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[Timeshare News] Earthquake hits Tenerife Tanveer Karn 71 0
[Timeshare News] Egerton Advisory Service and the claims against Eze group - by mindtimeshare Tanveer Karn 84 0
[Timeshare News] Social media firms face fines as part of crackdown on harmful content Tanveer Karn 78 0
[Timeshare News] RCI, the world's largest timeshare vacation exchange network Tanveer Karn 78 0
[Advice Forum] Timeshare Association and Friends Tanveer Karn 101 0
[Advice Forum] Timeshare Association Tanveer Karn 94 0
[General Discussions] Fake Lawyers to be Held Accountable Athena Law Solicitors 93 0
[General Discussions] Donaldson Bruce Important Announcement Athena Law Solicitors 155 1
[General Discussions] Who is this bright spark Williamdobbs 164 0
[Timeshare News] Diamond Resorts settles with Arizona, an pay $800,000 TimeshareTalk 130 0
[General Discussions] TIMESHARE CLAIMS COMPANIES D DAY ARRIVES MONDAY 1ST APRIL 2019 Athena Law Solicitors 176 1
[Shark Alley] Eze Group Directors jailed for bullying the elderly Tanveer Karn 162 0
[General Discussions] EZE GROUP BOSS GOES TO PRISON Athena Law Solicitors 156 0
[Advice Forum] Is the website you consult --- legal Tanveer Karn 145 0
[General Discussions] Warning to Ex Timeshare Salesmen Giving Legal Advice Athena Law Solicitors 190 0
[Advice Forum] What Happens if a Resort Pulls Out of RCI Affiliation? andyread999 245 2
[Timeshare News] The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Tanveer Karn 216 1
[Timeshare News] Perry Booth of Sarah Waddington's Solicitors found guilty Tanveer Karn 196 0
[Advice Forum] Understanding Timeshare Tanveer Karn 158 0
[Timeshare News] Holiday scams Tanveer Karn 199 0
[Timeshare News] Judges no longer able to view bank records ‘without suspicion’ Tanveer Karn 167 0
[Timeshare News] Floridians need a timeout from timeshares Tanveer Karn 124 0
[Timeshare News] Global Vacation Ownership (Timeshare) Market analysis Tanveer Karn 114 0
[Timeshare News] Florida's elected officials are currently being subjected tomanipulative tactics TimeshareTalk 78 0
[General Discussions] RCI Exchanges Firetrader 362 5
[General Discussions] Meredith Pritchard - yet another scam timeshare exit company closed down Athena Law Solicitors 243 1
[General Discussions] Seth Lovis timeshare solicitors have ceased trading Athena Law Solicitors 344 2
[Timeshare News] Meredith Pritchard Claims Consultants Ltd and First Law Solutions Ltd TimeshareTalk 207 1
[Timeshare News] Disturbing news regarding Sarah Waddington's Solicitors TimeshareTalk 187 0
[Shark Alley] Donaldson Bruce Associates imskint 353 2
[General Discussions] Burnside (Hapimag) Bowness on Windermere Firetrader 221 2
[Timeshare News] Perry Booth of Sarah Waddington's Solicitors found guilty Tanveer Karn 250 0
[Timeshare News] Waddington's Solicitors Tanveer Karn 233 0
[Advice Forum] Sarah Waddingtons Solicitors -Warning Tanveer Karn 279 2
[General Discussions] Eze group prosecution update Athena Law Solicitors 202 0
[Shark Alley] SPS Carrington Associates, Eckington, Derbyshire nochangehere 683 6
[Timeshare News] Ownership Change by Deed for Timeshares in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Neva TimeshareTalk 625 0
[Timeshare News] Sweeping changes to take place in South African Timeshares? Rolandg 502 0
[Advice Forum] USA Timeshare - UK Citizen baw441 945 11
[General Discussions] Dead wrong? Legal Advice Rolandg 902 5
[Timeshare News] DO NOT PAY ANY OF THE ABOVE COMPANIES TimeshareTalk 719 0
[General Discussions] Dead End Legal Service Harrison Moorcroft Williamdobbs 575 0
[Timeshare News] Proceeds of the Crimes you have Committed TimeshareTalk 563 0
[Advice Forum] How to Legally Get Out of Your Timeshare Tanveer Karn 1010 4
[Timeshare News] I have been telephoned by people offering legal services. Is this allowed? TimeshareTalk 689 1
[Timeshare News] Three men charged in timeshare recovery scam between 2012 and 2013 TimeshareTalk 492 0
[Timeshare News] A Bottomless Pit into Which You Pour Money TimeshareTalk 659 0
[General Discussions] Barclays Partner Finance TimeshareTalk 904 1
[Timeshare News] SINGAPORE Three Timeshare men have been charged TimeshareTalk 540 0
[Timeshare News] No immediate relief for timeshare owners in South Africa's watchdog report TimeshareTalk 389 0
[Shark Alley] Please be careful out there devil in disguise 621 0
[Advice Forum] Europe’s biggest independent Timeshare Forum-Timeshare Talk TimeshareTalk 518 0
[General Discussions] Timeshare talk Smashing all Records TimeshareTalk 585 0
[Advice Forum] Marriott hack hits 500 million Starwood guests TimeshareTalk 448 0
[Timeshare News] A new ruling on easements is a blessing and a curse for the timeshare industry TimeshareTalk 489 0
[Shark Alley] The Scam lands of - Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd Sandra Jennings 1020 3
[Timeshare News] Timeshare tussle Williamdobbs 473 0
[Timeshare News] Mind Timeshare -'The big About Turn' Tanveer Karn 565 2
[Advice Forum] Spotting a Scam TimeshareTalk 472 1
[Timeshare News] Holiday timeshares - Scammers financial and legal services TimeshareTalk 588 0
[Timeshare News] Tourist Tax - The Canaries TimeshareTalk 479 0
[General Discussions] The Courts in Tenerife have gone on Strike Williamdobbs 710 4
[Timeshare News] Bank customers lose half a billion pounds to scams in 2018 TimeshareTalk 580 0
[Timeshare News] Inter Vacation Club TimeshareTalk 565 0
[Timeshare News] Companies who are issuing warnings about Praetorian Legal Williamdobbs 605 0
[General Discussions] Trapped timeshare owners who paid thousands to get out of their contracts are be Sandra Jennings 618 0
[Shark Alley] Timeshare Advisory Board and Claims Solutions Ltd’ Tanveer Karn 1900 5
[Advice Forum] Ivan Pengelly has passed daveh44 713 2
[Timeshare News] Class Action suit on Behalf of Diamond Resorts International, Inc. Investors TimeshareTalk 1512 0
[Timeshare News] NEWS from Mind Timeshare TimeshareTalk 594 0
[Timeshare News] BREXIT Timeshare TimeshareTalk 652 0
[Timeshare News] Essex Police probe 5 other deaths ‘linked’ to John 'Goldfinger' Palmer's murder TimeshareTalk 622 0
[General Discussions] The Financial Ombudsman Service UK devil in disguise 735 1
[Timeshare News] The new safety advice for travelling to Spain after incidents TimeshareTalk 568 0
[Timeshare News] ‘MacDonald Resorts' Judge said the Court used to legitimise ‘Timeshare Scam' TimeshareTalk 554 1
[Timeshare News] 'Ripped Off' Timeshare Owners Who Could Never Book Vacations TimeshareTalk 511 0
[Timeshare News] Scammers stole £800,000 a day from victims TimeshareTalk 554 0
[General Discussions] Diamond Resorts $1 billion law suit allegations Tanveer Karn 776 2
[General Discussions] Has RDO now dumped KwikChex devil in disguise 598 0
[Timeshare News] Buy Timeshare by way of re-sale TimeshareTalk 479 0
[Advice Forum] Seth Lovis & co Williamdobbs 660 0
[Timeshare News] Dyserth Falls Resort (DFR) complaints, much larger picture being Investigated TimeshareTalk 630 0
[Timeshare News] Maui timeshare properties occupancy rate of 94 per cent TimeshareTalk 491 0
[Timeshare News] Diamond Resorts Tanveer Karn 510 0
[Timeshare News] Grandad did he help run £60 million mafia-style Timeshare con? TimeshareTalk 576 0
[General Discussions] Getting out of my timeshare gpblancs 1424 9
[Timeshare News] Whos who in Timeshare TimeshareTalk 551 1
[Timeshare News] Five jailed for £2.8 million boiler room scam TimeshareTalk 466 0
[Timeshare News] Cold calling Lawyers TimeshareTalk 438 0
[The Good Guys] Mr Cox at TESS Sandra Jennings 2387 14
[Timeshare News] Action Fraud is investigating ex Timeshare salesmen saying they are Lawyers devil in disguise 470 0
[Advice Forum] Surrender Timeshare 1302 2
[Shark Alley] Lee Pallister Justice 4 (Enforcing Your Civil Rights) Ltd devil in disguise 1484 1
[Advice Forum] Timeshares and holiday clubs TimeshareTalk 1115 0
[Shark Alley] Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited Williamdobbs 3087 15
[Timeshare News] The Benefits of a Timeshare Holiday from a Diamond Resorts Owner’s Perspective TimeshareTalk 503 0
[General Discussions] Consumer Credit Act 1974, s 140A(1)(c) TimeshareTalk 1160 1
[General Discussions] Non-Disclosure of the Commissions timeshare resorts receive from banks TimeshareTalk 1051 0
[Shark Alley] Beware 'Timeshare Legals' Williamdobbs 1119 0
[Shark Alley] Solicitors should not accept any instruction from a Cold Caller TimeshareTalk 1397 1
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