South Africa week for sale - low fees, low price

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South Africa week for sale - low fees, low price
« on: May 02, 2011, 13:50:41 »
We are downsizing our exchange portfolio and decided to part with one of our two weeks at Dikhololo resort (RCI #1999) in Brits, South Africa.  Annual levies are about 200 pounds.  The transfer fees are about 40 pounds.  We are asking 100 pounds as purchase price.  Dikhololo is a Silver Crown resort in RCI.  The week for sale is a ''peak week'' meaning that it always falls during the school holidays.  The unit is classified by RCI as a 1BR but by DaE as a studio.  We have typically been trading one of our Dikhololo weeks with RCI and the other with DaE.  Our last RCI exchange with it was for a UK canalboat in summer.  Our last DaE exchange with it was for a 2BR spring week in Ireland.  The next week availible for deposit is the 2012 week, which can be deposited now.  If a buyer would like the 2011 week, that has been deposited with DaE and we would consider transfering the deposit to their DaE account for reimbursement of th2 2011 levy.  The 2012 levy is not due until March 2012 but can be paid now if a buyer wants to deposit the week for exchange now. 


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Re: South Africa week for sale - low fees, low price
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2011, 02:16:10 »
Hello friend,.... How are you? You mean to say that if anyone want for to spend the vacation of  2012 in South Africa so they have to do their booking in 2011 for the sake of 2012. What kind of booking is it.