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Title: What has the inner temple of law become?
Post by: atlantic252 on July 17, 2018, 16:54:45
Few real lawyers exist in Timeshare legal circles and those that do, either get overlooked by stupid consumers or are set upon by a marauding rabble of scammers, it’s quite shocking. It’s been revealed, and I can attest to the revelation that a new and sophisticated breed of scamming exist now. It’s in both the UK and Spain however, this scamming in the Spanish Law Firms is far more developed but some UK solicitors are bounding up to the scam feast and prostituting their careers for Quick Quid’s and short careers.

It's quite shocking to see so much scamming existing in what once was a motivated and honourable collection of legal professionals. I hope you all have other jobs to go to or your wives are capable of taking in large quantities of ironing.
What I would say is- just look at yourselves- you’re now entertaining and cavorting with swindlers. Is this what you trained for or a new road to your quest for credibility in one of the Inner Temples Inns.

There are too many polluted and blithering minds in the world of timeshare, and it’s not just the scammers, it’s the lawyers who dance to the tunes of the scammers and you- yes you the timeshare owners. You might not like what I have to say, but you know it to be true. The greed you have, the wealth you yearn for, are hazards in life and you repeatedly stumble over them. Will you ever learn?

In truth some of the blighters DESERVE IT.