regulated and consumers should be very distrustful of them".
Timeshare News / What is an unincorporated Time...
Last post by TimeshareTalk - November 22, 2019, 14:16:59

This article focuses on what Timeshare clubs (unincorporated associations) are, how they are structured, governed and the issues to be considered when dealing with terminating membership within them.
What is an unincorporated Timeshare club?
An 'unincorporated Timeshare club' is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit.

You don't need to register a Timeshare Club, and it doesn't cost anything to set one up. Individual members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations and equally individual members of committees can be held jointly and severally liable for contracts entered into on behalf of the association should the association permit them to.

If the association trades and makes a profit Corporation Tax is due in the same way as a limited company is.
The Timeshare Club is in a legal form commonly adopted by members of the and other not-for-profit organisations. Its lack of discrete legal identity is at the root of many of the problems which third parties encounter in dealing with such organisations. It is often the case that an organisation may start off as an unincorporated association because the structure is cheap to set up and can be run with relative informality, but as its membership grows and its dealings become more complex, the uncertainties surrounding the association's lack of separate legal identity drive members to adopt more certain or regulated form (such as the company limited by Guarantee). There is no statutory definition for a timeshare Club, but a number of definitions appear in case law. The most well-known definition comes from Lawton LJ in Conservative and Unionist Central Office v Burrell [1982] WLR 522, who defined the entity as: -
"two or more persons bound together for one or more common purposes, not being business purposes, by mutual undertakings each having mutual duties and obligations, in an organisation which has rules which identify in whom control of it and its funds rests and on what terms and which can be joined or left at will".
The same judge described the unincorporated association as a "creature of contract ", where the contract in question is made between the members of the association. The terms on which they contract with each other are the association's rules, and the consideration for entering into contractual relations is the member's pre membership payment and the maintenance obligations.

 A similar definition appears in Re Koeppler's Will Trust [1985] 3 WLR 765:  "an association of persons bound together by identifiable rules and having an identifiable membership".

For continued reading click the link provided

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