Timesharetalk Holiday Photograph Competition

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Timesharetalk Holiday Photograph Competition
« on: December 06, 2010, 20:42:32 »
So here we go with the game play and rules . . . . . .

One person requests a picture of something; landmark, road, building, object, anything. The first person to post up a picture of that subject wins and can choose the next subject.

> No Photoshop jobs! Genuine pictures only!
> The current "winner" can't submit a picture to a subject they have imposed.
> If two pictures are posted at the same time, OR a dispute arises, the person who suggested the subject decides who wins.
> Try and keep it on-topic... no deviating from the challenge. All subjects must be holiday orientated.
> If the poster of the winning picture does not suggest a new subject within 2 days of winning, the previous winner must select a new subject.
> Fresh photos only!!

OK so to get things going, I'll make it an easy one.

You/your family at the airport