Shakespeare Classic Line allocation problem

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Shakespeare Classic Line allocation problem
« on: July 03, 2011, 09:08:02 »
hello new member to this message board i have come on to/guage opinion/ ask a few questions of anybody else with a Shakespeare Classic Line canal barge timeshare. we purchased1 2007 on the idea that we would use it to get good accomadation on RCI not to use for the barge. cheap way of doing this we thought. well all has gone well until 2 years ago we were asked if we wanted to change to floating weeks from our diannual week  in which case we said NO. well if anyone uses rci the earlier you register/bank/deposit your week with them the best chance of the accomodation you want. banking a max of 2 years in advance been the best chance. well thats worked out great for us so far as we have to look at holiday plans well in advance. But tried to bank a deposit on RCI only to be told by RCI my deposit has been rejected by Shakespeare Classic Line . Been told now by gemma at Shakespeare Classic Line that they can no longer allocate until 12 months before, whats to allocate i have the same biannual week by my contact. 
sorry for the long message but has anybody else had this problem